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Twitter Vine: Can you Deliver Value in 6 Seconds?

twitter vineTwitter Vine is a new video service from Twitter that allows users to share very short videos. Depending on your business and your message, you may be able to use this new service to reach out to customers.

What Is Twitter Vine?

As with Twitter, which has a 140 character limit on any messages, this video service encourages brevity, allowing users to share up to six seconds of video at one time. The stated goal behind this limit is to inspire creativity, and you will indeed have to be creative in order to deliver value to your customers in one-fifth the space of a typical television commercial.

Twitter Vine can be downloaded to a home computer, laptop, or notebook. It can also be downloaded from an app store for use on an iPhone, iPod, smartphone, or tablet.

How To Deliver Value

With only six seconds to work with, it is not feasible to use Twitter Vine as a way of delivering traditional commercial content. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this service as part of your Twitter marketing plan. One useful feature of the video service is the ability to geotag your videos. That means that you can mark the video with a specific location, which is an advantage not offered by other multimedia services like Instagram and Pinterest.

If you are having a business get-together or an event that you want to attend, you can use the six seconds of video to create something memorable, then use the geotag as a way of getting people to come to your event, all in just a few seconds.

To see how other businesses are using Twitter Vine, check out this great article from Social Media Examiner: 16 Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Vine.

Making A Connection With Customers

Even without using the geotagging feature to provide content to viewers of your video, you can still connect with customers using this service. You can provide a brief inside look at your business, show something that customers would find amusing, or even just present the content of what would be a normal tweet in video form.

The more artistic and original you are, the better your customers will remember your video. This allows you to create a unique link with your customers, even if you don’t deliver business content to them.

Embedded Tweets

When you are posting a video, remember that Twitter now offers an “embed tweet” option that allows you to punctuate the content of your video with a tweet. In this way, you can use a typical tweet to lead in to your video, giving your viewers context that they normally wouldn’t get from just watching the short clip. This is your best option for delivering value with your video, as it effectively lets you use the 140 character limit and the six-second video limit together to create something more focused and lasting.

twitter vine

Embedding tweets is easy and now even better with Twitter Vine.

Twitter Vine does require creativity to use effectively, but it is a service that businesses can make use of if they take advantage of the additional features such as geotagging and embedded tweets. The availability of the feature on mobile devices also allows you to reach out to a large pool of busy customers without taking up too much of their time.

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