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“Melonie Dodaro is a knowledgeable and gifted social media trainer. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her present and train in various environments and am blown away by her ability to break down even the most complex of topics, and teach in bite size nuggets in a manner that has light bulbs popping from the entire audience! It’s one thing for audience members to get insights from the presenter; it’s a whole other thing for the audience to get practical how-to’s that they can immediately apply – that’s exactly what Melonie provides, especially around LinkedIn. I have no hesitation in recommending her for speaking and training opportunities.”

~Mari Smith, San Diego, California, Social Media Speaker

“Melonie Dodaro from Top Dog Social Media is truly a brilliant social media marketing expert. Melonie has helped me grow a large presence on Twitter and LinkedIn and has helped me get #1 positioning on Google with my blog. I’m also #1 on LinkedIn searches for my desired keywords and people are consistently telling me how impressed they are with my social media presence. But as an accountant it comes down to the bottom line, and yes these efforts are bringing me more clients, increased credibility and even speaking engagements.

I couldn’t have done any of this without Melonie’s help. I highly recommend her services for those of you who are looking to take your social media presence to the next level.”

~Ken Davison, Kelowna, British Columbia, Accountant, BDO Canada

“Melonie provided our sales force with a three-part training series on Linkedin and how to best leverage the platform in their selling process. Melonie spent several months researching our business, getting to know our Sales Management team and asking lots of questions in order to tailor the training specifically to our needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, results-oriented, quick to respond to questions we had throughout the process and overall a pleasure to work with. We knew we had to explore the world of social media and Linkedin seemed like the right place to start. After our first meeting with Melonie, we knew she’d be a great fit.

The training she provided our team will open a whole new avenue to prospect and generate new business, connect with existing clients, and other professionals in our industry. I would highly recommend her services to other business professionals.”

~Erin Peikoff, Winnipeg, MB, Sales Trainer, National Leasing (Member of Canadian Western Bank Group of Companies)

“We knew we needed to incorporate social media into our overall marketing plan, but didn’t know where to start. Our advisor recommended Top Dog Social Media – and it was a great decision.

First, Melonie and her team spent time learning about our business, target market and our goals and objectives.

From there they created a social media strategic plan to help us achieve the next step of success in our business.

This strategic plan is now our blueprint for all our online efforts. Without it, we’d still be floundering online. Now we work on the important things and delegate the rest.”

~Daniele & Jason Herbert, Kelowna, British Columbia

“It is a joy to highly recommend Melonie Dodaro as the #1 LinkedIn and Social Media Expert I have ever met. Melonie has unbelievable understanding, expertise and deep experience of modern business social media solutions.

Melonie is an insightful expert and the leader in Linkedin branding and business solutions. My Linkedin’s SEO results speak for themselves! Since using her approach I am now receiving over 25 searches a day!”

~Rory Connolly, Ireland, Management Consultant

“Melonie delivers! I’m glad I asked Melonie to speak at The Big Social Summit in Las Vegas. As one of our keynote speakers, Melonie’s presentation gave the audience practical and crystal clear insights into using Linkedin. The entire audience was inspired and fully engaged. I highly recommend Melonie for any company looking to have a top-notch social media speaker at their event!”

~Lance Joe, San Francisco, California

“As experienced in social media as I am, I loathed the idea of self promoting myself without expert perspective from an outside point of view. Obviously anything I wrote would be maybe too biased. So I hired Melonie from Top Dog Social Media to help put together a excellent LinkedIn profile that really stands out.

I would happily recommend Melonie and Top Dog Social Media for anyone that needs expert and value for money advice on their social media presence.”

~Omar Todd, London, UK, Social Media Consultant

“It is rare to find someone who is good at looking at your social media at a strategic level and identifying where you’re missing out and how to do the right things that get you noticed.

In fact, I know that there is almost no one who knows as much as Melonie does about driving traffic, managing your social media so that it does manage you. Helpful, has great training products and does what she says. You don’t need a tactician writing blogs for you. You need a system that gets results. That’s Melonie’s Top Dog Social Media!”

~Lorraine McGregor, Vancouver, British Columbia, Business Consultant

“I have been in sales for over 30 years, set up and trained numerous sales teams and have worked with companies and businesses helping them to implement high conversion sales strategies. Melonie is the ONLY social media expert I know that FOCUSES on how to use social media as a part of a profitable sales strategy. She understands how to create the perfect balance between VALUE and then how to convert those relationships created through social media into paying customers for her clients.

With Melonie’s help, I have been able to develop a professional and compelling presence on LinkedIn that continues to generate leads for my business. Whenever I have ANY question related to social media, there is only 1 place I go – straight to Melonie Dodaro at Top Dog Social Media!”

~Debbie White, Scottsdale, Arizona, Sales Trainer & Speaker

“I connected with Melonie on Linkedin a couple of months ago. I was interested in learning about social media and after reading her profile, I gave her a call. After one initial conversation with Melonie, I knew that I had the right person to hire. After just finishing my training sessions with her, I can tell you that she is an expert in social media, is extremely passionate about her work and does a great job teaching and preparing you to use social media as a business tool.

I believe that social media is important for business and Melonie truly knows all the tactical ways to use it efficiently, professionally with great results. She is also extremely personable, which was also a factor in working with her. I’m happy to refer her to anybody looking for this type of service.”

~Gary Weingarten, New York, NY, Sales Executive, Precor

“Out of darkness comes a bright light. To a novice in social media and how it can assist me in my business, Melonie (the bright light) brought a plan of action to enlighten both me and my potential clients. Creating a more defined me to present to the public, Melonie showed me the who, what, where, when and why of social media.

Experience and communication skills are the tools used by Melonie to help the uninitiated become a force. She herself is a force to be reckoned with in this technological world. I highly recommend Melonie for anyone in any profession needing social media direction. I will be continuing to use Melonie and Top Dog Social Media in the future.”

~Randy Kroner, Miami, Florida, Forensic Accountant

“Melonie is a marketing genius in both social media marketing and traditional marketing. As an entrepreneur herself she really understands how to help her clients create massive visibility and grow their businesses. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melonie and her team at Top Dog Social Media if you are looking for a solution to build your business!”

~Maxine Dehart, Kelowna, BC, Director of Sales, Ramada Hotel, Kelowna City Councillor

“I attended Melonie’s Linked In seminar and I could not believe the results! It was a hands on workshop and I was optimizing my profile as we went along. Before I even left the seminar I was already coming up as the first search result out of 130,000 other people!

Not only that but by lunchtime I had been emailed by someone who found me in a search for my industry with keywords I had just added! Amazing value, information and results! If you are a B2B professional you MUST attend!”

~Samantha Milligan, Kelowna, British Columbia, Founder, The Shopping Guide

“Melonie and her team at Top Dog Social Media really understand the in’s and out’s and the why’s and how’s of social media, to the degree that I haven’t seen in any other social media experts. The best thing about Melonie is that she has a deep understanding of the psychology of marketing, in addition to social media, which makes her truly unique. She worked with my staff to develop my social media profiles and I was truly impressed with her attention to detail, her professional service and integrity. I highly recommend Melonie and her social media marketing services.”

~Les Brown, Los Angeles, California, Professional Speaker & Author

“Thank you for providing the Insanely Profitable Social Media course. I give it 5+ stars on a scale of 1-5. You made it simple and easy to understand and helped me create a social media strategy to make my business profitable. You were really generous with the amount of information you shared and never hesitated to go way beyond what you promised in the course outline.

The course was just what I needed to understand and help me start mastering social media and have the confidence to apply what I learned to my business strategically. I look forward to other courses you may be offering. I recommend this course to all no matter what level of understanding they have with their social media they will always learn something new with your course.”

~Connie Mason, Chicago, Illinois

“I connected with Melonie at a function a few months ago. I was interested in learning about using LinkedIn and after reading her profile, I gave her a call. I knew that I had the right person to hire. After just finishing my training sessions with her, I can tell you that she is an expert in social media, is extremely passionate about her work and does a great job teaching and preparing you to use social media as a business tool. I believe that social media is important for business and Melonie truly knows all the ‘hands on’ tactical ways to use it efficiently, professionally with great results. I’m happy to refer her to anybody except competitors!”

~Robert Oleksyn, Kelowna, BC, Financial Advisor, BMO Private Banking

“I have been very fortunate to have Melonie as a guest on my podcast and I recently picked up her new Linkedin training course. Within days of implementing her recommendations I’ve had people reach out to me about the work I do, and even managed to get the attention of recruiters for potential dream jobs. Her Linkedin training course is one of the smartest investments I’ve made and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to get more out of Linkedin.”

~Srinivas Rao, Los Angeles, California, Digital Content Strategist, Blogcast FM

“Melonie is simply awesome! She was able to pull information out of me and use that information to create the single best LinkedIn profile I have ever seen. I am certain with the way that she has created my LinkedIn profile that I will get an immediate increase of new clients. In addition, Melonie has a fantastic series of training sessions that cover LinkedIn usage and how to maximize your number of connections. Thank you so much Melonie for making my profile so professional and for the follow up with me to make certain that I was happy with all that you had created for me! You are awesome to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and everyone that is looking to increase their business.”

~Micha Dearen, Houston, Texas, Recruiter, Action Executive Search

“I highly recommend Melonie Dodaro as a social media consultant. She is a very bright and articulate person with a great vision for increasing your individual and corporate brand. If you are looking for someone that has a clear handle on why businesses need to develop valuable content, and how they can spread those ideas through social media, Melonie will help you get the job done. She is a true professional and a master of her expertise.”

~Nadia Alterio, Kelowna, BC, Founder, Smart Woman Marketing


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