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Complete Guide to Navigate LinkedIn Publisher Changes

You may have heard about or seen the recent LinkedIn Publisher changes. Don’t panic! While the look is different and there are some changes to the usability, with the aid of this guide, you needn’t worry about the changes hindering your ability to post your next article. New LinkedIn Publisher Changes: A Step-By-Step Guide When you start a new LinkedIn Publisher post, it will look something like this. As you can see, LinkedIn is aiming to clean up the interface and streamline the look with the rest of the site. The best place to begin is by adding your cover image. To get the best results, ensure your cover image is 744 x 400 pixels. To add your image, click the icon at the top of the page with the “+” sign and photos. You may notice that your image takes up the whole top portion of the screen When you publish your article, it will look similar to this. If you have a striking image or have created an image specifically for your post, you will want to keep it at this size. If the image is not one you want to highlight, you can click the button at […]

8 LinkedIn Features That Strengthen Your Online Presence

If you are like many people, you may have been making plans and goals for your business this year. One of those goals may have been to make better use of LinkedIn’s ability to network or generate new leads and sales. If you are a more advanced LinkedIn user, perhaps you want to finally figure out how to put all of LinkedIn’s many changes during 2013 to good use. Whether you are a new or advanced LinkedIn user, you are sure to find a number of their recent changes to be beneficial to your plan for LinkedIn in 2014. The changes to LinkedIn over the past year ranged from cosmetic changes to the addition of new features and functionality. The year saw a complete redesign of LinkedIn’s look and global navigation to create a cleaner and more streamlined experience. To go along with this look, they updated and in some cases, completely modified several of their pages and features. Here is a summary of the best and most useful changes to LinkedIn this past year that will help you strengthen your presence and better leverage relationships on the network. 1. LinkedIn Contacts Page Probably the most noticeable and significant of […]

LinkedIn Groups Get A New Makeover

LinkedIn Groups are one the network’s most popular features.  There are more that 2 million Groups around every imaginable topic — from business groups, local groups, niche specific, to social media marketing. These groups have become a great place for members to exchange ideas and share knowledge and ideas. Over the last year LinkedIn has been making major changes to the platform with the most recent changes to LinkedIn Groups. The recent changes to LinkedIn Groups align it closer in look and feel like the rest of the site, giving it a clean and fresh look. While much of the layout and navigation has changed, some things have remained the same. Below are five of the biggest changes to LinkedIn Groups. 1. LinkedIn Groups Header (Hero) Image   The first change you may notice in the groups is the addition of a header image, also called a Hero Image. This new space is an excellent chance for group owners to convey the purpose and tone of the group to both existing and prospective members at a quick glance. What is interesting about this image space is that it is actually rotates between your image and the Manager’s Choice Discussions. Members […]

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