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Professionals Trained


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It’s our mission to make lead generation simple and effective

Does your business swing between high success and challenging times, making growth seem unpredictable?

Are you finding it tough to connect with leads who truly value what you offer?

Are you concerned about losing market share to your competitors and want to establish a strong foothold in your industry?

Have your efforts in social selling and LinkedIn not delivered the results you hoped for?

Does the overload of lead generation strategies leave you confused about the right path for your business?

Are you facing any of these challenges?

You're not alone in facing these challenges.

We have helped many who have navigated this path to find clarity and success.

Lead generation and sales conversion can be streamlined and effective.

I'm Melonie Dodaro, the founder of Top Dog Social Media and a globally recognized authority on social selling and leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation.

As a “Top Social Selling Voice” recognized by LinkedIn, I have dedicated my expertise to helping thousands of individuals, sales leaders, teams, high-level executives, and global organizations achieve their business goals and revenue targets through powerful lead generation and rapport-building strategies on LinkedIn.

Top Dog Social Media's Decade of Distinction:

Empowered over 32,000 professionals and businesses to attract ideal clients, enhancing business growth.

Offered multilingual social selling training (English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch), spanning North America and EMEA.

Partnered with a range of companies, from Fortune 500 to emerging businesses, in successfully meeting and exceeding their sales targets.

Collaborated with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to enhance their content marketing and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Delivered keynotes at leading digital marketing and sales conferences globally.

Featured in top publications like Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, and WSJ.

Authored international bestsellers, including 'LinkedIn Unlocked' and ‘Navigating LinkedIn for Sales.’

Developed the 'Social Selling Accelerator,' a benchmark program in social selling training.

At Top Dog Social Media, our focus is on delivering tailored social selling programs for leaders in manufacturing, green energy, and technology. Our clientele includes respected names like Draeger, PPG, Microsoft, Cisco, and Vodafone.

Ready to elevate your lead generation and sales conversion? Contact us to effectively utilize LinkedIn's potential for your business.

Melonie Dodaro


Our Commitment to the Best Social Selling Solutions is Unwavering

At Top Dog Social Media, we stand firmly by our commitment to deliver high-return solutions that drive your business’s bottom line. We focus on what genuinely drives growth, setting aside distractions and ineffective tactics.

In a digital world filled with promises of quick leads through automation and AI, our approach is distinct. Our methods are thoroughly tested and proven with diverse companies worldwide. They provide a reliable foundation for consistent business growth, outperforming fleeting trends.

If you’re seeking to:

Generate high-quality clients on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator with credibility and confidence

Partner with experts who consistently fulfill their promises

Attain the business success you’ve envisioned

Let’s discuss how we can turn these goals into reality. Book a call with us today for a conversation that could redefine your business’s trajectory.

How Can We Help You?

Explore our tailored solutions:


Elevate your sales team with our custom high-ROI social selling training. In today’s digital world, mastery in social selling is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity. Our program equips your team with the essential skills and strategies for platforms like LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. From building lasting relationships to generating quality leads and closing deals, watch your sales force become a digital powerhouse.


Craft your digital impact with our custom LinkedIn strategy. LinkedIn is more than a platform; it’s a stage for establishing your professional authority and drawing in high-quality clients. Our LinkedIn Domination™ service offers a personalized blueprint to elevate your industry presence. Transform your profile, engage with compelling content, and activate lead generation tactics to magnetize your ideal clients.


Position your leaders as industry visionaries on LinkedIn. Thought leadership is the key to standing out. We specialize in transforming your executives into influential figures, developing their personal brand, curating insightful content, and building strategic industry engagement. Elevate your company’s profile and open doors to new business opportunities.

Choose the solution that aligns with your goals and take the first step toward unlocking the full potential of LinkedIn for your business.

Books to Empower Your Sales and Marketing

Linkedin Unlocked

Master LinkedIn for B2B success with 'LinkedIn Unlocked.' This comprehensive guide is specifically crafted for B2B professionals, executives, and marketers. It offers rich insights and actionable strategies to optimize your LinkedIn presence. From profile enhancement to network expansion and content creation, learn how to master LinkedIn for lead generation, thought leadership, and business development.

Navigating LinkedIn for Sales

Elevate your sales strategy with 'Navigating LinkedIn for Sales.' Written for sales teams and leaders, this advanced guide demystifies Sales Navigator and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It provides a roadmap for building solid lead pipelines and engaging effectively with potential buyers and accounts. With practical advice and real-world examples, this book is your guide to mastering LinkedIn's potent sales tools.

These books are your go-to resources for unlocking the power of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Whether focusing on B2B marketing, personal branding, or sales excellence, these books offer the insights and strategies you need. Immerse yourself in their knowledge to transform your LinkedIn marketing and sales tactics.


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