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How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having a LinkedIn profile is no longer enough, especially if no one is seeing it. Or worse, people are seeing your profile but it does a poor job of representing you and what you do. Your LinkedIn profile is an essential part of your personal brand and having a great one is a MUST if you plan to do any form of LinkedIn marketing. According to LinkedIn, your profile may already show up with All-Star status. Sadly, that means nothing at all. It could simple mean you’ve added the various sections into your profile, perhaps with little to nothing in those sections, yet it still shows all-star status giving you a false sense of your professional presence. To me an all-star profile means that you… Are easily found when someone searches for what you do and Your profile intrigues people, makes them want to connect and learn more about you In this article, I am going to show you exactly how to have true all-star status with a comprehensive step-by-step LinkedIn profile infographic so you can visually make sense of what it takes to truly have an all-star profile. In following the steps laid out in this article and infographic, […]

5 Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile Picture

In any lead generation or social media marketing campaign, you need to put your best face forward. Are you ready to wow potential clients, partners or employers with a headshot that makes you look like a professional in your industry? The first and most important thing you need to remember is that first impressions are everything, especially online. You have seconds to make an impression before they size you up and move on. While your profile photo should be professional, you also want it to reflect your personality and personal brand. It can also be a good idea to use the same profile image on all of your social media profiles. This not only ensures consistent branding but also helps make it easier for people to recognize you when they see your profile image on each of the different social media platforms. Establishing a professional, branded presence starts with a great photo and here are five elements of a successful social media profile image, to ensure that you make the right impression in your lead generation or social media marketing campaign. Key Elements Of A Successful Social Media Profile Picture 1. Have a clean or monotone background The best wildlife photographers hone in on […]

LinkedIn Contacts Gets An Update & Removes Features

Fall often signals a time of change and it seems that is more than apparent with some new LinkedIn changes that have been brewing recently. I’m certain that this will be looked back on as the “year of LinkedIn changes” with the extensive list of updates and tweaks that have been released during 2013. Some of you may have noticed the changes to the LinkedIn Contacts page that recently occurred. These changes were unexpected with the recent overhaul to the page just this past spring. Although they appear largely esthetic or navigation related, a few features have been removed. Whether or not these latest tweaks to LinkedIn Contacts will benefit your experience largely depends on how familiar you were with using it before the change, your workflow and personal sense of esthetics. LinkedIn’s “Your Day” One of the first LinkedIn changes you will notice is what used to be called the Your Day section at the top of the Contacts page. The old sliding banner has been removed and replaced with individual contact boxes.  These large boxes include more information about the highlighted contact. You can take advantage of the notification to connect with them or click “Skip” to remove […]

LinkedIn & ROI: Interview With Viveka Von Rosen

Being in the social media game, you cross paths with a lot of self-proclaimed gurus and social media experts that are, quite frankly, competition. Despite this competition, the social media industry tends to have an unspoken brotherhood because one of the common practices preached is to share other’s content. In this process, you inevitably stumble upon some great people who you start to perceive more as peers than anything else. I’m happy to say that the person I interviewed for this feature is someone who has a lot of great advice to give on the subject of LinkedIn and social media. Being that LinkedIn is my field of expertise, I am exceptionally picky about those whom I get info from and Viveka von Rosen is someone that has been around long enough to have earned her stripes. When it came to choosing who would become the author of the upcoming book, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour A Day, Viveka von Rosen was a stand out choice with her conversational writing style and authentic approach to marketing. The meat of our conversation was our focus on ROI and LinkedIn. We spoke for well over 40 minutes but this article has been condensed […]

5 Ways Sales Professionals Can Get More Leads From LinkedIn

Finding specific LinkedIn training for lead generation can be difficult when there is so much out there to read and study. Many sales professionals have no idea how to use LinkedIn as a tool for lead generation and to bypass gatekeepers. Thankfully, LinkedIn is easy to learn and implement once you understand the 5 ways as a sales professional that you can get more leads from this social media powerhouse. Maybe you have tried to use LinkedIn for connecting with prospects in the past, but you felt lost in a sea of thousands of connections and groups. Perhaps you aren’t even sure whether LinkedIn will help you find and attract ideal prospects. As of March 2012, over 161 million business professionals from around the world were using LinkedIn, so the massive power that marketing can have by using the site is incredible. Not to mention 68% of the users are business decision makers. Isn’t that who you want to connect with? If so, first you must to learn how to utilize these five powerful LinkedIn strategies.  LinkedIn Training: Five LinkedIn Strategies For Sales Professionals 1. Your LinkedIn Profile Is Crucial To Success. This is one of the biggest mistakes that […]

3 Critical Online Marketing Strategies For Professionals

The days of people looking for your business in the local phone book are almost over. Today everyone is turning to online searches when looking for a product or service they are in need of. There is no doubt in my mind when people ask me what are the top three most critical online marketing strategies for professionals. Professionals need tools that will have them quickly and easily showing up in online search results while also positioning them an industry leader and experts. In a world where decisions are made in a few clicks, you need online marketing strategies that will have you being found and, in my opinion, these three are your best bet for your time and resources. Three Critical Online Marketing Strategies For Professionals 1.    LinkedIn Recent stats show LinkedIn is 4 times better for B2B lead generation than Facebook and Twitter but that’s not what I love most about it. When your profile is properly optimized to get you found, prospects can literally come directly to you with little work on your part. You must ensure your LinkedIn profile is well optimized for the search results to make sure you are found.  Once this is done […]

5 Fundamental Steps To Success on LinkedIn

It’s never quite as simple as “plug and play” when it comes to a solid business social media strategy but with a little extra work, you can start creating and building relationships that produce results. At the heart of great networking lies great relationships and LinkedIn is the best online tool for cultivating those relationships digitally, in my opinion. You want to ensure you have done everything possible to make your online presence appears welcoming, professional and personalized. Related: 3 Easy LinkedIn Profile Tips That Get You Found Here are 5 steps to add to your LinkedIn approach for a more effective social media strategy: Make your initial message more personal! If someone reaches out and connects with you on LinkedIn, spend a minute to remember where you might know them from and review their profile to see if anything rings a bell. If not, look for some common ground to connect on and thank them for the connection. I still get more than 70% of my business through LinkedIn and it generally starts from the initial message as it comfortably opens up the dialogue. Be a leader in your industry. You need to personalize your profile to speak directly […]

Why Tomorrow Is Too Late When It Comes To Social Media Training

Brands and companies are moving full speed ahead into the digital age as they finally come to grips with the fact that social media is here to stay. The fear of missing the boat is now overshadowed by the realization that proper social media training and a strategy are absolutely necessary to succeed. The Heavy Cost of Late Adoption There are several struggles companies are currently facing as they finally jump on the social media bandwagon: Catching up to the competition – The fact is that the competitors that have been using social media for years undeniably have a clear advantage over those who chose to ignore the what they thought was just hype. The conversations are happening without you – Your customers are online and they are discussing topics that are important to your industry, brand and success but there’s one thing missing: YOU. More time, more work and more money – Remember when the Internet first came out and entrepreneurs everywhere debated the value of a website? By today’s standards, you aren’t even considered a legit company if you don’t have a professional looking website. Social media training will get your foot in the door but if you […]

3 Easy LinkedIn Profile Tips That Get You Found

With many credible business professionals becoming more open and engaged in social media, the clear essential tool when professionalism is a priority has always been LinkedIn. It’s obvious that the conversations on LinkedIn have a much more distinct professional tone, but getting found by the right people remains a big hurdle for even the more marketing savvy entrepreneurs. Implementing every one of the LinkedIn profile tips mentioned here will DRAMATICALLY increase your results and propel you to the top of the LinkedIn search results for the keywords you need to be found for. 3 Ways To Get Found By Prospects On LinkedIn 1. Create An Attractive Headline Your headline acts as your opening pitch to hook your potential prospects so they read your profile and can quickly establish if you are someone who can help them reach their goals. Like a great song on the radio, it can’t waste any time to hook you in! Consider these three key questions when creating the perfect headline: Does your headline stand out from your competitors? Odds are that they will show up in the search results too so make sure you catch attention faster. Can your ideal client quickly establish that you […]

3 Massive Mistakes Sales People Make With Social Media

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much social media training for sales professionals out there and it has resulted in a lot of talented people getting poor results. If you’re in sales, you have probably experienced the frustration of hearing social media success stories while your own experiments have left you to conclude that social networks must not work when it comes to lead generation. Well I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that there are three specific reasons that sales professionals are unsuccessful with social media and they are easy to fix. The bad news is that it requires you to rethink your approach to the sales process online. This is especially true if you have been in sales a long time and seen success through more traditional methods such as cold calling or prospecting. To kick start your social media training for sales excellence, remember these crucial 3 points: Related: 7 Ways To Use Social Media Training For Sales And Crush Your Competition   1.    If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It By losing it, I mean all those sales you let slide away because your competitors beat you to the punch due […]

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