9 Things That Make You Look Bad On Twitter

9 Things That Make You Look Bad On Twitter

Have you ever committed a social faux pas on Twitter or other social networks? You should be careful about how you present yourself so you don’t compromise your social media marketing strategy.

Here are 9 things that make you look bad on Twitter:

1. Follow and then unfollow someone incessantly. It’s about as attractive as someone stalking you. Do not include this tactic in your social media marketing strategy!


2. Excessive use of the CAPS LOCK function on your keyboard. Don’t do it. It’s the equivalent of screaming at your followers.

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3. Posting deals and specials for products no one cares about and are geographically inappropriate to your follower base. For example, “Hawaiian Tropic has great swimsuits for ½ off.” No one cares in January unless they live in the tropics or are perpetually on vacation. Ah, vacation. That sounds wonderful!


4. Pretending like you are in tight with celebrities or A-listers and ignoring everyone else.  This is a quick way to get unfollowed by your friends, colleagues and business associates.  Don’t forget about the people that don’t have 10,000+ followers on Twitter, they just may be your perfect clients. Twitter can be a powerful part of your social media marketing strategy, but only if used right.


5. You only ever comment on trending topics without ever speaking your own mind. Offer something unique and interesting. Show people that you have your own thoughts and ideas.


6. You send random tweets that are vague and uninteresting in an attempt to be like the latest B-movie cliffhanger preview. Examples are, “I hate this lady at my office,” or “There is only one food that can help you lose weight.” You get the idea. If you’re going to drop an intellectual bomb on us, just do it already.


7. You always complain. Oh, this is simply awful. I see this a lot on Facebook and I just start turning the complainers out.


8. You talk about every subject as if you are an expert on it. You don’t need to be an expert at everything, instead sharing information about things you have true wisdom about.

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9. You share the mundane and larger-than-life moments with the entire world. Examples: “I just ate half a grilled cheese sandwich,” and  “OMG…can’t believe Kim Kardashian is getting divorced!” or “My neighbor’s dog just barked at the mailman.”

Unless you are striving to keep a running commentary of your life, aim to provide more interesting content than the contents of your lunch. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that lunch is so good, it just seems necessary to spread the word.

Indulge in moderation, my friends…or you might just start to notice an influx of unfollows on Twitter after every tweet.


Make sure you aren’t a social pariah on Twitter and instead use it intelligently within your social media marketing strategy. The word strategy is in there for a reason!

I hope this post has helped you. If so, please share by clicking the share buttons below! Want to know more about using Twitter in your social media marketing strategy? Post your comments and questions below.



  • Number 7 really drives me nuts. Why do people think that Twitter is the perfect place to vent everything… all the time???

  • Gave a grin to all of these Melonie. Well done. I definitely know a few that try to ride the coattails of Alyssa Milano. I guess they’re looking for a RT. All of these are spot on…

    • @Steve: Haha, I have to admit that I wrote this one with a grin on my face! 🙂

  • Agreed on #7 being the worst offense. If you can’t add to your reader’s life, don’t try to detract from it by being a boring boob.

  • I just came across this article, geared toward twitter but also applies on virtually any social media. Please read!

  • Brilliant article, for all social media platforms.

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