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10 Experts Predict Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

Are you wondering which digital marketing trends are going to dominate 2015 and which ones will die? I asked 10 marketing experts what their thoughts are on digital marketing trends for 2015 and was shocked to hear a lot of similar predictions come up. I didn’t brief any of them on what the other experts had said so every answer was genuine and unprovoked. One thing is certain…there is a dramatic shift towards paid social media advertising in 2015 as organic reach continues to decline on Facebook and potentially other networks as they surge in popularity. There is only so much attention to go around and 2015 will see businesses fighting tooth and nail to get their slice of the action. Here’s what the experts had to say when I asked them which digital marketing trends they see dying in 2015 and which trends they see catching more steam. 1. Get Ready For Paid Social 2015 will see both the death of unreasonable expectations from organic social media and the corresponding further growth of paid social. Countless business owners have come up to me and said that they’re doing everything they should be doing on social media but achieving little, […]

How to Grow Your Facebook Presence Without Like-Gating

The word is out! As of November 5, businesses will no longer be able to “like-gate” content on their Facebook Page. AllFacebook reported on this policy change, but the question that most marketers have now is “What can we do to continue to grow our Facebook presence?” I’ll tell you in this post. Like-Gating Worked … for Awhile For several years like-gating was a popular form of Facebook marketing because it helped businesses grow their Facebook presence fairly quickly and consistently. From 2010 through 2012 the internet was buzzing with like-gating success stories. In December 2010, digital advertising agency Say It Social released a study that highlighted a 1733% increase in likes-per-day after running a like-gated campaign for a client. In 2012, we had a ShortStack user report similar results. The Friendship Circle, a Michigan-based non-profit organization, ran a five-week like-gated campaign that brought them more than 44,300 new fans. Companies appreciated the value of a Facebook like because when someone liked your page, they would start to see your posts in their news feed and be able to easily share the posts with their own networks. It’s easy to see why like-gating was such a popular practice. Fast forward […]

10 Experts Share How To Improve Facebook Organic Reach

Have you noticed a drop in Facebook organic reach for your page posts? You’re not alone. We wrote about it when we spotted the first sign of the reachocalypse back in December 2013 and our site nearly blew up with traffic in the first 48 hours. Apparently it resonated with many people and we weren’t the only ones noticing the sharp decline. Although the drop has been noticed by most, it’s important to note that Facebook organic reach is not declining for everyone. AgoraPulse analyzed thousands of pages’ data and some industries are even reaching more people organically now than they used to. See the full report here. We spoke to 10 experts to determine practical tips and strategies for page owners that want to combat declining Facebook organic reach. Here’s what we came up with: 1. Use The 10-4-1 Method As a general rule, plan for 10 posts that are helpful, fun, entertaining and social as you prepare content to share on Facebook. This is likely not your own content but content of others you have found that your audience would find useful and relevant. By getting users to engage with these posts, Facebook is alerted fans want your content […]

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