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The Brick & Mortar Retailers Guide to Social Media Marketing

If your business exists in a physical brick & mortar location rather than online, don’t be fooled into thinking that social media marketing can’t produce powerful results for your business. Your customers are digitally empowered. In fact, 72% of millennial shoppers are going to research you via your online presence (website and social media profiles) before they even step foot in your store. 72% of millennials will research you via your online presence before they step foot in your store. Click To Tweet Whether you are a store, restaurant, accommodation or other physical retailer, the chances are very good that your customers are chatting about, writing reviews or taking pictures or videos of your location and products and then sharing them on their social networks. Even more powerfully, some are taking pictures or video of themselves in your location having a positive interaction with your product and then sharing it with their network. This is essentially word of mouth advertising, but on a much larger scale as many people use more than one social media platform and have many followers via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. So just what can social media marketing do for your brick […]

3 Massive Mistakes Sales People Make With Social Media

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much social media training for sales professionals out there and it has resulted in a lot of talented people getting poor results. If you’re in sales, you have probably experienced the frustration of hearing social media success stories while your own experiments have left you to conclude that social networks must not work when it comes to lead generation. Well I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that there are three specific reasons that sales professionals are unsuccessful with social media and they are easy to fix. The bad news is that it requires you to rethink your approach to the sales process online. This is especially true if you have been in sales a long time and seen success through more traditional methods such as cold calling or prospecting. To kick start your social media training for sales excellence, remember these crucial 3 points: Related: 7 Ways To Use Social Media Training For Sales And Crush Your Competition   1.    If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It By losing it, I mean all those sales you let slide away because your competitors beat you to the punch due […]

9 Things That Make You Look Bad On Twitter

Have you ever committed a social faux pas on Twitter or other social networks? You should be careful about how you present yourself so you don’t compromise your social media marketing strategy. Here are 9 things that make you look bad on Twitter: 1. Follow and then unfollow someone incessantly. It’s about as attractive as someone stalking you. Do not include this tactic in your social media marketing strategy!   2. Excessive use of the CAPS LOCK function on your keyboard. Don’t do it. It’s the equivalent of screaming at your followers. Related: The Hidden Power of Twitter #Hashtags   3. Posting deals and specials for products no one cares about and are geographically inappropriate to your follower base. For example, “Hawaiian Tropic has great swimsuits for ½ off.” No one cares in January unless they live in the tropics or are perpetually on vacation. Ah, vacation. That sounds wonderful!   4. Pretending like you are in tight with celebrities or A-listers and ignoring everyone else.  This is a quick way to get unfollowed by your friends, colleagues and business associates.  Don’t forget about the people that don’t have 10,000+ followers on Twitter, they just may be your perfect clients. Twitter […]

How Lynette Young Became One Of The Top Women of Google+

Despite remaining in the shadows of rising social stars Pinterest and Instagram for the start of 2012, Google+ has been picking up a lot of steam from backstage. It’s been about a month or so since I interviewed Lynette Young, CEO of Purple Stripe Productions, and she has already been circled by over 300,000 more people, bringing her over a MILLION followers! Here is my full Podcast Interview of Lynette Young: Women of Google+ Lynette Young is certainly no slouch when it comes to the social web since becoming one of the first podcasters to ever receive a six-figure sponsorship…and that was in her first year. Young is an avid user of Google+ and firmly believes that it is the future of online business. If you’ve ever stumbled around G+ before, you’ve probably heard of Women of Google+, another creation of Young’s. It was certainly a pleasure to speak with one of the 50 most followed women on G+ and to have a chance to pick her brain. Given the fact that Google+ has barely been out for a year, I had to know how someone could achieve such a massive following in only a few months. When I asked […]

5 Major Business Benefits of A Great Blogging Strategy

A great blogging strategy is the cornerstone for any social administration. If you’re not blogging and you don’t understand the power of blogging then you’re missing the boat. These are some wise words from my friend Nate Kievman, Executive Editor of LinkedIn & Business Magazine. It’s tough for many businesses to comprehend the importance or significance of a great blogging strategy and I don’t blame them. Many people often say: “Who would want to read what I have to say? I’ve got nothing to write about!”  The goal in creating a blogging strategy is uncovering what it is that would be of interest to your target market. Imagine you’re looking at the wheel and you have all the different social networks on the outside of it. The hub is going to be the blog and that’s going to give you an access point to authenticity, to engaging people and pulling them into your marketing funnels whatever that may be. Taking A Stand On Your Virtual Stage When Nate and I recently discussed the power of blogging, he mentioned a great story about a friend of his who is making seven figures working only a handful of days in a year. […]

7 Ways To Use Social Media Training For Sales And Crush Your Competition

Social media training for sales is a must for any online business. The last few years have shown that providing more value, connecting and building relationships without PITCHING sales have helped sales people become more successful online than ever before. Are you ready to learn some social media training for sales people that is specifically designed to help you get more sales? Sure, having 1001 friends, being on every forum and all the social networking sites is terrific…but is it translating into sales? Let’s face it. It’s all about the bottom line for your business. Here are seven tips in using social media training for sales people to start earning more sales: STOP PITCHING! Unless you are planning on starting your own minor league baseball team, you can’t win this game by directly pitching to people on social networks. Forget all the trite sayings you were taught in business marketing school, this advice is based on a time that occurred well before social networking was ever the phenomenon it is today. Instead, you need to build relationships. This is what people are really hungry for. When you connect with someone authentically, they want to buy your products, services or goods. […]

The Lawyers Guide to Social Media Marketing

As a lawyer, you have no doubt seen the influx of law practices using social media marketing to grow their business. Maybe you have a Facebook account to keep in touch with your family and friends. If you are “with the times” then maybe you already have a Twitter profile and are tweeting regularly. Then there’s the professional social network LinkedIn that many of your colleagues have probably set up profiles on to gain an edge by networking with its 135 million+ registered professionals. Up until as late as 2009, the general consensus among lawyers in regards to social media has been “that’s not where we get our clients.” After realizing social media is not a fad, many savvy lawyers became quick to embrace it and have now emerged online to enrich their networks—attracting new clients, keeping their knowledge current, and getting in touch with peers, friends and family. This trend is expected to continue growing exponentially until everyone in the world is connected, similar to when email made its debut. This article is going to show you how you can use social media marketing to help grow your law practice, how to make your social media strategy effective, and […]

The How and Why of Twitter Engagement

The 3 Types of Interaction to Remember in Your Twitter Marketing Campaign Twitter is the one social networking site that remains very simple on the outside but still has a lot of depth to it. Marketing with Twitter gives you a bit more leverage in ways other social networks can restrain you. For example, you can start chatting with anyone without being “friends” and you are able to see nearly anybody’s tweets (unless they are protected). Many businesses have great success marketing with Twitter because, unlike Facebook, it highly encourages linking to other people’s accounts in each post, drastically increasing your potential for post impressions. Twitter has a magical way of connecting you with people from all over when other social media is mostly dependent on connecting with whom you already know. Related: 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Tweets What’s the Deal with Retweets? Whenever you make a post on Twitter, you want to make it as “retweetable” as possible so that it has a better chance of reaching potential new followers that are interested in your topic. This is easily one of the pillars to a successful Twitter marketing strategy, so pay close attention. How to Increase Your Chances […]

5 Benefits of Social Media For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner then chances are you’ve probably already heard about the many benefits of social media for your business.  However why it’s so important may be something you’re still struggling with though.  That’s probably because most business fail to use it properly and so they are not reaping all the rewards they could be.  When used properly the benefits of social media are enormous and this article provides five simple yet valuable reasons why your small business needs social media. 2011 statistics by Nielsen found that social networks and blogs continue to dominate Canada and American’s time online, now accounting for nearly a quarter of total time spent on the internet.  The same study found that 70% of active online adult social networkers shop online and 70% of them trust consumer opinions posted online.  Small businesses everywhere are finding it worth their while to jump into social media and join in the conversations surrounding their business. Although there are many reasons why businesses ultimately decide to utilize social media, here are 5 of the top benefits of social media for your small business. Your Market Is Already Using It More than one quarter of all the […]

4 Rules To Successfully Get LinkedIn Recommendations

Having a glowing recommendation from many connections on your LinkedIn profile is a great goal, but there are a few crucial guidelines to bear in mind before you hit the road. I’m often asked for recommendations by people I barely know on LinkedIn. I’m really quite uncomfortable giving a character reference for someone I don’t really know, as I am sure most are.  This is a complete waste of time in my opinion, and in many ways discredits the person requesting this. Rather than spending time doing things that won’t result in any positive results, and often create a negative image for yourself, I have 4 Rules on how to improve your success with getting recommendations on LinkedIn.  Review the list of rules I’ve put together and take them seriously before sending out that next request. Rule #1. Don’t Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations From People You Don’t Know! If this seems like a no-brainer to you, then you are already on the right track. Although some people might be willing to exchange recommendations with you, despite not knowing each other, this is a big risk to your credibility. Not only should your kudos be reserved for those who have earned […]

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