21 Twitter Marketing Hacks: Writing Better Tweets Faster

21 Twitter Marketing Hacks: Writing Better Tweets Faster

Twitter marketing fundamentally depends on the content within each tweet but creating and curating that content can become quite the pain to do often while still retaining a high degree of quality.

Over the years I have come across a few tricks that have solidified themselves as part of my routine. It’s not likely that you will incorporate every one of these points but inside these Twitter marketing tips you will find your very own Holy Grail for crafting the perfect tweets in no time.

Twitter Marketing: 21 Ways To Make Great Tweets Fast

1. Use Buffer’s browser extension – Buffer has a handy browser extension available that lets you schedule tweets directly from webpages, Google Reader and directly from the Twitter site (shown beside the retweet button).twitter marketing


2. Google Reader – Keep track of great blog content from your favourite trusted resources using Google’s own RSS reader.


3. Keep track of your biggest supporters and retweet their contentYou should be using Twitter lists to keep a list of people who share your content so you can return the favor. This will encourage them to keep retweeting!twitter marketing


4. Search keywords relevant to your industry in Google NewsThis is a great way to stay current on the most recent mainstream news.twitter marketing


5. Tweet old blog postsDon’t hesitate to share your old blog posts again if they are still relevant.twitter marketing


6. Tweak the same tweet to attract different audiencesIf you have a great blog that you want to promote, simply change the title up a bit when tweeting it again to attract different audiences.twitter marketing


7. Keep a list of prospects and share their contentYou must keep track of potential prospects on Twitter with it’s own list to make sharing their content easy. It’s a great way to stay on their radar! twitter marketing


8. Search keywords on TwitterSearching relevant keywords to your industry on Twitter is bound to quickly lead to some interesting tweets you can share.twitter marketing


9. Search for industry specific stats and shareLook for stats relevant to your industry to share or any stats that might be interesting to your target market.twitter marketing


10. Tweet great quotes from blogsIf you see a little piece of advice in any great blog that fits in 140 characters, tweet it!twitter marketing


11. Ask questions about current newsAsk for people’s opinions topics trending in the news or on Twitter. If you are in B2B, it is advised that you do abstain from asking too many questions as it has shown to be less effective on Twitter in this case.twitter marketing


12. Inspirational quotes – Yes, everybody loves inspirational quotes but don’t overdo it or you will become “that” guy.twitter marketing


13. On this day in historyUsing Wikipedia, you can easily find relevant date-specific content. There is rarely a shortage of interesting content to tweet about from some point in history!twitter marketing


14. TrendsMapGet a visual representation of what topics are trending on a map to target content for audiences in a specific area.twitter marketing


15. Keep a list of content creators and news providersThere are many people online that tweet out endless streams of great content. Keep track of them as you find them using Twitter lists and check it out whenever the content river is running dry.twitter marketing


16. Search “[Your industry] interesting facts” on Google Yes, it’s that easy to find great, interesting and relevant facts worth tweeting about in high volumes with that one simple search.twitter marketing


17. Beautiful momentsDid you notice someone bring a brand new jacket and meal to a homeless person? Did you see the holiday spirit in action? Tell us about it!twitter marketing


18. Share links to your other social media sites – Tell your followers to connect with you via Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social networks you are using but don’t overdo it!twitter marketing


19. RantFeel like ranting? As long as it’s not too controversial or offensive, it can be a great source of rather amusing tweets.twitter marketing


20. WhatTheTrend– This site has a nice interface for quickly showing you what is trending and across Twitter but also including an explanation to provide context for those who are out of the loop. This could save you from accidentally saying something insensitive during a tragedy.twitter marketing


21. Chase’s Calendar of EventsThis special calendar documents many of the more obscure events that are associated with specific dates such as Presidential proclamations, anniversaries, national & international observances, astronomical phenomena and more.twitter marketing


If you want to be great at Twitter marketing, you have to master the art of great tweets. What helps you write content for tweets fast and effectively? Leave you answer in the comments below!



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