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6 Things Sales & Marketing Have in Common with Farming

While the old analogy, “what you sow is what you reap” probably comes to mind, you might be wondering just what other sales & marketing wisdom can be taken from digging in the dirt. You might be surprised by the similarities, not just in processes but also of the mindset needed to be successful. Sales and marketing today are very different than they were, even just a few years ago. Your ideal clients now have plenty of choices easily available to them and access to the information that will help them make that choice. If you want them to choose YOU, you need to give them a good reason. You need to be easy to find, you need to stand out and most importantly, you need to make it very clear why you are the only choice for them. So how exactly do you accomplish this? You do this by building a relationship and establishing trust with your ideal clients. Oddly enough, building trust and relationships is a lot like farming. Here are the six stages of farming and how you can take these lessons into your sales & marketing to be successful – and yes, fruitful. 6 Sales & Marketing Takeaways From […]

The Ultimate Marketing Strategy: Education Based Marketing

In a recent conversation with Callan Rush, a leading expert on how to build your business and fill your workshops, we discussed why so many businesses are failing to achieve results with their marketing efforts. It was clear to us the reason for their lack of success was they are pitching, not educating. In today’s market the most effective form of marketing is education based marketing. Not sure what that is? Well this article is an example of that. Social media has become such as effective tool for businesses to position themselves ‘top of mind’ and for professionals to position themselves as an expert or leading authority in their field and/or community. Examples of Education Based Marketing To help you really understand the power of education-based marketing, here’s an example of three ineffective marketing approaches followed by a more effective education based marketing approach. Business: Accountant Ineffective marketing: “This is why you should use my accounting services.” Effective education based marketing: “Let me show you the top five mistakes everyone makes when filing their corporate and personal taxes. No matter who you choose to do your accounting, you need to know these things.” Business: Financial Planner Ineffective marketing: “I want […]

What Separates Superstar (6 and 7 Figure) Coaches From the Rest?

Coaching has become an increasingly popular profession Coaching has been dubbed the “second fastest growth industry in the US” after Information Technology. This fact has been quoted often since 2000 and still rings true today. Since coaching has such diverse subjects and skill sets, the top three industries with the fastest growing wage/salary listed in this 2009 list by the Bureau of Labor Statistics could also easily include coaches. The coaching industry certainly has its superstars with folks like private college admissions coach Michele Hernandez, who can charge as much as $40,000 helping a student get admitted into a ivy league college. The self-help icon Tony Robbins earns up to $100,000 for a single breakthrough session. These experts are able to command more money in an hour than the average full-time employee makes in a year. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with some of the world’s top coaches that are making millions of dollars a year and I can tell you with absolute certainty that, not only can you do the same, you can do it better and FASTER than ever before. The Coaching Industry…in a nutshell Throughout history, coaches were known by many different names—shaman, rabbi, seer, […]

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