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Expert Calls Out Businesses For Improper Use of Social Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE As social networks continue to successfully infiltrate and integrate everyone’s lives together; the value proposition for businesses continues to rise on a steep incline. Where the attraction of social media has grown for entrepreneurs, the frustration keeps a firm lead ahead as businesses everywhere struggle to successfully incorporate these mystical digital tools of the future. Kelowna and the entire Okanagan Valley is a hot spot for social media activity. It’s not unusual to see 50 over even hundreds over comments on Facebook posts from local radio stations in under an hour. It isn’t unusual to see radio stations easily command a dominate social presence but it is very unusual to see activity on those posts from local Kelowna businesses that are advertising products and services. Melonie Dodaro, international social media speaker and founder of Top Dog Social Media, has called out businesses for poor practice of social media as the reason for their failures. “They are barely keeping their heads above water with social media. Most of them are wasting their time and time is money. It doesn’t take long before they notice it hit their bottom line and they head for the hills,” says Dodaro as […]

How to Promote Your Business With a Google Places Listing

Have you ever typed keywords into Google search before and got a results page with a map on the right side and the first seven websites on the list marked with red balloons from A-G?  If you have, then you have found the “Golden Seven”—the seven top businesses Google have in their Google Places listing. Google Places is the Yellow Pages of Google, because more and more people are using Google to search for products and services located near where they are. Depending on your keywords (and the size of your screen), those seven tend to occupy more than the upper half of your screen. Every business wants to be one of the Golden Seven. Depending on the number of competitors in your area, having your business listed—and entered well—in Google Places can get you in, or close to, the Golden Seven. Notice Google already knows your location (reported by your browser) when you type your keywords, so it will present you with businesses close to your area. Here’s a sample search for “pizza delivery okanagan”: Notice there’s no “Golden Seven” and the only result with the red balloon (also seen on the map to the right) is actually fourth […]

Use Social Media Like a Pro: Social Media Training in Kelowna

As part of Kelowna Chamber of Commerce’s mission to integrate the options of modern business developments, I have been asked to do a 2-hour social media training for local Kelowna business owners. As a social media speaker, trainer and consultant I will be delivering a seminar called “Use Social Media Like A Pro.” The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, 2429 Highway 97 North Kelowna on September 22, 2011 from 9am – 11am. As the event description says “Social media is here to stay and your business NEEDS it to succeed!” I will be sharing how Kelowna businesses can integrate the power of social media to increase visibility and attract new customers. The social media training will cover things such as the power of social media and how it can help you to increase your visibility, how to communicate with people via social networks and how you can create content to make you seen as an industry leader. All of the strategies covered will show you how you can use social media marketing to grow your business. The event is in response to the changing marketing needs of businesses across the Okanagan. This social media training caters to […]

3 Ways Social Marketing Can Help Your Local Business

Local businesses, whether they are here in Kelowna, elsewhere in the Okanagan Valley or in any other city across North America are having to change their methods of marketing to include social marketing. Many can no longer rely solely on the traditional marketing methods that used to work so well, that is if you had a big marketing budget. The good news is, small businesses all over, have the opportunity to grow more rapidly than ever before and at a much lower cost. So how can they do this? The answer is by properly utilizing effective social marketing and social media strategies for their business. In working with many clients, from handling their social media management to training and consulting their team, I’ve witnessed first hand how businesses are prospering in both local and national markets. With the help of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs, many businesses are seeing that social media really pays off. The Power of Social Marketing 1. Establishing Your Brand. Every new business needs to establish their brand name, even local businesses. If you have a local coffee shop for example, how will you compete with many of the more established […]

Social Media Marketing Helping Local Businesses Succeed

Have you been looking at different ways to promote your business and maybe even considering social media marketing? Having worked with many local businesses owners in Kelowna, BC and other areas across Canada and the US, the most common thing I hear from almost all of them is, “how should I market my business.” Include Social Media Marketing Into Your Marketing Mix Establishing a good brand name and a loyal following is challenging for even the best of businesses. Some may say that other businesses are lucky because they made it look easy in building a lot of visibility in a short period of time. But they were not lucky; they just made good decisions when it came to their marketing plan. They understood the importance of discovering where their target market is spending their time and including social media into their marketing mix. Social Media Marketing is Powerful for Local Businesses These days, it  not hard for even the smallest of businesses to been seen, and that’s because of the emergence of social media marketing. Some businesses fall short in marketing because they still do not have enough resources to advertise and market their products to the public. But […]

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