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Don’t Use The LinkedIn Mobile App Without Knowing These Tips

You can’t always be at your computer. Sometimes life, whether for business or pleasure, takes you away from your desk. While you may not want to stay engaged with your LinkedIn network during your off time, there will be times when you want to be able to stay connected to LinkedIn, such as if you are traveling for work, at an event or just away from your desk while waiting for a reply to an important message. Thankfully, there is an app for that. That app would be the LinkedIn Mobile app (although LinkedIn has several mobile apps, which you can learn about here). As you will see, you are able do many of the things on the LinkedIn Mobile app that you can do via your desktop or laptop, although I would caution you against doing some of those things with the mobile app. Master The LinkedIn Mobile App Home The home tab is essentially your newsfeed page. Here you can stay up-to-date on the posts of your connections and share your own status updates. You can easily like, comment or share posts with a quick tap. When commenting or sharing I would caution you to review your comment […]

7 Secrets Many LinkedIn Experts Don’t Share

LinkedIn is the No. 17 most visited site on the web according to and because of that LinkedIn marketing has become very popular. It boosts over 135 million members worldwide, and grows by approximately 2 new users every second. It’s the most popular business social network and is an online clubhouse stacked with movers, shakers and a demographic full of purchasing power. It is currently used by 80 of the Fortune 100 companies and has well over 1 Million companies with LinkedIn company pages. These numbers clearly represent the dawn of a new era in professional networking, a growing phenomenon called LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn has solidified its position as a very powerful tool for professionals to market their companies, their products and themselves. During my experience training, consulting and speaking on social media I have found several ways to leverage LinkedIn for businesses that boost profile traffic and facilitate high levels of engagement. The end goal is to build a more professional relationship with your connections that will evolve into successful partnerships and future opportunities. Are you in…or are you out? LinkedIn Marketing: The 7 Secrets to Success 1. Craft A Catchy Headline Your headline is your opening sales […]

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