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Twitterrific Social Media Marketing Ideas

Wonder why social media marketing companies love Twitter now more than ever before? That’s because it is proven as one of the most useful social media marketing tools on the web. It is free, simple to use and truly effective. Here are some of the brightest ideas for Twitter marketing.

CEO online

Engaging your CEO online can be quite hard. Maintaining a blog can be pure drudgery because of how time consuming it can be. This is why most social media management companies recommend Twitter. Remember that Twitter is only limited to 140 characters so updates can be made very quickly. A CEO who interacts directly with its consumers is always a favorite. This will make your company appear to be consumer friendly, which is what is needed in today’s social world.

Stay connected to the media

As you may know, it is very easy to follow someone on Twitter. Really, it only takes one click. This way, you can always be updated on the latest happenings within your industry and in the news. Any social media management company will agree that Twitter is a convenient way to connect with the important people in media often getting much better results than calling or e-mailing them.

Monitor your company or brand

You can easily monitor your brand or company on twitter. Trending topics are easy to see and interaction is just a few clicks of a mouse. You’ll know who’s talking about your services, company, or brand in real-time.

Instant announcement on promo/deals

Twitter allows you to share upcoming promotions and events to a large audience very quickly. It won’t take an hour to do so. This is just one reason why Twitter is great for small-scale businesses according to social media management companies. Promotions are free and quick.

Live updates

Twitter is a great for last-minute announcements. If you are running an event and forced to make last-minute changes, informing your attendees is a breeze.

Post links to your blog, webinars, videos, podcasts, PR etc.

As a social media marketing tool, Twitter gives you the freedom to utilize its user-friendly interface to promote your content and other similar marketing tools. You can post links that will generate traffic to your web site. Using Twitter in your social media marketing plan has many opportunities that you have yet to explore.


  1. Stacey Myers says:

    Thank you for your Twitteriffic Ideas!

  2. Mario Corona says:

    Hey Melonie, congratulations, Great Headline and Great Tips!

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