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Sales pipeline grows to $1.45M in 7 months on LinkedIn [Case Study]

Lori Carr didn’t have to think long about the impact that Top Dog Social Media and Melonie Dodaro have had on her sales efforts. “I keep track,” Lori said. “I’ve had 26 conversations with qualified leads, I have $1.45 million in my pipeline, I’ve had four in-person meetings and I’ve closed two deals. In my world, that’s really good stuff in terms of lead generation and I attribute it directly to the consulting I received from Melonie.” Armed with an already-enviable list of brand name clients and a proven track record, Lori, president of Lori Carr & Associates, had come to a point where she knew she needed to ratchet-up her outreach and tell her story to more of the high-level (and hard to reach) senior executives who needed her consulting skills. “I looked around for someone to help me with my LinkedIn strategy and I actually talked to three different people but I ultimately decided on Melonie for two reasons: she was very professional and she immediately understood what I was after in terms of focusing on prospects in large companies,” Lori said. Like many of Top Dog’s clients, Lori described herself as a savvy LinkedIn user before she […]

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Marketing

Are you ready to start taking advantage of the increased leads LinkedIn marketing is generating for other B2B companies and professionals? LinkedIn is a powerful lead generation tool but only if used correctly. The trouble is that most people aren’t using it correctly or may only be doing certain things correctly while dropping the ball in other important areas. Below you’ll find 21 of the best LinkedIn marketing resources that address the site’s main features, the most common questions from business owners, best practices and my favorite tips and tricks. This is definitely a page you’ll want to bookmark since each heading below addresses a key component of LinkedIn marketing along with a link to the best resource I have to get you more educated on that topic. Laying The Foundation For Your Success On LinkedIn 1. Have a Professional & Optimized LinkedIn Profile It’s crucial that you don’t start reaching out to potential prospects until your profile is complete and ready to make a great first impression. Recommended Reading: 21 Steps To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile 2. Get Found On Page One Of LinkedIn Search The next step after your profile is complete is to ensure you’re showing up […]

5 Major Business Benefits of A Great Blogging Strategy

A great blogging strategy is the cornerstone for any social administration. If you’re not blogging and you don’t understand the power of blogging then you’re missing the boat. These are some wise words from my friend Nate Kievman, Executive Editor of LinkedIn & Business Magazine. It’s tough for many businesses to comprehend the importance or significance of a great blogging strategy and I don’t blame them. Many people often say: “Who would want to read what I have to say? I’ve got nothing to write about!”  The goal in creating a blogging strategy is uncovering what it is that would be of interest to your target market. Imagine you’re looking at the wheel and you have all the different social networks on the outside of it. The hub is going to be the blog and that’s going to give you an access point to authenticity, to engaging people and pulling them into your marketing funnels whatever that may be. Taking A Stand On Your Virtual Stage When Nate and I recently discussed the power of blogging, he mentioned a great story about a friend of his who is making seven figures working only a handful of days in a year. […]

3 Tips Guaranteed to Generate Referrals Via LinkedIn Marketing

You now have the ultimate tool to leverage those long-forgotten social connections via old jobs, multiple career changes, or decades-old friendships to fuel a new marketing channel within your company. LinkedIn marketing is one of the most effective ways to use social media marketing. LinkedIn is a professional social network where you should establish a commanding presence and you can accomplish that simply by tapping into resources you already have available to you. With more than 161 million users since LinkedIn’s inception it now reaches almost every country in the world. Not only does LinkedIn allow you to leverage your extended network to meet new clients, it gives you a great tool to nurture and develop existing client relationships for long-term success. Related: 5 Powerhouse Tips Your LinkedIn Strategy Is Probably Missing Here are three tips to help you increase the amount of referrals you generate from LinkedIn: Keep Your Posts Professional. LinkedIn is targeted towards professionals so I would advise against using it to post your weekend fishing trip pictures or a profile picture that is anything beyond a simple, professional headshot. Keep your presence on LinkedIn laid-back, but professional and informative. Don’t Forget About Any Connections that have […]

7 Secrets Many LinkedIn Experts Don’t Share

LinkedIn is the No. 17 most visited site on the web according to and because of that LinkedIn marketing has become very popular. It boosts over 135 million members worldwide, and grows by approximately 2 new users every second. It’s the most popular business social network and is an online clubhouse stacked with movers, shakers and a demographic full of purchasing power. It is currently used by 80 of the Fortune 100 companies and has well over 1 Million companies with LinkedIn company pages. These numbers clearly represent the dawn of a new era in professional networking, a growing phenomenon called LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn has solidified its position as a very powerful tool for professionals to market their companies, their products and themselves. During my experience training, consulting and speaking on social media I have found several ways to leverage LinkedIn for businesses that boost profile traffic and facilitate high levels of engagement. The end goal is to build a more professional relationship with your connections that will evolve into successful partnerships and future opportunities. Are you in…or are you out? LinkedIn Marketing: The 7 Secrets to Success 1. Craft A Catchy Headline Your headline is your opening sales […]

5 Essential LinkedIn Strategies for Small Businesses

Strategy is defined as a plan of action to achieve a certain goal; therefore LinkedIn strategies simply mean your plans for using LinkedIn must be to achieve a goal. Strategies are a combination of tactics — tips and procedures. Most LinkedIn strategies online are actually lists of successful tactics. They’re usually marketing basics, LinkedIn style. First you must determine your goals and discover what LinkedIn can and cannot do for you to achieve those goals? From my experience most small businesses share the same goal, they are looking to increase clients and contacts in the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. In this article I will share with you five ways in which you can do that with LinkedIn. 5 LinkedIn Strategies You Need To Know 1. Make strategic alliances Small businesses need allies — contacts and connections that can help them further their goals. Allies provide information and help and sometimes they give you opportunities to find just the right business, service or person you need. LinkedIn can help you identify groups you can join and people to follow. Use LinkedIn’s search feature to search for keywords that would help you find your people. Or go to Groups Menu > […]

5 Powerhouse Tips Your LinkedIn Strategy Is Probably Missing

Is your LinkedIn strategy working as well as it could?  Are you happy with the results you’ve achieved on this social networking platform?  If your response is anything less than glowing, then its time for a change in strategy.  This article will reveal 5 simple yet powerful tips that are often overlooked as part of an effective LinkedIn strategy. If you’re already networking on LinkedIn then you know how important a good profile is.  You may have heard the value of joining groups and participating in discussions as well.  What you may not know is that there are little extra bonuses hidden all over LinkedIn that will jumpstart your visibility and allow you to stand out from the competition. 5 hidden bonuses that often go overlooked as part of a quality LinkedIn strategy 1. SEO Your Profile A good profile is more than just adding a photo and talking about yourself.  Make sure you’ve included your top keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile and professional headline.  Edit the dynamic URL of your public profile so that instead of having a string of numbers it will show your name and/or keywords.  In addition, LinkedIn offers you three places to include website links.  […]

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