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7 LinkedIn Messages You Should Never Send

Do you get LinkedIn messages in your inbox that you consider spam? Maybe you’re wondering what you should or shouldn’t do (or send) on LinkedIn? Many people are confused as to what to do, what not to do, who to connect with and what to send to new connections on LinkedIn. One of my most popular blog posts was one on LinkedIn etiquette. This leads me to believe that people really do want to know the right way of doing things on LinkedIn. However, every day I’m surprised by the number of message I receive from my connections or fellow LinkedIn members, which break some of LinkedIn’s most important rules of etiquette. These messages, will often hinder rather than improve your ability to achieve your goals on LinkedIn whether it is to connect with like minded professionals, find a new job or generate new leads for your business. Maybe you have seen these message in your own LinkedIn inbox or perhaps, you have sent one or more of these yourself without knowing better. Here are seven messages that you should never send on LinkedIn and why. 1. The Default Connection Request It is rare that I accept these. I usually […]

LinkedIn Completely Changes Message Center

Have you noticed that LinkedIn completely changed their message center this week? This is a rather drastic change to LinkedIn’s Message Center. These new changes will affect not only how you use it now but also how you interact with others on LinkedIn. If you are familiar with Facebook Messenger, you will notice a lot of similarities. First you will notice on the left side that there is a list of all the people who you have messaged or have messaged you. Rather than individual conversations you will see your connections. Click on a connection and a thread with all of your previous conversations (that have not been deleted) will show up in the thread. Any previously archived conversations will also be added to the thread. The people are listed in order of which you have had the most recent conversations with. While it can be handy to see all of your previous communication with a particular individual, it can make communications look less formal/more casual which may or may not be a good thing depending on the individual or situation. What…LinkedIn has added emoticons Especially given that LinkedIn has added emoticons and animated gifs. Personally I don’t think this […]

Your LinkedIn Inbox Has A New & Improved Look

Have you seen the changes to LinkedIn’s inbox yet? LinkedIn has been rolling out a number of small changes over the last few weeks. One of the most noticeable is the cleaner and more streamlined look for the LinkedIn Inbox. This is the first update to the inbox in a long time. Long time users will notice the addition of several new features as well as and removal of a number of old ones. It is important to note that as the writing of this post, the changes have not finished rolling out to everyone. So if your LinkedIn Message Center is not yet sporting the latest changes, you should be seeing them in the near future.    Changes To Your LinkedIn Inbox One of the most noticeable changes is the preview that is now available for each LinkedIn message from the main area. This makes it quick and easy to scan the content of each message, so you can identify important messages as well as any spam. One of the best new features of the new LinkedIn Inbox is the ability to Star important messages. You can do this by hovering your mouse over an individual message and clicking […]

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