5 Reasons Pinterest Can Work With Your Social Media Strategy

5 Reasons Why Brands Are Successful With Pinterest

In any social media strategy, it is smart to stay up-to-date on the latest platforms to launch your brand successfully. As I’m sure you already know, Pinterest is the latest hot thing.

Haven’t heard of it? You will! Facebook and Google were once just a fledgling idea in a computer programmer’s mind but they now dominate the way we use the web…and now Pinterest is starting to follow in their footsteps, showing much promise for promoting businesses as a viable social media marketing tool.

Instead of using lengthy blog posts that require your detailed and devoted attention, often requiring time than you are willing to spare, the creators of Pinterest figured out a social media strategy that occupies a niche currently untapped, by using pictures to say what words can’t. Instead of posting commentary or reviews on products, you simply place pictures to your board, ‘pinning’ them like a creative collage. Uniting and bonding people through their interests rather than their connections.

Five Ways Brands Are Successful With Pinterest

  1. Utilizing a vision-board style method of communication, brands can get their product and marketing message across with succinctness and visual power. Any social media strategy that effectively utilizes this means of communication to a wide group of people will be successful.
  2. Brand awareness has already been proven as a successful marketing strategy. One of the greatest examples are McDonald’s signature golden arches that are emblazoned on everyone’s psyche, whether they eat burgers and fries or not. Using Pinterest, you can pin your company’s brand on your own and other people’s boards, creating virtual viral explosion in a visual format.
  3. Social Media StrategyYou can use someone else’s success to springboard your own. Your social strategy can stand 450% growth, can’t it? That’s the kind of phenomenal increase in traffic Pinterest has seen in just the past few months. Companies are already experiencing profound increases in sales and loads of free referral traffic due to postings, or ‘pinnings’ on Pinterest.
  4. Wikipedia is a calling Pinterest one of the top ten websites of 2011. If you are going to spend time and energy posting anything to social media sites as part of your social media campaign, you need to be sure to include the most popular sites as targets for social interaction. Just be sure to start with already established ‘friends’ from your other social media activities and build on that foundation. Business referrals will come from this action, organically.
  5. You can cut through Internet ‘noise’ more easily. Since Pinterest is set up in themes, you can have more than one pinboard set up for different areas of interest. If you sell shoes and diamonds, you can instantly gain interest from other members by posting phenomenal pictures of each ‘thing.’ It’s incredibly easy for your content to be found by targeted and interested potential buyers with Pinterest members having average disposable incomes of $25 to $75,000 annually.

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  • I haven’t used pinterest yet, do you have to have an account to use it or is it free like Facebook? I will have to check it out as soon as I get the chance though because I have seen a lot of articles written off of ideas from pinterest that have really been cool. I am sure if it is free I will be on there a lot with the stuff I’ve seen already.

  • I have been wanting to use Pinterest to help promote a website, but the problem is you can’t just create an account. This Pinterest company seems to be trying to control, monopolize or just prevent people from spamming their network. That is the only reason I can think of why they would not open the gates for the masses to create accounts and start posting. It’s like they want to open and run an exclusive club.

    • @Evelyn: If you would like an account to Pinterest, I would be happy to send you an invite. Shoot me an email at melonie[at]meloniedodaro.wpengine.com

  • I would also like to open up a Pinterest account. So I hope that you will be so kind as to oblige my request once I email you for an invite to Pinterest. The only thing I am a bit unclear about is whether you need to have a common interest with someone to whom you extend an invite. That isn’t a requirement, is it? I realize you network based on interests, but is it necessary to send an invite?

  • @ Earl, you do not have to have common interest to extend an invite or “Follow” someone on Pinterest.

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