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Introducing the New LinkedIn User Interface [UI Makeover]

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the new LinkedIn user interface (UI)? You may be trying to figure out how to do or access some of the things you are used to on LinkedIn. In this article, I will outline the changes to the new UI so you can become accustomed to what’s changed, what’s lost and what’s still available. While it certainly looks like we lost more than we gained with LinkedIn’s UI makeover, there is still plenty of functionality to help professionals, sales people and marketers to find, connect and build relationships with their ideal clients. If you are comfortable with the user interface and are looking for help to modify or update your lead generation or social selling strategy, keep checking back as I will be covering this soon in a future article. Below you will find my complete breakdown of the new LinkedIn user interface. What’s Changed with LinkedIn’s New User Interface (UI) Home Page While the new home page contains many of the same elements, it has a clean, new (almost Facebook) look. The look of both free and paid accounts is similar with the only difference being the Premium identification at the top of the […]

7 Reasons Why Sales Pros Should Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

Mastering LinkedIn training for sales professionals can be difficult (yet highly effective) simply because this particular social media site works quite differently than others. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is specifically geared toward business decision makers and other professionals who want to leverage the connections they make with others to improve their own businesses and gather more leads. Have you spent time on LinkedIn trying to understand the system and how it can work to attract more leads? Have you felt like throwing your hands up in despair as you tried to learn the ins and outs of using LinkedIn effectively to find new prospects? This article will give you seven specific tips related to using LinkedIn for lead generation in a way that works for your business without adding more unnecessary frustration to the mix. Related: 18 Steps To A Masterful LinkedIn Profile (That Attracts Your Clients   LinkedIn Training For Sales: Why You Need It In Your Toolbox 1. Easier To Find Key Decision Makers. Using advanced search functions with the click of a button you can find and create a long list of ideal prospects to connect with. Whether through a direct connection, introduction or group, you will have […]

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