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How to Use Instagram for Business [Infographic]

In case you hadn’t yet heard, Instagram now has 700 million monthly active users – over 400 million daily users, which makes it one of the most popular and heavily used social media platforms. In fact, 48.8% of brands are already using Instagram for business and 80% of Instagrammers (Instagram users) follow one or more businesses on Instagram. With such wide spread use and activity, it has become paramount for businesses to consider adding this visual storytelling platform to their social media strategy, if their customers are among those who are actively using Instagram. With features that include the ability to add photos, videos and Instagram stories as well as the capability to like, comment and send direct messages, this platform is an ideal way for your business to connect and build relationships with your customers. Here is a helpful infographic that covers the information you need to know to create your own Instagram strategy and the steps to get started. How & Why Use Instagram For Business (Source: Citipost Mail) With one of the highest follower engagement rates (4.21% per follower which is significantly higher than Facebook and Twitter), Instagram is a smart choice for your business if you […]

2014 Social Media Statistics That Will Guide Your Strategy

Are you puzzled when it comes to predicting future trends in marketing? Would you feel more comfortable in creating social media strategy if you had some data to give you guidance and direction? I am very impressed by the newest marketing & social media statistics for 2014 and how the information is becoming clearer than with previous years. Social media has been mainstream for a few years now with virtually no one (that I can find) left arguing against its proliferation. We Are Social released a Slideshare report that presents all the key social media statistics, data and behavioral indicators for the digital marketing space. If you want to dig deep into some more detailed stats, spend 10-15 minutes checking out the slideshow presentation below, otherwise keep reading to see some of the most compelling stats I’ve come across for 2014 so far. Digital Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014 What To Expect In 2014 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing Tweet This Stat!  $135 billion will be spent in 2014 by marketing teams on new digital marketing collateral Tweet This Stat!  Internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market by […]

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