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7 Powerful TED Talks That Can Change Your Business

How often do you watch videos on YouTube? Do you search for videos on topics to help you with your business? There’s never been a time before where we’ve had instant access to the wisdom and insight from some of the worlds smartest, most talented and wisest people. This wisdom is gathered in one place and continues to grow every year at TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design). Every year TED holds a conference (as well as numerous independent TEDx events held around the world), which feature passionate and often revolutionary speakers who discuss both current and evergreen ideas, topics and issues. Their very motto is “Ideas worth spreading”. The best part is that anyone at any time can access this collection of wisdom and inspiration, for free, from the comfort of their computer or electronic device. I have brought together seven of my favorite business related TED Talks that can inspire businesses of all sizes. These talks are inspiring, funny and most importantly informative about how we can create better, more successful businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or employee, here seven powerful TED talks that you need to watch. 7 Business Changing TED Talks Understand Your Brand’s […]

Chris Lang: 20,000 Followers on Google+ In 6 Months [Interview]

Google Plus has been steadily gaining in numbers with the last stats revealing over 90 million users (January 2012). Even though those numbers pale in comparison to the social behemoth that is Facebook, that has resulted in significantly less noise than competing networks and those early birds who joined the race certainly got the worm. Chris Lang has come from what seems like relative obscurity to being a dominant figure on Google+ with over 20,000 followers in 6 months. With little presence on other social networks, I became fascinated at his massive progress with no dependence on other social followings. Despite a quiet presence on other networks, Lang has been very active with Google for a few years with early exposure breaking the news of Google becoming a social network on his blog in 2008. His blog evolved into something called “Google Friend Connect”, a way to understand what people wanted from social via Google. On the opening day of Google+, Chris Lang had already attracted 2000 followers and has gone on to gain 20,000 in the 6 months since the social network’s debut. This has helped him gain the attention of publishing company Sybex who released the hugely successful […]

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