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8 Proven Ways to Prospect Effectively (Infographic)

There’s a saying in business, nothing happens until someone sells something. Sales are critical for any business to be profitable and stay in business. Without new leads and prospects, there can be no new sales. This makes lead generation (or prospecting) absolutely vital for any businesses, regardless of size or industry. This can be daunting for many businesses, as some are unsure about the best ways to go about finding new leads, much less being able to prospect more effectively. Whether you are looking for new ways to prospect or simply make your existing lead generation system more effective, here are eight sales prospecting tips (in a handy infographic) that will help you achieve the results you want. 8 Tips to Prospect More Effectively (Source: Business Coaches Sydney) 1. Follow a Consistent Schedule Be consistent. Figure out how much time you can set aside each day to work on your prospecting. Even if it is only 15 minutes a day. By committing to a set amount of time each day, you will create a habit that will continue to bring in new leads and sales and become more efficient and effective with that time resulting in more consistent sales. For […]

3 Massive Mistakes Sales People Make With Social Media

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much social media training for sales professionals out there and it has resulted in a lot of talented people getting poor results. If you’re in sales, you have probably experienced the frustration of hearing social media success stories while your own experiments have left you to conclude that social networks must not work when it comes to lead generation. Well I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that there are three specific reasons that sales professionals are unsuccessful with social media and they are easy to fix. The bad news is that it requires you to rethink your approach to the sales process online. This is especially true if you have been in sales a long time and seen success through more traditional methods such as cold calling or prospecting. To kick start your social media training for sales excellence, remember these crucial 3 points: 1.    If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It By losing it, I mean all those sales you let slide away because your competitors beat you to the punch due to your delay on taking action. Social media requires a long-term and consistent commitment as […]

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