Social Selling Training, LinkedIn Lead Generation | Top Dog
Social Selling Training, LinkedIn Lead Generation | Top Dog

The Proven Solution to Creating Clients on Demand

Combining the Art and Science of Social Selling with the Power of LinkedIn to Attract Clients Month after Month with Credibility, Class and Confidence

Better clients... Bigger contracts... More sales…

There is One Simple Method.

You may feel overwhelmed when deciding which methods you should employ to grow your business.

Every day, we’re bombarded with tactics, strategies, gurus, automation tactics and shiny  new objects that make big promises, often delivering few results.

Sadly, many companies and individuals (consultants, professional service providers and B2B business owners) continue to burn billions of dollars and lose thousands of hours in productivity because they have not adapted to meeting the modern buyers where they are – online.

Instead, they continue employing old-school sales and marketing methods:

To be blunt, these methods hardly ever work anymore.

But it is not your fault.

Even those who have adapted to more modern marketing methods are struggling.

When it comes to digital advertising, unless you have a proven sales funnel, you can lose money very quickly. Just ask anyone who has run an ineffective Facebook advertising campaign.

These methods put your business at risk.

Meanwhile, forward-thinking, savvy businesses are growing quickly and reliably (even in downtimes) because they’ve chosen to laser-focus on the two things that matter the most...

Lead Generation and Sales

We all know businesses die without well-executed lead generation and sales campaigns. It’s as simple as that.

But when you get them right and your process is dialled in, success is inevitable. And it all can be accomplished without the huge cost of advertising campaigns and complicated sales funnels.

What if you could attract and convert higher quality leads...

Using just one proven, profitable, repeatable method...

A method that allowed you to reach and exceed your revenue goals month after month...

This method puts you in full control of how many potential clients you approach each month with an under-the-radar system that will leave your competitors scratching their heads, wondering how you are doing it.

Would you like to:

Let me show you how.

Just like the 27,000+ individuals, companies and government agencies, big and small, I have helped before you, you can quickly attract more of your ideal clients and grow your business...

Using my proven, predictable and profitable lead generation and business-growth method, I can help you to..

Attract Clients Month after Month with Credibility, Class and Confidence

Social Selling Training, LinkedIn Lead Generation | Top Dog

Meet Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro is a globally-renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader, in-demand keynote speaker, best-selling author and expert authority on all things LinkedIn. Her specialty is leveraging LinkedIn to attract high-quality clients on demand.

Embraced by Fortune 500 as well as small progressive companies, Melonie’s method delivered consistently successful results to her clients. Today, her approach is considered the clearest, simplest, fastest and most ethical way to build profitable relationships and grow sales through LinkedIn.

To help others achieve their goals, over the last decade, Melonie has taught the art and science of social selling to more than 27,000 individuals, companies and government agencies – before the term was even coined.

She is the author of multiple international #1 best-selling books, including LinkedIn Unlocked. She is also the creator of Cracking the LinkedIn Code program – the gold standard for online training.

The Social Selling Effect:
Proven, Predictable, Profitable

“You opened doors for my business I didn’t even know existed. We are consistently turning brand new LinkedIn connections into clients, every month. Thank you!”

I hear this a lot!

The trust-based, authority-building, relationship-nurturing process I teach has been used by tens of thousands of individuals and companies to consistently land more clients and bigger contracts.

And it works without the need to use advertising, cold calling or automation, which could put you in danger of being labelled as a spammer!

At the heart of all this success is one thing... 

Social selling AKA lead generation AKA relationship building.

Social selling has disrupted the way business deals are made and is now the key selling strategy and revenue driver for some of the world’s largest companies. It is the platform upon which thousands of my clients have taken their business and sales to the next level.

When done right, social selling is the simplest, fastest and most ethical way for you to connect with your ideal prospects and turn on the tap of a continuous stream of high-quality leads. Social selling is the way to ensure predictable growth to sales and your bottom line.

My Formula for Your Success

Mastering the four pillars of social selling is a must if you want to effortlessly attract a high number of quality leads and consistently convert them into clients

What the Social Selling Accelerator™ Means for You

Whether you are a business of one, a small to medium size business or a large enterprise organization, when you perfect the art of social selling, you (and/or your team) can:
The Social Selling Accelerator™ blueprint is the heart and soul of my training program. Every step of this blueprint is essential to your team’s digital sales success.

Customized Social Selling Training to Drive ROI

“As a company, we rely heavily on paid advertising to generate new leads. We realized it was time to empower our sales team to be proactive in using social selling to create a new lead pool that we were not reaching with paid ads.

We hired Melonie at Top Dog Social Media to train our sales team to connect with decision-makers on LinkedIn and convert those relationships into deals.

The social selling training program Melonie designed for Intertech was completely customized to our business and our specific target market. She even helped us determine the best content marketing approach to support the social selling initiative.

Our sales team is now fully prepared to implement social selling into their daily practice confidently, and we expect the ROI on this investment to exceed all other marketing channels.”  

Tom Salonek, CEO, Intertech
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Right Social Selling Solution
for Your Situation

If you are a professional service provider who wants to accelerate your path to success...

My industry-leading, action-oriented training will show you how to position yourself as a leading authority in your field and attract, engage, nurture and convert new clients with ease. Created and field tested by thousands of businesses from all industries worldwide.

If you are a high-level, strategic-thinking professional with a vision for growth, but your time is precious...
My custom-made, done-for-you blueprint will position you as a leading authority on LinkedIn (and beyond) and show you exactly how to grow profitable relationships with the right people at the right time, showcasing you as an expert and thought leader in your niche.
If you are a motivated sales, marketing or business leader who would like to give your sales team an edge on the competition in a hyper-competitive marketplace...
Let me help you reach your sales goals the same way I helped many Fortune 500 companies reach theirs by launching social selling programs that resulted in record-breaking sales. Your company size doesn’t matter – you will have a competitive edge.
If you are a government agency responsible for economic development that would like to enrich, build and create more opportunities for your community...
My process will connect you with decision-makers globally, attract more foreign direct investment, build long-term relationships and open the doors to opportunities for years to come.

My students and clients come from all walks of life, industries and nations.

The world’s largest organisations, renowned thought leaders and governments have placed their trust in me to help them with their business growth.

Their success has been based on my proven social selling method.

I truly do have a solution for everyone at every stage in their business...

B2B Individuals & Professional Service Providers

Easily build a compelling and captivating personal brand, implementing a lead-generation and client-acquisition system to attract the highest caliber of clients on LinkedIn. 

My program, Cracking the LinkedIn Code 4.0, helps you build your authority and credibility through the right mix of content, connections and conversations.

High-Level Professionals

Want to ensure you have a best-in-class LinkedIn presence and strategy? LinkedIn Domination™ – a high-touch done-for-you service – is your answer. It arms you with a rapport-building lead-generation messaging sequence and a tailor-made LinkedIn strategy you can immediately put into action.

(And if your time is limited, you can easily outsource these tasks.) Just follow the paint by numbers system, and experience inevitable growth.

Sales Leaders & Sales Teams

Whether you have a sales team of 5 or 5000+, my Social Selling Accelerator™ training program is fully customized for your business.

It is the fastest way to build a predictable and lucrative pipeline of high-quality leads – with the highest ROI of any marketing initiative you could launch. Turn your sales team into modern sellers and revenue-producing assets. 

Government Organisations

I specialize in designing custom solutions for economic development and investment promotion agencies. I have provided LinkedIn marketing strategies to many government agencies.

If you would like to learn how to connect with decision-makers globally and attract more foreign direct investment to your region using LinkedIn, simply click the button below, and we can discuss your specific needs. 

Featured Blog Posts

LinkedIn Unlocked soared to #1 in 63 categories and across 7 countries when it was released.


It is packed full of powerful yet easy to implement strategies, proven to turn LinkedIn into your most effective client generator.

It’s the bestselling book ever released on the topic of LinkedIn because...

It provides practical how-to steps, along with cutting-edge tactics to quickly grow your business and attract high-quality clients who can afford your products and services.

If you’re ready to lay the foundation for sustainable growth and a bigger bottom line, grab your copy of LinkedIn Unlocked now!

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