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8 LinkedIn Features That Strengthen Your Online Presence

If you are like many people, you may have been making plans and goals for your business this year. One of those goals may have been to make better use of LinkedIn’s ability to network or generate new leads and sales. If you are a more advanced LinkedIn user, perhaps you want to finally figure out how to put all of LinkedIn’s many changes during 2013 to good use. Whether you are a new or advanced LinkedIn user, you are sure to find a number of their recent changes to be beneficial to your plan for LinkedIn in 2014. The changes to LinkedIn over the past year ranged from cosmetic changes to the addition of new features and functionality. The year saw a complete redesign of LinkedIn’s look and global navigation to create a cleaner and more streamlined experience. To go along with this look, they updated and in some cases, completely modified several of their pages and features. Here is a summary of the best and most useful changes to LinkedIn this past year that will help you strengthen your presence and better leverage relationships on the network. 1. LinkedIn Contacts Page Probably the most noticeable and significant of […]

27 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Personal Brand

With each passing New Year comes that overpowering feeling that we must kick everything in our business up a notch in a renewed effort to make this year the best ever. Yes, I am one of those people so I was naturally pleased to see the debut of the new LinkedIn 9 A Day, a section on the world’s largest professional network dedicated to building your personal brand in only 9 minutes a day. I really like that they did this because it helps to dispel the myth that you need to spend hours every day to get anywhere online (although that certainly helps). There are, in fact, several tasks that can be done in under 10 minutes every day that will enhance and progress your personal brand. LinkedIn consulted experts from around the world to come up with the magic number 9 and included over 20 tasks that you do in under 10 minutes a day. Although LinkedIn 9 a day seems more aimed at building careers, most of the tasks it suggests are transferable and beneficial for entrepreneurs. I took the time to put my own little entrepreneurial spin on it to focus strictly on business and added […]

5 Steps To Succeed With Social Selling

Are you a sales leader responsible for the results of your sales force? Or are you a sales professional that is required to reach a sales quota? The strategies outlined in this article are effective for sales professionals or any professional in B2B that wants to attract more leads and clients. Social selling has become a widely used term, but still very few know how to do it effectively. Social selling refers to finding and connecting with potential prospects via social media to increase sales.  The Aberdeen Group defines social selling as the utilization one of three techniques, which includes: Social Collaboration – sharing information internally or with partners to pool knowledge on how to generate more leads & sales External Listening –  the gathering and interpreting of information or content produced by clients and  prospects External Participation – providing prospects with relevant and helpful content or information to build relationships and positively impact future buying decisions If you are still wondering if learning and using social sharing techniques is worth your time and resources, consider that 72.6% of salespeople who use social media outperform their colleagues who aren’t using it. Statistics collected by The Aberdeen Group provide further compelling […]

LinkedIn Contacts Gets An Update & Removes Features

Fall often signals a time of change and it seems that is more than apparent with some new LinkedIn changes that have been brewing recently. I’m certain that this will be looked back on as the “year of LinkedIn changes” with the extensive list of updates and tweaks that have been released during 2013. Some of you may have noticed the changes to the LinkedIn Contacts page that recently occurred. These changes were unexpected with the recent overhaul to the page just this past spring. Although they appear largely esthetic or navigation related, a few features have been removed. Whether or not these latest tweaks to LinkedIn Contacts will benefit your experience largely depends on how familiar you were with using it before the change, your workflow and personal sense of esthetics. LinkedIn’s “Your Day” One of the first LinkedIn changes you will notice is what used to be called the Your Day section at the top of the Contacts page. The old sliding banner has been removed and replaced with individual contact boxes.  These large boxes include more information about the highlighted contact. You can take advantage of the notification to connect with them or click “Skip” to remove […]

25+ Social Media Tasks The Pros Never Forget

Do you sometimes feel like the social media tasks you are doing aren’t getting any results? Would you like to know if the tasks you are doing are worth the time you spend on them? This week’s article focuses on the most important social media tasks that can’t be skipped on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. Want to find out how social media savvy you are? Take the test in the infographic below and give yourself 1 point for each task you incorporate into your social media strategy. Tally up your total of Yeses and use the score indicator at the bottom to find out how well you did. Whether you are doing well or you need some improvement, this social media checklist provided will help you pick up some slack wherever needed. How Social Media Savvy Are You? [Take The Test] Feel free to share this infographic on your blog or via social media Share Your Results On Twitter! You get 1 point for every task you incorporate into your social media strategy from the graphic above. Tally up your points and share your results on Twitter below! 0-5 Points – You have much to learn young grasshopper. If you […]

The 15 Best Free LinkedIn Training Resources on The Internet

The past few years have been a period of non-stop growth for social media and we have put a lot of effort into providing free LinkedIn training as much as possible with our blog posts. It’s tough to get the full picture in bite-sized pieces so we’ve collected resources from across our site and a few other places to bring some of the most relevant content for businesses wanting to leverage the power of LinkedIn. Before we get to the list, it’s important to remember that your success on LinkedIn depends on a few factors: Optimizing your profile so it can be found in search results by your ideal prospects Understanding the dynamic of the network and how it differs from other social networks Positioning yourself as an authority within your niche and/or industry Create an efficient lead generation system on LinkedIn This list compiles some of the most content-rich articles, infographics and tutorials focused on LinkedIn training that you will find. LinkedIn Training: Positioning Yourself For Success 1. 21 Steps To Creating A Kick Ass LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC] Before you do anything on LinkedIn, you must ensure you have a great profile that looks professional and is optimized so […]

Social Media Trends 2013: Boom or Bust?

Are you wondering which social media trends are here to stay? Do you question where you should be spending your time when it comes to social media for business? There have been many social media trends that have come and gone over the years. It wasn’t long ago that Myspace was the indisputable champion in the social web with naysayers proudly touting, “there is no way this Facebook-thing is going to take off.” Businesses that are using social media marketing to promote their products and services are constantly seeking an edge to put them closer to their target market. Understanding what is working and what isn’t is extremely important for an effective social media campaign. In this article we took a look at some of social media trends that are currently booming and others whose fate is uncertain and seeming like it may be a bust. Social Media Trends For 2013: Boom or Bust? Visual Marketing: BOOM! Infographics and visual marketing have seen a massive boom in the past year, especially with the proliferation of photo sharing giant Pinterest. Of all the social media trends on this list, I’m certain this one is bound to be hot for a while. […]

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