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5 Common Social Media Myths Debunked

Social media can be a powerful tool in your marketing and relationship building arsenal, however it is important to not see it simply as a magic bullet. It has to be used strategically and with realistic expectations about what it can and cannot accomplish. Whatever your goals for social media, you need to plan to be in it for the long haul – showing up every day, providing great content and building and engaging with your community. All too often I get contacted by companies that are doing a launch or an event in the next 30+ days, they’re panicking and they’ve decided that social media is what will fill their event or sell out their product/service. In many cases, this is before they have built a loyal community on social media.   It is possible…but ONLY when you have built a community of people who know, like and trust you. You need to have earned this through long term and consistent efforts. When done correctly, social media can certainly provide to a steady stream of leads and sales. However, if your brand or business starts out with unrealistic expectations and certainly when those expectations are not realized, your company can lose […]

No BS Truth About Social Media – Smoke & Mirrors, Fact or Fiction

  Each Monday, Lisa Larter and I host a live show on [The Melonie & Lisa Show] where business and social media intersect. We, along with a special guest share tips, strategies and updates about social media, online marketing and other relevant topics relating to business. Subscribe to see our show live and get your questions answered. Click here to join us on Not sure what is or how it works? Read this article. Blab Episode: No BS Truth About Social Media (Smoke & Mirrors, Fact or Fiction) 1. Fact or Fiction: Do I need 100K Twitter followers to be successful? 100K Twitter followers does NOT mean you have a successful business. First you need to determine how having 100K Twitter followers will meet your business goals. There is no inherent value in just having 100k Twitter followers – you can go out and buy that many fake followers, but they will be of no value to you. Followers can be BS or the can be an actual reflection of your popularity. The importance of engagement can be an illusion, for example on Facebook, the kind of person that engages is not always the kind of person […]

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