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17 things I hate about Facebook (and a few things I love)

hate about Facebook

When you log in to Facebook are there some things or posts that make you cringe?

Are there certain features or types of posts that you really dislike?

I have to say that there are more than a few things that I hate about Facebook, which drive me crazy personally. These range from annoying features to poorly thought-out posts to terrible business tactics.

While Facebook is certainly an awesome platform for many things, here is a list of things that I really dislike about Facebook, both from a user interface perspective as well as the way some people actually use the platform.

Here Are The 17 Things I Hate About Facebook

Facebook Features I Hate

1. The “Poke” Feature

I think most of us can agree that this feature serves no useful purpose other than to annoy people and should be removed from Facebook.


2. Being Added to a Facebook Group Without My Permission

Why should I have to waste my time unjoining groups that I had no desire to join in the first place?

I have been added (without my permission) to many Facebook groups that have zero relevance to me but that someone thought I should be a member of… WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I personally think this feature should be removed completely.


3. Inappropriate Tagging

Why would you tag someone on a photo or post if they are a not a part of it? Before you tag anyone for any reason, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would my friend want to be tagged in this?
  • Could being tagged with this some how negatively affect my friend? (think about this from their perspective)
  • Are they actually in the picture or is the post about them somehow?

If you even have a niggling of doubt that they might not want you to post this and that it could in someway negatively affect them – DON’T DO IT!

Facebook itself really should expand the feature so that nothing you are tagged in will show up until you have approved the tag. It wouldn’t hurt if they also made it faster to remove any unwanted tags.

4. Invites to Facebook Games

I’m looking at you Candy Crush.

By all means enjoy playing Facebook games if that is your thing. Perhaps even send invites to people who you see playing Facebook games.

But if you don’t see a friend already playing Facebook games, it is likely because they don’t want to play them and your sending them an invite is NOT going to change their mind.

Sending them multiple invites does nothing to change this either, expect perhaps for them to decide to unfriend you.

5. Group Messages, Read Receipts & Undeletable DMs (Direct Message)

There is nothing worse than being added to a large group of people in a message on Facebook and then having constant notifications pop up every time someone replies. This becomes even more annoying when they are trying to sell you something (MLMs being a frequent offender).

The “read” feature can also be troublesome. It’s that little message that shows just below after you have read someone’s message.

What if you can’t or don’t want to respond right away? Will they think you are being rude? Or is that just the Canadian in me 😉

Another Facebook message pet peeve I have is the fact that you can not completely delete a message. Sure you can delete a message thread from your end, but the message still exists for anyone else that was included in it.

While I am thoughtful about the messages I send, there always comes a time when you hit send before you are ready and want to be able to completely delete the thread and start again.

Sadly, there is no such option in Facebook Messages.

6. Top Stories

I find it annoying that Facebook has decided it knows best what I want to read. I personally find Top Stories annoying as they are often filled with crap. It would be nice to go back to seeing the posts of my family, friends, and the businesses I have CHOSEN to follow in the order in which they are posted.

7. Privacy

Do you ever get the feeling that Facebook knows your every move?

Every time you click on something, search for something or have the app ON, on your mobile device, you can be sure you will be blasted with all the ads that Facebook has decided is relevant to you. This can just get down right creepy…

Types of Facebook Posts I Hate

8. Vaguebooking

I can’t even tell you how many times I have run across those cryptic messages that either scream for attention (usually to evoke sympathy) or passive-aggressive rants about another unknown individual.


What is the point of these?

If you are down and need a virtual hug, ask for it.

If you are angry at someone and want to rant, do it privately.

9. Chain/Guilt Posts

The all to common how many people can we guilt into reposting this posts.

This is a terrible way to see if people care about what you post. People are busy, and due to Facebook’s algorithm, most people will never see your post. So even if a person was inclined to respond, share or repost, it is unlikely they will even get the chance to.


I understand that some of these posts are trying to raise awareness for something that person feels passionately about.


But, rather than trying to evoke guilt from your friends into reposting or sharing, why not just share an excellent article on the subject. Then those friends who are interested will click on it to read it and learn more. Those that aren’t, won’t. More effective and less guilt.

There are also those chain posts that are meant to create a sense of connection and inspiration – but what if you can’t/don’t meet whatever the requirements are to repost.


10. Selfies

Narcissism reigns supreme on Facebook. You can see signs of it everywhere in the form of selfies – now I am not talking about the fun, crazy or cute pics of people with their pets, kids or doing something they really enjoy.

I am talking about the selfies where people are posing, doing their best to flex, suck it in, stick it out or pull the fish face (also know as kissy face …you know the one I mean).

While we all want to put our best face forward (your profile picture speaks for you and your personal brand in the digital space), there has become an over abundance of people posting picture after picture of themselves looking for positive affirmation or gratification from their friends and community.

This slippery slope is tied to all sorts of societal problems both online and offline that would take far too long to discuss in one blog post.

11. Faux & Hoax Posts

I don’t know how many times I have gone on Facebook and seen that some celebrity had died (to find out they were still quite alive); that I could win money by re-sharing a post on Facebook; or been inspired by a fake celebrity quote.

With the right background and font, any quote image or meme can seem accurate and authentic. Which may explain why I see extremely intelligent people re-sharing these all the time.

We can all help battle the faux posts by googling them before sharing. One of the best places to do this quick check is on Snopes.

Remember, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is…


12. Opinion Inflicting Posts

Facebook is home to a very large and diverse group of individuals. You can be quite certain, that a large portion of them will NOT share many of your opinions.

So posting an opinion inflicting post (even if it has a cute meme) is a bit pointless and perhaps can ultimately be damaging to your personal brand. If you want others to respect your beliefs and opinions, respect theirs.

For example, wish your friends a “Merry Christmas” if you want to. Many of your friends will probably wish you one as well, even if they don’t celebrate that particular holiday. Some may instead choose to post “Happy Holidays”, but as they are still wishing you well, do their exact words matter?

In the end, if their precise wording does matter to you then the solution is simple, just “unfriend” them and be done with the opinion inflicting posts.


13. Oversharing & Constant Negativity

While it is important personally and professionally to be authentic and to share who you really are with your community, there is absolutely a line that crosses into the realm of oversharing. This can take many forms.

There is the continuous moment-by-moment posting, as a person goes about their day. No one really cares or wants to know the intimate details of your everyday life (unless they are a creepy stalker). And no, unless it was an exceptional meal, worthy of review and recommendation, we don’t really want to know what you just ate. Your community also doesn’t want a detailed description of any of your bodily fluids or anything else so personal or graphic.

Common sense would also suggest that sharing drunk party pics of the time you skipped work after partying all night or anything else that you would not want your parents, boss or the authorities to see is a terrible idea, and yet this is still happening all the time.

We all have bad days and reach out for a little support from our community. But if negative posts are the bulk of what you share, you may find people start to unfriend you. Facebook is not the place you go if you need to complain or rant (even if you do it ambiguously – see Vaguebooking).

Facebook Business Mistakes I Hate

14. Posts Designed For Other Platforms

Most businesses are now posting on multiple platforms everyday. Posts should be modified to suit each individual platform (post length, image size, tagging, hashtags, etc.).

For example, you are wasting precious chances to been seen and clicked on by your community when you paste tweets into your Facebook posts (or use Twitter integration) as they will not have the same visual appeal and readability on Facebook as they will on Twitter.

Take a few minutes and customize your Facebook posts to best use the features that Facebook offers.

15. The 20% Text Rule On Ad Images

While the goal to ensure images are not completely covered with text makes perfect sense, currently it can be a bit difficult at times to include the relevant information and keep it under 20%.

Even a small raise to 30% would significantly increase marketer’s ability to share key info without overwhelming the image.

16. Untargeted Contests & Other “Like” Growing Tactics

While of course your goal is to grow your community on your Facebook Page, the quality (not just the quantity) of the people “Liking” your page MATTERS.

Engaging in activities that generate page “Likes” for the simple goal of getting more (even though they will only bring in an irrelevant fan base of people who have no interest in your product or service) is a very poor Facebook strategy and will hurt your engagement.

This includes untargeted contests that will draw people who would not otherwise like your page or be interested in your products or services. So giving a way an iPad is not a good prize for most businesses, as everyone will want to enter that contest.

17. Improper Tagging

Much like the improper tagging on personal posts, mass tagging to generate views and engagement on a Page post is a terrible strategy.

Not only can doing this annoy or offend the people you are tagging (and they may decide to take action like marking you as Spam) but it also generates false engagement. Meaning that you will be unable to tell what kind of engagement your true (and interested) community would have had with the post, which is what is of true value.

What I Love About Facebook – Yes There Are A Few Things I Love

Despite the many things about Facebook that I hate, there are indeed many awesome things to LOVE about Facebook. Here is a list of the things I love most:

1.  Seeing Pictures & Videos Of My Nephews

Nothing brightens my day more than seeing pictures and videos of my precious nephews! I might not be able to see them everyday, but I can always go back and watch the latest video from them.


2. Staying Up-To-Date On Friends & Family From All Over The Globe

While it can be sad to live so far apart from my family and friends, who literally are scattered all over the world, they don’t feel quite so far away when we keep in touch on Facebook. I have family in five countries across three continents and I have the ability to stay connected to them and see what’s happening in their lives.

3. Virtual Networking With My Peers

I am so fortunate to have such an amazing Facebook community filled with my peers! Facebook provides an excellent venue for us to network and help each other out.

In fact, just this summer my community came through in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I asked them for help to share my video, to help me find my dad.


They were so amazing and generous with their help that I was speaking on the phone with my dad for the first time just 72 hours after I had posted my video (after 46 fruitless years of searching).


4. Reading Informative Articles That Interest Me

Facebook is a great place to find articles on topics that interest me, whether personal or professional. These are articles, blog posts, infographics and other pieces of content that I would probably never have found otherwise.

The one thing I have learned is that you will have much more success on Facebook when you post things that are helpful, informative or connect with your family, friends and community on an emotional level. One of my own most successful posts has nothing to do with work and everything to do with a personal connection. You can see the active (and still being shared) post below. 

If you could sit here for one hour with anyone, who would it be?

Posted by Melonie Dodaro on Friday, November 13, 2015


What things do you hate most about Facebook? What do you love about? Let us know in the comments below.


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