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Six Stages to Sales and Marketing Alignment (Framework)

Gone are the days where sales and marketing departments work in silos. In order to attract today’s modern buyer, there needs to be sales and marketing alignment. Today’s digital B2B landscape requires a strategic and collaborative approach to sales and marketing, to grow the sales pipeline. In any kind of collaborative effort, there’s bound to be conflict, or at least some form of disagreement. But if both teams are unable to establish common ground and goals, then collaboration will be impossible. Alignment between sales and marketing is necessary for the success of both initiatives. Neither team can create a significant impact on the buyer’s journey without first establishing how to combine their efforts. Why sales and marketing alignment matters The importance of sales and marketing alignment simply can’t be overstated. When these two work in concert, the results can be amazing. It boosts financial performance, improves the customer’s buying experience and can improve your company’s internal culture. But when these two areas of a business are not in alignment, and in some cases at odds working against each other, the results can be equally disastrous for a company’s bottom line. From working together in composing an overall strategy, to setting […]

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