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Visual Marketing: How To Use The Canva iPhone App

Whether you are just getting started with visual marketing and creating graphics for social media posts or are an experienced designer, you can now make easy, eye catching graphics with the Canva iPhone app. While Canva for desktop and iPad have been around for some time, they have recently released an app version for iPhones. The app includes much of the functionality that you love in the full Canva desktop version, simplified to work on a smaller workspace with an iPhone. The reason that this and other graphic design apps like it are so important is that in order to catch the attention of your community and engage with them, you need to create graphics that you can share on your social media platforms. These graphics can be quotes, stats or tips that you can pull from your existing content. Ideally your images should provide some kind of value, share something meaningful or help your community to connect with you on an emotional level. Make Social Media Images Quickly With The Canva iPhone App When you first open the Canva iPhone app you will need to login or sign up. If you already have a Canva account, you can login […]

How To Use Adobe Post To Make Stunning Social Media Graphics

Today, there can be no denying that every business should be including graphics and images as part of their social media strategy. Images are not only better able to grab the attention of your community but they get more shares and engagement as well. But what if you lack the skills of a graphic designer or the budget to hire one? There has been a recent surge in new software tools and apps to help businesses overcome this challenge. In this article I am going to show you how anyone (regardless of design ability) can create professional looking graphics using the mobile app Adobe Post. A free app, Adobe Post does require you to create an account or login with your Facebook or Adobe ID. This app is only currently available for Apple mobile devices, but they are working on creating an Android version. I am going to show you how to remix existing sample graphics from Adobe Post for your own needs as well as create your own social media graphics using this app that are perfectly sized for whatever social media platform you are posting on. Creating Social Media Graphics With Adobe Post Remixing An Existing Adobe Post Graphic […]

Social Media Trends 2013: Boom or Bust?

Are you wondering which social media trends are here to stay? Do you question where you should be spending your time when it comes to social media for business? There have been many social media trends that have come and gone over the years. It wasn’t long ago that Myspace was the indisputable champion in the social web with naysayers proudly touting, “there is no way this Facebook-thing is going to take off.” Businesses that are using social media marketing to promote their products and services are constantly seeking an edge to put them closer to their target market. Understanding what is working and what isn’t is extremely important for an effective social media campaign. In this article we took a look at some of social media trends that are currently booming and others whose fate is uncertain and seeming like it may be a bust. Social Media Trends For 2013: Boom or Bust? Visual Marketing: BOOM! Infographics and visual marketing have seen a massive boom in the past year, especially with the proliferation of photo sharing giant Pinterest. Of all the social media trends on this list, I’m certain this one is bound to be hot for a while. […]

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