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10 Steps To a Complete LinkedIn Profile Makeover [TUTORIAL]

When a prospect arrives on your LinkedIn profile, are they inspired to take action and reach out to you? For most people, the answer to this question is a resounding NO. Nobody will dispute the value and importance of a first impression but there’s a disconnect in the way many perceive first impressions online. Let’s be clear…if a random prospect arrives on your LinkedIn profile and they aren’t inspired to take some sort of action, whether it’s connecting with you or going to your website, you’ve failed to make a great first impression. Sound harsh? Maybe it is, but the truth will help you if you use it to improve yourself rather than accept defeat. 4 Elements of a Great LinkedIn Profile What does it take to have a truly great LinkedIn profile? I believe it’s a combination of four essential elements. Are you an authority in your field? Show us the evidence. Optimization for LinkedIn search. It’s not helpful having a great LinkedIn profile if nobody ever sees it. Do you create enough of an impact to be memorable and inspire the right people to take action? A connection to your target market. When the right people land on […]

Founder of LinkedIn’s BIGGEST Social Media Group Shares His Secrets

In my pursuit of knowledge to help me master the art of LinkedIn Groups, I’ve managed to engage with some really high profile authorities on the subject. For this particular interview, I set my sights real high and contacted the founder of the largest and most active group on LinkedIn, Michael Crosson. FULL PODCAST INTERVIEW: Every marketer will drool at the thought of matching his social dominance with over 330,000 members in their social media marketing group while it continues to grow by thousands each day. There was clearly thousands of questions I wanted to ask but I needed to first ground myself and figure out if he had some sort of mystical edge or secret fame (how’s that for an oxymoron) that helped propel his member-base at such an incredible pace. It’s far too daunting for any person to think about getting 300,000 members to their group before they’ve gotten 10 so I wanted to know something a bit more simple. How do you master getting 1000 members to your LinkedIn groups and how quickly can that happen? The Key Is In The Keywords “I started the group four years ago and I was one of the very early […]

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