5 Essential LinkedIn Strategies for Small Businesses

Strategy is defined as a plan of action to achieve a certain goal; therefore LinkedIn strategies simply mean your plans for using LinkedIn must be to achieve a goal. Strategies are a combination of tactics — tips and procedures. Most LinkedIn strategies online are actually lists of successful tactics. They’re usually marketing basics, LinkedIn style.

First you must determine your goals and discover what LinkedIn can and cannot do for you to achieve those goals? From my experience most small businesses share the same goal, they are looking to increase clients and contacts in the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. In this article I will share with you five ways in which you can do that with LinkedIn.

5 LinkedIn Strategies You Need To Know

1. Make strategic alliances

Small businesses need allies — contacts and connections that can help them further their goals. Allies provide information and help and sometimes they give you opportunities to find just the right business, service or person you need. LinkedIn can help you identify groups you can join and people to follow. Use LinkedIn’s search feature to search for keywords that would help you find your people. Or go to Groups Menu > Groups You May Like (this feature is more useful if you made a relatively complete profile). You can even create your own group and invite people you would like to interact with to it.


Use LinkedIn Advanced Search

2. Target the right customers

Contacts include potential customers. Use the LinkedIn search function to identify those who need your services. Send personalized invitations using LinkedIn InMail or request an introduction from a common contact. This way, you won’t come off as ‘spammy.’

3. Increase your worth

Engage! Answer questions in your groups and in LinkedIn Answers. People can benefit from tips and tools related to their interests and business. Even if you’re mainly a retailer, you can still help by answering questions about where to find the best deals for products that are right up your alley. The more helpful and unique your contributions are, the more valuable you become to the community. There are also LinkedIn applications, like a Slideshare Presentations where you can showcase your work. Helping people and adding value to groups will position you as an expert and increase your visibility.

4. Link with other social networking tools

That’s what LinkedIn is for — linking all social media that might be helpful to generate more connections. So add your blog to your LinkedIn profile and include your Twitter feed. To do this simply go to ‘More’ > ‘Get More Applications. There’s no app for Facebook yet but you can promote your Facebook page where it lets you list up to three of your websites, you can use one of them for Facebook.

5. Know what others are thinking with LinkedIn Signal

Click on ‘News’ > ‘Signal’ to see all of the updates from your network and related connections. Sign up for updates on your specific interests to track them. Keep in touch with your connects and stay top of mind by sending them personal messages.

These are just some of the LinkedIn strategies for you to start creating relationships that can help you grow your business quickly. Depending on your goals, there are many more out there. Which LinkedIn strategies have you found most effective, share in the comments below?



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