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OMG! My Twitter Account Was Hijacked & Taken For Ransom! [UPDATED]

UPDATED: November 1, 2012 @ 12:33PM I have finally gotten my Twitter account back after three long weeks of endless support tickets, reaching out to strangers and calling in every favor possible. I’m sorry to say that without the help of a great friend with some high connections at Twitter, I might not have ever gotten it back. I wish I had a great story to share about Twitter’s amazing support service but it seems that without a large paid advertising account, you are almost guaranteed to get nowhere. Take the tale below as a word of caution and heed the warning and tips shared at the end. You will need it! It started out like any normal Thursday morning. I had a cup of tea, read some emails and made my daily smoothie before making the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. TweetDeck is my main Twitter tool and when I opened it up, I immediately noticed my username being mentioned in several tweets but there was something a little strange going on. It wasn’t MY username…it had been changed. Those of you that follow or interact with me on Twitter know that my ID has always been @MelonieDodaro. […]

Top 4 Social Networking Tools & Time-Savers

Are you feeling the crunch on your schedule to pull off the demands of your social marketing strategy? Time management is becoming the greatest challenge of social media domination but the good news is that there are thousands of talented programmers and developers that are making fantastic tools to help you keep up with the workload. At Top Dog Social Media, we work on many clients social media campaigns and need to be as efficient as possible in order to execute their social marketing strategy so we rely heavily on social networking tools to help us with that. After collectively spending hundreds of hours on experimenting and testing many different services, we have come up with a few apps that are “non-negotiable” when it comes to your social marketing plan. Buffer If Buffer and Hootsuite had a child, it would be called perfection. Rather than upsetting myself over a non-existent lovechild, I’ve decided to embrace the positives of each system and incorporate them into my workflow. Buffer claims to increase clicks on your tweets by 200% and since I’ve been using it, I can say that clicks have definitely gone up. You can see how effective each tweet was through […]

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