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Your new secret weapon? Facebook’s “View Shares” Metric

Among the sea of changes Facebook has brought along recently, one golden new metric has washed up on the shore. Facebook “View Shares” option reveals how many times your post has been shared and by whom. Although only those who can see the share will see the reposts, this is an extremely handy tool for anybody looking to promote engagement on their Facebook Pages.

Businesses could benefit their Facebook marketing by running a promotion with an incentive based on sharing their post. Previously to run such a promotion on Facebook would have been possible, but much more difficult to track.

I give this new feature an A+ so far. I will be trying out some new strategies with my clients whom I handle their social media management to put it to the test.

How do you see Facebook’s new “View Shares” metric helping your social media and Facebook marketing efforts? Have you already had success with it? Comment and share your answers below.


  1. Anjali says:

    Does one need to change any settings to get the View Shares to show on my page? They simply do not show right now, and I cannot find any settings to change for this!

    Would appreciate help!

    1. You don’t need to activate it. Once your post has been shared it will say so right on the original post itself underneath where it displays total “likes”.

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