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17 LinkedIn Ninja Tricks Experts Haven’t Taught You Yet [2017 Edition]

Have you ever wondered if you’re missing some of the functions within LinkedIn that may help you with your business? It’s hard to keep up with all of the changes and functionality on social media sites. It’s something that my team and I do daily to make sure we stay up-to-date on all of the LinkedIn tips, tricks and changes. In this article, I’m going to share some of the best kept secrets (old and new) that include extremely advanced LinkedIn ninja tricks and much more. Each of these 17 LinkedIn tips are simple and easy to implement immediately. 1. Accepting & Replying to New Connections (Updated) LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to accept a person’s connection request quickly and easily. And while you can quickly hit Accept to any new connection request and move on to other tasks, this won’t help you get to know or build a relationship with your new connection. The key benefit of using LinkedIn, other than to find your ideal clients and establish your authority on your topic is that it is the ideal place to build a relationship with your connections and ideal clients. I recommend that you take the few […]

Big Changes To LinkedIn Groups: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Have you noticed the massive changes to LinkedIn groups? Do you own your own LinkedIn group? You will want to check out the recent changes as they affect both group members and those who own their own LinkedIn group. Like LinkedIn’s Message Center, LinkedIn Groups has recently gotten a facelift. Its look and set up have completely changed as well as a couple of features, making it more visually appealing and easier to navigate. There are some deeper changes though and not all for the better, which I will explain in more detail shortly. Here is a review of the latest changes to LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups Home Page Besides the clean bright new look of the LinkedIn Groups home page, they have also improved the ease of navigation and added a couple of features which I think are meant to help improve waning engagement within groups. At the top of the page, is the colored Highlight Bar, which remains constant throughout all group pages. In the Highlight Bar there a number of navigational options. By clicking the redesigned group icon in the top left corner, you can quickly and easily go back to the Groups homepage. When you click […]

LinkedIn Group’s New Feature: Top Contributors

As of December 5th, 2013 LinkedIn has added another new feature to improve the quality and quantity of content and interactions in groups. This feature is called Top Contributors. LinkedIn defines top contributors as: “Top contributors are group members who post the most interesting discussions and comments.” To find out what kind of contributor you are in each of your groups, simply visit a group. Located on the top right side of a group page, you will notice the top contributors to the group as well as your personal contribution level located just below. If you feel like you need to improve your contribution level or work towards a group badge, you can do this by posting great content that is helpful and relevant to the group on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to read the content shared by other group members and comment or reply in a way that is helpful and appropriate. Remember it is not just about how often you comment or reply but rather how often people interact with your posts and comments. The opposite is also true. If you post spam or inappropriate content in a group or are just commenting […]

LinkedIn Groups Get A New Makeover

LinkedIn Groups are one the network’s most popular features.  There are more that 2 million Groups around every imaginable topic — from business groups, local groups, niche specific, to social media marketing. These groups have become a great place for members to exchange ideas and share knowledge and ideas. Over the last year LinkedIn has been making major changes to the platform with the most recent changes to LinkedIn Groups. The recent changes to LinkedIn Groups align it closer in look and feel like the rest of the site, giving it a clean and fresh look. While much of the layout and navigation has changed, some things have remained the same. Below are five of the biggest changes to LinkedIn Groups. 1. LinkedIn Groups Header (Hero) Image   The first change you may notice in the groups is the addition of a header image, also called a Hero Image. This new space is an excellent chance for group owners to convey the purpose and tone of the group to both existing and prospective members at a quick glance. What is interesting about this image space is that it is actually rotates between your image and the Manager’s Choice Discussions. Members […]

10 Steps To Set Up Your Own LinkedIn Group [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you use LinkedIn groups to engage with others in your industry and your target market? Have you thought about setting up your own LinkedIn group? Having your own group on LinkedIn can be a great way to increase your thought leadership as well as attract a highly targeted group of people. You may already be familiar with how effective they can be if you have interacted in a few existing LinkedIn groups but it might be time to consider creating your own. Before you rush off to create a group, you must first determine a realistic goal for setting up a group. For example, are you trying to create a networking group for people within your industry or do you want to create a LinkedIn group that would attract your ideal clients? In this article I am going to share the ten steps you will want to follow to ensure you set up your LinkedIn group for success. A few benefits to creating your own LinkedIn group: Create a suitable environment for interacting with prospects and/or strategic alliances Position yourself as a leading authority on your topic or in your niche Attract highly targeted people that are interested in […]

LinkedIn Strategies: LI & Business With Nate Kievman

Since I began writing for LI & Business, I have had the opportunity to connect with some incredible people and it’s interesting that one of the most impressive people I’ve encountered so far had been closer to me than I realized. He hasn’t been closer to just me but also to anyone who has ever read LI & Business magazine because I’m talking about it’s Executive Editor, Nate Kievman. FULL PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH NATE KIEVMAN I have no intention of succumbing to the usual hype-fest that follows a great interview but forgive me if it sounds that way because I feel that I really “got the goods” from Nate, probably to the point that he should have charged me. Just kidding, Nate! I’m sure that will get a laugh during editing… In addition to the massive undertaking of LinkedIn & Business Magazine and it’s 14.5 million subscribers, Kievman also runs the #1 LinkedIn Strategy Group on LinkedIn and has taught more than 35,000 people how to master the platform. He’s authored three books on the topic including LinkedIn Mastery: An All Inclusive Guide to Mastering LinkedIn. Kievman has also presented as the keynote speaker on social media strategy for the […]

5 Essential LinkedIn Strategies for Small Businesses

Strategy is defined as a plan of action to achieve a certain goal; therefore LinkedIn strategies simply mean your plans for using LinkedIn must be to achieve a goal. Strategies are a combination of tactics — tips and procedures. Most LinkedIn strategies online are actually lists of successful tactics. They’re usually marketing basics, LinkedIn style. First you must determine your goals and discover what LinkedIn can and cannot do for you to achieve those goals? From my experience most small businesses share the same goal, they are looking to increase clients and contacts in the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. In this article I will share with you five ways in which you can do that with LinkedIn. 5 LinkedIn Strategies You Need To Know 1. Make strategic alliances Small businesses need allies — contacts and connections that can help them further their goals. Allies provide information and help and sometimes they give you opportunities to find just the right business, service or person you need. LinkedIn can help you identify groups you can join and people to follow. Use LinkedIn’s search feature to search for keywords that would help you find your people. Or go to Groups Menu > […]

How To Build Your Own Thriving LinkedIn Group

Below is a link to a great article on creating your own LinkedIn Group by Social Media Examiner. The only thing I disagree with in this article is that I believe that you should keep your groups closed and exclusive rather than open as there is no reason for people to join an open group. Other than that there is lots of great information in the article so I wanted to share it. I just created a new LinkedIn Group called: Use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business and I’d love to invite you to join it on LinkedIn. How to Build a Thriving LinkedIn Group | by Social Media Examiner LinkedIn Group managers: Follow these best practices to create the LinkedIn group your market turns to and use this to build your business. Click here to view this article:

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