3-Step LinkedIn Marketing Formula [Live In London UK]

3-Step LinkedIn Marketing Formula [Live In London UK]

3-Step LinkedIn Marketing Formula

There is no better place to generate more B2B leads than on LinkedIn, as it is home to over 364 million global members and one out of every three professionals in the world.

If you are like many people though, you may not know how to take advantage of the huge opportunities that this platform has to offer.

If you have ever attended a webinar, seminar or presentation of mine, you will know that I have created a 3-step formula on LinkedIn that has generated not only my own success on LinkedIn, but also for thousands of my clients and community members.

While I have been sharing this information during webinars and live presentations, I am never able to go as deep into the process as I would like to, due to time limitations and the large number of people.

It has been a very LONG time since I have run a live workshop where I am actually able to work with people one-on-one, but that all changes this July!

On July the 14th in London, UK, I will be running a special, hands-on LinkedIn Intensive workshop. During the workshop I will be helping attendees to use my 3-step LinkedIn marketing formula to create their own success for their business.

Below you will find the foundations of my 3-Step LinkedIn Marketing Formula to help you maximize your own lead generation efforts on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in learning more about my LinkedIn intensive workshop in London UK, scroll down to the bottom of the post to learn more.

Step One: Laying The Foundation

Step One is about how to lay the foundation for your success with a professional looking profile and exactly what you need to do to ensure it attracts your ideal clients.

The first thing you must do is get really clear on who your ideal clients are, understand the language they used when describing themselves and their problems and what keywords they use to search for someone who offers the kinds of services that you do.

Great LI Profile

With these keywords you then need to create a complete, professional and search-optimized profile.

This is absolutely ESSENTIAL to your success on LinkedIn.

It must be professional looking and client focused, so that when your ideal clients find you, they want to learn more about how you can help them.

Step Two: LinkedIn Etiquette & Best Practices

eti-facebook-600pxStep Two involves learning some very specific and important LinkedIn do’s and don’ts that you need to be aware of when you’re reaching out to connect and build your network.

Following LinkedIn etiquette is absolutely essential to being successful in both growing your network as well as building relationships with your connections.

Each and every day I see numerous instances of people not following basic LinkedIn etiquette. These infractions range from time wasting to reputation damaging to plain rude to straight out against LinkedIn’s TOS (Terms of Service).

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you (and that you are not penalized for them), it is essential that you understand and carefully utilize proper LinkedIn etiquette and best practices.

Step Three: Create A LinkedIn Lead Generation Plan

Finally, in Step Three you are ready to create a LinkedIn Lead Generation Plan. This plan will increase the quantity and quality of the leads you receive by connecting you with decision makers in your target market and helping you to build a relationship with them that will ultimately lead to more sales!

To ensure your success generating leads, there are a number of activities you will want to do daily on LinkedIn. Each of these should become part of your daily action plan or checklist. These will vary depending on your goals, time and industry.

Once you have determined the various actions you will take on LinkedIn, you will need to decide if they should be done daily or weekly. Some of the activities may be monthly or even quarterly. The key is to focus on creating the most effective process that you will follow regularly.

funnel-social-sellingYou will also need to create lead generation message scripts that you will be able to use and personalize as necessary during the different stages of the relationship building process. Using message scripts that you can modify will make your lead generation efforts quicker, easier and more effective. The scripts can be used as a template, however you SHOULD always personalize them before sending them.

Finally you will need to move the relationship off-line.

In most cases, the only way to convert a prospect to a client is to move the relationship off-line. Once you have established some rapport move the relationship to the next level with a phone call, Skype or in person meeting.

The key to your ultimate success is to remember that this is a process to build real relationships with leads and prospects and providing them with value. It is during this process that you open the door to initiate a conversation that can result in business.

Meet Me in London?

This is an in-depth, hand-on LinkedIn training workshop where you’ll bring your laptop and we’ll work together to create a LinkedIn profile and lead generation plan that gets you results.

In this 1-day intensive you get my direct, one-to-one help to:

  1. Create a killer LinkedIn profile that will help you get found by your ideal clients
  2. Set up a LinkedIn lead generation program that feeds your pipeline non-stop for as long as you put this training to work

This intensive is specifically for business owners, decision makers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs

This workshop will help you to:

Create a better LinkedIn profile – Your profile is even more powerful than your business card. A well-structured profile helps you really attract your prospects to you and gets you found on Page 1 of a LinkedIn search for the keywords your prospects would use when searching for what you offer.

Connect With The Right People – Discover the same secrets I use to quickly and easily connect with the decision makers in the companies you want to work with, avoiding awkward conversations with the gatekeeper or landing in the dreaded “voice mail jail”, where no one ever returns your calls.

Build Leads Much Faster – Create your own personal lead list of people who will automatically trust you using my proven no-fail technique.

Manage Your Contacts Better – Did you know you can use LinkedIn as a contact management tool where you can easily keep track of contacts, correspondence, phone conversations and more? I’ll show you how!

Sell More Products & Services – Discover this little-used tactic to have people eager to receive your marketing messages, connect with you and ask for your products or services.

And finally how to Build a Great Reputation so that you will never come across as desperate, needy or spammy.

Want to learn how to use LinkedIn as a powerful lead generation tool?

Come spend an entire day with me in London at a Cracking The LinkedIn Code 1-Day Intensive.


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