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The Hard Facts of Social Marketing

Previously, I have shared the amazing results social marketing can generate for your business. If you think it is impossible, you better start reading the rest of this post because this will really make you think twice. Again, I won’t tell you how amazing marketing with social media is through descriptive and awe-inspiring words. I will show some hard social media marketing facts here and now!


Social marketing – hard facts

  • Over 750 million Facebook users worldwide.
  • Price of Facebook ads increased by 70% during the first half of 2011.
  • Daily Facebook log-ins for current users is 52%.
  • Facebook users who use the platform for social marketing cover 70%.
  • Eleven percent of Facebook users say that they would only buy online through Facebook.
  • Four billion things are shared through Facebook everyday!

  • A total of 65 million of impressions for Coca-Cola’s Promoted Trend in June 2010.
  • “Go Granny” Superbowl campaign tweets garnered a total of 20 million impressions
  • American Airline’s “Tweet to Win 30k Miles” social marketing campaign gathered a total of 18,000 clicks.
  • IBM’s “Lotusphere” conference in January 2011 got 35, 000 number of tweets on its #LS11 hashtag.


  • 22 million views for Old Spice’s “Mano a Mano en el Bano” in just one week.
  • T-Mobile’s “Royal Wedding” video had a total of 7 million views.
  • Over 2 years, Evian’s “Roller Skating Babies” received 65.5 million views.
  • YouTube got 10,000 brand partners.
  • The famous iPad video called “Will it blend?” got over 12 million views.

The facts stated above prove that you can generate viable traffic by marketing with social media. In social marketing, you engage, interact and win the attention of your target audience. If these brands made it, you bet you can too!

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