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21 Steps To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Signing up for a LinkedIn account is easy enough but if you want to know how to create a LinkedIn profile that will attract your target market, this article is probably the most complete breakdown I’ve ever done on the subject outside of my advanced LinkedIn training course, the LinkedIn Profit Formula. UPDATED February 27, 2013: Even though the last update for this LinkedIn training was December 2012, LinkedIn has made so many more changes recently that it became necessary to update every single graphic. You will notice a few steps got removed and a few more got added – this is because things have become much simpler with your LinkedIn profile thanks to all the recent changes. Even if you have already gone through this post before, make sure you go over it again so you don’t miss anything when creating your perfect LinkedIn profile! The key to your success on LinkedIn begins with a powerful and professional presence.  You must strategically write your profile with your ideal client in mind before you start connecting to maximize the impact of your first impression online. I’ve outlined 21 different key points that I believe are important to fully optimizing your […]

5 Warning Signs That Your Blog Posts Are Ineffective

Somewhere between writing content and getting a flood of new leads is a dark area where most people get lost when creating a social media strategy that sticks. If your blog posts aren’t giving you the results you are looking for it could be for a variety of reasons – many of which have nothing to do with the quality of your writing. Understanding the different components of a successful social media strategy that incorporates blogging is paramount to actually getting noticed online. Much like the spokes in a wheel, each different aspect of blog writing, optimization and the promotion process are equally crucial.   1. Time Spent On Page Check in your website analytics to see how long people are spending on each blog post. Most people these days prefer to quickly scan through posts so don’t be discouraged if it is lower than you expected. See which blog posts have to highest time spent on page to get a rough idea on which posts are most effective. Analyze those posts to get a better idea why they had people on the page longer. It could be a video that you embedded, a certain type of media or simply […]

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