5 LinkedIn Training Tips for Sales Professionals

5 Ways Sales Professionals Can Get More Leads From LinkedIn

LinkedIn trainingFinding specific LinkedIn training for lead generation can be difficult when there is so much out there to read and study. Many sales professionals have no idea how to use LinkedIn as a tool for lead generation and to bypass gatekeepers. Thankfully, LinkedIn is easy to learn and implement once you understand the 5 ways as a sales professional that you can get more leads from this social media powerhouse.

Maybe you have tried to use LinkedIn for connecting with prospects in the past, but you felt lost in a sea of thousands of connections and groups. Perhaps you aren’t even sure whether LinkedIn will help you find and attract ideal prospects. As of March 2012, over 161 million business professionals from around the world were using LinkedIn, so the massive power that marketing can have by using the site is incredible. Not to mention 68% of the users are business decision makers. Isn’t that who you want to connect with?

If so, first you must to learn how to utilize these five powerful LinkedIn strategies.

LinkedIn training LinkedIn Training: Five LinkedIn Strategies For Sales Professionals

1. Your LinkedIn Profile Is Crucial To Success. This is one of the biggest mistakes that sales professionals make when signing up for LinkedIn. They either don’t complete their profile in full or they create a boring, bland resume like profile. No one wants to read a dull resume unless they are hiring you for a job, and even then you are likely to get lumped in with a bunch of other people since you aren’t standing out. A professional and compelling profile will go a long way to building credibility and positioning you as a trusted advisor.

2. Be Consistent With Your LinkedIn Updates. Many sales professionals sign up, post updates for a few days and then decide it didn’t work. LinkedIn takes time because you are building up credibility with potential prospects and decision makers, so be consistent.

3. Make Sure To Cross-Post. In other words, if you create a new blog post on your site, then post a link to it on LinkedIn. If you post a new video on YouTube that is relevant to your target market on LinkedIn, repost it there as well.

4. Join All 50 Groups That LinkedIn Allows You To Join. Don’t just join groups that are a part of your industry. Join groups where your target market hangs out. If you are always interacting with your competition, when will you ever interact with your prospects?

5. Use Advanced Search To Find Prospects To Connect With. LinkedIn has very powerful advanced search capabilities. You can find just about anything you want there. You can target by company, industry, size of company, position, area or any keywords that your prospects may have in their profiles. The key to connecting is ensuring you have a professional profile and that you personalize your messages.

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I hope that this article has helped you understand some of the simple, yet highly effective ways, that you can get more leads on LinkedIn. With a little bit of work, consistency and some LinkedIn training you can build a great base of prospects for continual lead generation.

What other types of LinkedIn training tips would you like to see? Post your comments and questions below.

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  • Great post, Melonie. After reading your comments I started reaching out to the groups where I already belong for discussions. You have great information here for any LinkedIn user and anyone looking to reach targeted professionals can benefit by your advice. I included your post in ‘Best of the Web’ http://bit.ly/j3bestweb and Facebook version http://on.fb.me/QTbdhm. Thank you.

    • @Yoav: There are so many great opportunities waiting to happen within LinkedIn groups. I’m very excited that the blog helped you and grateful for being included as a resource on your website. I will be sure to share it on Twitter!

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