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How to Market to Different Generations on Social Media

Social media is becoming an ever-increasing part of running a business, but where do you start when you need to narrow down your target audience? What inspires each generation the most? Citipost Mail have being doing research and have come up with some rather interesting insights into what each generation tends to favor when it comes to content. While it’s clear to see that social media platforms such as Facebook are firm favorites across the board, there are differences that could mean your marketing efforts aren’t maximised if using the wrong platform for your target audience. What might work for Generation Z won’t necessarily work for Baby Boomers and vice versa. There are a number of different factors that relate to social media with each generation. Each one of these factors can impact how successful a marketing campaign is so it’s important to know what these are and how you can utilize them. Marketing to Different Generations on Social Media Generation Z Generation Z are the new wave of social media users. The truly digital generation, you’d be hard pushed to find one that hasn’t had contact with a computer. Gen Z are far more switched on when it comes […]

10 Essential Tips For Corporate Social Media Training

Going forward as of 2012, all corporations need to have a social media presence but it is also very important that key executives and sales people also maintain a professional presence. To do this, you need to have discussions with your team and address the fact that people like to deal with people more than a corporation. Twitter and LinkedIn are great places for employees to have a presence and communicate with clients and prospects while gaining opportunities to provide them with more value. It’s extremely important that you do it right as there is different etiquette with each social network and that’s one area where corporate social media training is essential. Is Corporate Social Media Training something you can do without? Most corporations can’t afford the risk of a social catastrophe the size of McDonald’s “#McDStories” or the “United Breaks Guitars” fiasco. Proper corporate social media training for your organization will be a fraction of the amount you would spend during a failed marketing campaign. Social media is about putting a personal face on what your company does and this is more important than ever in a time when trust of the corporate domain has had attention regularly in […]

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