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Why Use A Facebook Page For Business?

With Canadians spending more time on social networking sites than any other country in the world, it would be impossible for you to not know what Facebook is. There are many different social media sites out there, each site having its own unique functions that can help businesses be successful with social marketing. But one of the most popular social media sites that we use is Facebook; and it has many benefits if used properly.

With 4 our of 5 Canadians using social media, almost everyone has their own Facebook page or account. With over 750 millions users, Facebook’s popularity cannot be ignored. Many businesses are looking at Facebook marketing as an effective and worthwhile way to reach and engage with their customers.

Facebook was mainly used for people to connect with friends, family and even colleagues. People have found an easy platform wherein they can share their status updates, photos, videos, even blog posts and more. Facebook has revolutionized the use of the ‘like’ button wherein anyone who can relate to your posts can just ‘like’ them with just one click.

As the #1 Social Network, Facebook Marketing Should Be Implemented

The 750 million users all over the world, are spending a great deal of time on Facebook. This gives businesses many chances to be seen and read about while online. Facebook developers have created different ‘Fan Pages’ (now called Facebook Pages) and ‘group pages’ wherein people who have the same interests can join groups and interact with each other. A lot of businesses have taken advantage of this and have created their own Facebook Page to engage with their customers, potential customers and promote their products and services.

I have made a list of three of the top three benefits I see businesses getting from implementing a Facebook marketing strategy:

1.    Increased Visibility. Having more people see you and know that your business exists has always been a costly venture. But now thanks to Facebook and other social networking sites it’s become a lot easier. As you know traditional forms of advertising can be costly and often don’t end up even reaching your target market,  But with the help of Facebook, businesses can create a ‘group page’ or a ‘Fan Page’ for their business and engage with members of their community, increasing their visibility, building their brand and staying top of mind for many.

2.    Turning New Customers into Raving Fans. Acquiring new customers can be hard for most businesses these days due to the amount of competition, the high costs of advertising and the current economic climate. Once you have started attracting new potential customers, you can start engaging with them building relationships that will result in both attracting new customers and also having them recommend you to their family and friends. You can also use Facebook to retain existing customers by continuing to build relationships with them and turn them into loyal customers and raving fans.

3.    Personalized Customer Service. Facebook was developed with the main idea of connecting with friends. A lot of people have met and acquired new friendships, business relationships and opportunities online with the use of Facebook. That’s why businesses cannot ignore the power of social media and Facebook marketing. When customers go to a businesses Facebook Page and they see that the business maintains a friendly, engaging and updated site, they will surely ‘like’ the page and become part of your Facebook community. The feeling of talking to a friend is more comfortable than talking to a sales person. With this, they will eventually recommend your site to their friends, attracting more and more potential customers over time.

These are just three of the numerous benefits from using Facebook marketing for businesses these days.

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