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The Brick & Mortar Retailers Guide to Social Media Marketing

If your business exists in a physical brick & mortar location rather than online, don’t be fooled into thinking that social media marketing can’t produce powerful results for your business. Your customers are digitally empowered. In fact, 72% of millennial shoppers are going to research you via your online presence (website and social media profiles) before they even step foot in your store. 72% of millennials will research you via your online presence before they step foot in your store. Click To Tweet Whether you are a store, restaurant, accommodation or other physical retailer, the chances are very good that your customers are chatting about, writing reviews or taking pictures or videos of your location and products and then sharing them on their social networks. Even more powerfully, some are taking pictures or video of themselves in your location having a positive interaction with your product and then sharing it with their network. This is essentially word of mouth advertising, but on a much larger scale as many people use more than one social media platform and have many followers via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. So just what can social media marketing do for your brick […]

Social Media Power Tips for Getting the Job You Want

Yes, your social media profiles matter when you’re looking for a job. If you’re wondering what the connection is between your profiles and landing a great job, keep reading and review the infographic below. In today’s digital age, we take to the web when we want to learn about something or someone. The first thing we do, is google it. If we want to check out a restaurant and we’re not sure if the food is worthy of our money, we check the reviews on Yelp and Facebook. And it’s the same when hiring a person. Employers will look you up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and wherever else they can find you, to see if you’re credible and professional. They’re not doing this to judge you, but to see if you’re a good fit for their company and culture. And while not all employers do this, many HR executives and CEOs do. Think about it like this – hiring someone isn’t just about getting a new employee, it’s about adding a new person to your team and company culture. You want a good fit. It’s like inviting people into your home, your most valued place on earth, you wouldn’t want […]

How to Write a Magnetic Social Media Profile

Do your social media profiles create impact with your target market the first time they read it? First impressions are everything in this world, especially online. You have seconds to make a connection with a brand new prospect before they size you up and move on. When I work with my personal clients one-on-one, the first thing we work on is their social media profiles because I’ve noticed that when they are done well, every activity has a stronger impact. If someone does the Google test on you, they’re going to check out your social media presence pretty quickly and make a decision if you’re worth having further discussions with. Sound harsh? The world is a cruel and unusual place, my friends. Consider this as a general guide to what information should be inside any social media profile and exactly which questions you should be answering for your potential prospects inside its copy. 1. What’s Your WHY Message? When someone asks you why you do what you do, the answer should never be money. When people hire an expert, they need to know that person lives and breathes their subject with the kind of fluency that can’t be faked by […]

Social Media For Job Seekers: Interview With Career Expert Brenda Blackburn

Brenda Blackburn has been a workshop facilitator since 1991 in Vancouver and specializes in career topics with specialties in facilitating career exploration, job search strategies, professional development, and life skills. She’s a regular guest on radio and has been sharing her knowledge with career success radio and many other media outlets for years, so she was a natural selection for me when I decided to do a feature piece on someone with great advice on using social media for job seekers. Full Podcast Interview of Brenda Blackburn: Social Media for Job Seekers Brenda and I connected through a mutual friend on LinkedIn and decided to combine our efforts to address the challenges job seekers face today.  We discussed how they can use the new social media tools that are available to leverage their networks to bring them closer to their goals, aka getting their dream job! This article is the product of our long discussion and has been written in a long-form blog format rather than the common “interview style” so that job seekers can skim through and get the info that is most relevant to their situation. Be sure to listen to the full podcast to get all the […]

Top 4 Social Networking Tools & Time-Savers

Are you feeling the crunch on your schedule to pull off the demands of your social marketing strategy? Time management is becoming the greatest challenge of social media domination but the good news is that there are thousands of talented programmers and developers that are making fantastic tools to help you keep up with the workload. At Top Dog Social Media, we work on many clients social media campaigns and need to be as efficient as possible in order to execute their social marketing strategy so we rely heavily on social networking tools to help us with that. After collectively spending hundreds of hours on experimenting and testing many different services, we have come up with a few apps that are “non-negotiable” when it comes to your social marketing plan. Buffer If Buffer and Hootsuite had a child, it would be called perfection. Rather than upsetting myself over a non-existent lovechild, I’ve decided to embrace the positives of each system and incorporate them into my workflow. Buffer claims to increase clicks on your tweets by 200% and since I’ve been using it, I can say that clicks have definitely gone up. You can see how effective each tweet was through […]

10 Ways To Use YouTube Video Marketing To Promote Your Business

In this article I want to demystify some of the tactics best used for optimal YouTube video marketing to empower your business online in the web 2.0 world! Although there are many great techniques to help get you higher views and engagement, I’m going to touch on 10 important points that I feel are non-negotiable when promoting your videos online. Pick Your Niche Those who are most successful with their YouTube video marketing campaigns thrive in a specific niche. Do your best to narrow your niche as much as possible or else risk struggling to cut through the noise. If you’re a doctor or lawyer, focus on your specialty (e.g. Dermatology or divorce law) and position your channel to project that very clearly. If you know your demographic well, the rest is plug and play. You need to show all the signs of being the “perfect place” for the solution you are trying to provide. Brand Your Channel Once you’ve got your channel setup, you will want to get a personalized vibe that matches your brand. Have a consistent image between all your social media profiles and your website. You want people to know they are in the right place […]

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