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6 Things Sales & Marketing Have in Common with Farming

While the old analogy, “what you sow is what you reap” probably comes to mind, you might be wondering just what other sales & marketing wisdom can be taken from digging in the dirt. You might be surprised by the similarities, not just in processes but also of the mindset needed to be successful. Sales and marketing today are very different than they were, even just a few years ago. Your ideal clients now have plenty of choices easily available to them and access to the information that will help them make that choice. If you want them to choose YOU, you need to give them a good reason. You need to be easy to find, you need to stand out and most importantly, you need to make it very clear why you are the only choice for them. So how exactly do you accomplish this? You do this by building a relationship and establishing trust with your ideal clients. Oddly enough, building trust and relationships is a lot like farming. Here are the six stages of farming and how you can take these lessons into your sales & marketing to be successful – and yes, fruitful. 6 Sales & Marketing Takeaways From […]

3 Reasons To Add Google Plus To Your Social Media Strategy

With Google Plus gaining more steam in the social domain, more businesses are wondering if it’s worth incorporating into their social media strategy. Many sites are still trying to take advantage of the social media hype with varying levels of success. A big contender that still has everyone watching it with a skeptical eye is Google+. I’m going to shed some light on what I’ve found to be the most important features that are certainly worthy of including Google+ into any great social media strategy. For the businesses that are still trying to figure out what is the best path for their marketing plan, here are the three things you absolutely must know before you dismiss Google+. 1. Search Position Is Influenced If you and I are connected on Google+ and you search for something on Google, any relevant content I have shared will be prioritized in the Google search results. Although this isn’t a big deal for people that don’t use Google+, it’s an incredibly valuable tool for your business once you’ve connected with people on G+. This already happens with other social networks but Google’s latest changes seem to favor G+ results over other social networks. Related: Chris Lang: […]

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