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2014 Social Media Statistics That Will Guide Your Strategy

Are you puzzled when it comes to predicting future trends in marketing? Would you feel more comfortable in creating social media strategy if you had some data to give you guidance and direction? I am very impressed by the newest marketing & social media statistics for 2014 and how the information is becoming clearer than with previous years. Social media has been mainstream for a few years now with virtually no one (that I can find) left arguing against its proliferation. We Are Social released a Slideshare report that presents all the key social media statistics, data and behavioral indicators for the digital marketing space. If you want to dig deep into some more detailed stats, spend 10-15 minutes checking out the slideshow presentation below, otherwise keep reading to see some of the most compelling stats I’ve come across for 2014 so far. Digital Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014 What To Expect In 2014 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing Tweet This Stat!  $135 billion will be spent in 2014 by marketing teams on new digital marketing collateral Tweet This Stat!  Internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market by […]

21 Steps To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Signing up for a LinkedIn account is easy enough but if you want to know how to create a LinkedIn profile that will attract your target market, this article is probably the most complete breakdown I’ve ever done on the subject outside of my advanced LinkedIn training course, the LinkedIn Profit Formula. UPDATED February 27, 2013: Even though the last update for this LinkedIn training was December 2012, LinkedIn has made so many more changes recently that it became necessary to update every single graphic. You will notice a few steps got removed and a few more got added – this is because things have become much simpler with your LinkedIn profile thanks to all the recent changes. Even if you have already gone through this post before, make sure you go over it again so you don’t miss anything when creating your perfect LinkedIn profile! The key to your success on LinkedIn begins with a powerful and professional presence.  You must strategically write your profile with your ideal client in mind before you start connecting to maximize the impact of your first impression online. I’ve outlined 21 different key points that I believe are important to fully optimizing your […]

7 Shortcuts To Education Based Marketing Success Online

Unless you have been living under a rock the past 3 years, you already know that education based marketing is the most critical component to creating content that hooks prospects online. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with great writing skills and a seemingly bottomless supply of great ideas for blog posts. One thing I have noticed helping and watching countless businesses succeed with online marketing is how it always comes back to being good at what they do best. Although there is no secret formula or ancient secret that will brainwash everyone into loving you and wanting to shovel money into your bank account – it’s all much easier than you think…   7 Shortcuts To Success With Education Based Marketing 1. Get Ideas From Customer Inquiries If you are a business then you get emails, phone calls or questions asked face-to-face that you should be keeping track of. These questions are an extremely valuable insight into what your prospects need to know when they are in the market for the products or services you provide. 2. Answer Common Questions With Blog Posts What questions do customers regularly ask when they are inquiring about your  products and services? 3. Address […]

LinkedIn Endorsements: The Latest Profile Addition

LinkedIn endorsements are the newest addition to a recent string of heavy profile updates for the professional social network. It’s a simple yet powerful feature to add third party credibility to your profile beyond the traditional LinkedIn recommendations feature we have all come to know and love. As per the usual, not every country will have the new feature right away and will likely see a staggered rollout with the US taking the lead. So what can you do with the new LinkedIn endorsements feature to help your business?   Endorse Specific Skills The spotlight has been put on the “Skills & Expertise” section you should have already filled out when you created your profile. If you haven’t yet, don’t waste any time and get it done. This picture shows the “Skills & Expertise” section before it got its overhaul last week. Make sure that the skills you are listing are keywords you want to be found for. By doing this, you are telling your connections which skills you want to be endorsed for. For example, I have listed skills such as Social Media Speaker, Social Media Management since these are terms I want to be found for when people […]

3 Easy LinkedIn Profile Tips That Get You Found

With many credible business professionals becoming more open and engaged in social media, the clear essential tool when professionalism is a priority has always been LinkedIn. It’s obvious that the conversations on LinkedIn have a much more distinct professional tone, but getting found by the right people remains a big hurdle for even the more marketing savvy entrepreneurs. Implementing every one of the LinkedIn profile tips mentioned here will DRAMATICALLY increase your results and propel you to the top of the LinkedIn search results for the keywords you need to be found for. 3 Ways To Get Found By Prospects On LinkedIn 1. Create An Attractive Headline Your headline acts as your opening pitch to hook your potential prospects so they read your profile and can quickly establish if you are someone who can help them reach their goals. Like a great song on the radio, it can’t waste any time to hook you in! Consider these three key questions when creating the perfect headline: Does your headline stand out from your competitors? Odds are that they will show up in the search results too so make sure you catch attention faster. Can your ideal client quickly establish that you […]

5 Ways To Generate More Leads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been steadily rising to the top of the social media totem pole since it’s debut, especially within regards to professional connections. With LinkedIn recently outpacing growth over Facebook in Indonesia and it’s recent acquisition of Rapportive, a tool that lets you see social data of contacts in your email, you don’t want to miss out capitalizing on all opportunities to make your business boom. The bottom line is sales. Are you ready to increase yours exponentially? Here is a social media strategy that will work for anyone and give you 5 exceptional ways to generate more leads on LinkedIn. 1. Start by making your initial message a little more personal. If someone reaches out to you online, it may take you a minute to remember their face – “Did I meet them at that conference six months ago, or just bump into them at a Starbucks? Did I actually work with this person at some point?” You get the idea.  When you introduce yourself to others, they might have a similar reaction, so be sure to introduce yourself clearly, as you would at a business function, while being as warm and sincere as possible. 2. You need to […]

How to Add a Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

With recent updates to the professional network, it is even easier to add a video to your LinkedIn profile to really stand out from all the other profiles. The content of this article is now outdated so please visit this blog to see how it is now done(updated March 2013).  In this article I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this and you will also find a video tutorial to help you. Currently you’ll need to use either of two web apps: Slideshare or Google Presentation. In the future, adding videos might become a built-in feature on LinkedIn, just like in Facebook. Why add a video to your LinkedIn profile? 1.  It makes your profile more memorable and distinct from the rest—for now, at least. In the future, when majority of LinkedIn profiles contain videos, it’s how you do in your video that will make the difference. 2.  A video shows more about your personal qualities. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video will allow others to evaluate those ‘words’—how you speak, how you carry yourself, your personality etc.  A video is particularly important if you are a speaker, coach, consultant, author, […]

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