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About Us

Discover Why We’re Considered the
“Top Dogs” When it Comes to Social Media

Top Dog Social Media is on the leading edge of what’s happening in social media – especially social media marketing. Whether it’s the latest Facebook changes, the trends on Twitter or connecting with the movers and shakers on LinkedIn, you know you’re in good hands with the experts at Top Dog Social Media.

From the founder, CEO and all-around no-nonsense entrepreneur all the way to the outstanding team of social media managers, content creators and strategists, you’ll find our approach both unique and refreshing.

We put relationships first.

Why? Business is all about people connecting with people. That’s the entire goal of social media – to connect on a level where trust is earned, deserved and rewarded.

The more trust you earn, the more likely people will do business with you – and your company.

That’s what Top Dog Social Media specializes in.

Tried and true relationship building strategies, new technology and a top-notch staff that understands social media and work hard to deliver the results you want to be successful in today’s connected world.

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Our Beliefs:

We believe in building relationships and trust, which is the foundation for any business relationship with consumers. We believe that in today’s ever-chancing and competitive business climate, businesses that show compassion, genuine concern, care, and build a solid connection with customers is the best way to achieve long-term success.

The good news for businesses, even yours, is that social media has presented the best opportunity for you to promote your business more effectively than we’ve ever seen in history.

Want proof?

Checkout this cool social media fact: According to Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter helped his company amplify its message and gain trust through human to human interaction, which is what he says is more effective than the old way of corporation to human interaction.

Social media, according to Schultz, was one of the driving forces in helping turn the company back to profitability shortly after they closed more than 600 stores during the Great Recession of 2008.

But social media doesn’t just work for large companies like Starbucks, some of the best results are being seen by small businesses and professionals that are using it properly and strategically.

We believe we can help your business to leverage social media to build relationships with your clients, engage new prospects and boost your bottom line.

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