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10 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Are you finding more people are telling you that you need to be on Instagram? Have you been wondering if there could potentially be an ROI with Instagram for business use? There comes a time when a movement makes so much noise that you can’t help but pay attention to what’s going on. That point where you realize…this thing isn’t going away. I believe we’ve hit that point with Instagram and there are a few compelling stats to back it up. 1. Instagram Is Officially Bigger Than Twitter Though Twitter isn’t too far behind, Instagram has taken a lead. Twitter has been struggling to keep up with Instagram’s growth since late last year and with IG passing the 300 million active user mark first, Twitter has a lot to be concerned about. Instagram is officially bigger than Twitter with over 300 million active users. Click To Tweet 2. Engagement Is Up To 22X Compared To Twitter Instagram’s engagement is incredible. Some of the highest stats I’ve seen in engagement show up to 22 times the amount of engagement on Facebook and Twitter. 3. Engagement Is 15 Times More Than Facebook If you’ve been moaning about Facebook organic reach, you really […]

3 Reasons Social Media For Businesses Is A Waste Of Time

Have you wondered if using social media for businesses is a waste of time?  You maybe even be using it without much in the way of results. With endless debate in the business domain, it’s hard to escape the topic of is social media a waste of time.  The words of Shakespeare come to mind when pondering the social media woes of entrepreneurs and executives alike…”To Facebook or not to Facebook?” If you’re wondering if social media has been wasting you and your company’s time then the next three points could potentially be a real eye opener. Social Media for Businesses Is a Waste of Time If…. 1. It’s All About You If you’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade, I officially excuse you from this mistake. Truthfully, traditional advertising used to be incredibly successful by shoving a message down your throat a thousand times a day from every possible angle. If you’re going to understand only one thing about social media for businesses and overall social media marketing in 2011, then make it this… It’s all about your customer. Period. You never want to be talking at your audience, you must always be talking TO them. Social media […]

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