4 Reasons To Add Pinterest Marketing To Your Strategy

4 Reasons To Add Pinterest Marketing To Your Strategy

I know. We all feel the same way…


Sadly, the case is that the fastest growing social networking site, Pinterest has elbowed its way into the area and appears to have no intention of going anywhere.

I’ll quickly address what I feel are it’s strong points based and also address some of the concerns and things businesses should be aware of when deciding whether or not they want to implement Pinterest marketing into their overall social media strategy.

1. It’s Great For Products

Pinterest is powerful for connecting your products with compatible customers since their interests connect people rather than who they know. Bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk predicts the “interest graph” becoming a more familiar and increasingly important metric as we progress through the next 5 years.

With Pinterest driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined in the month of January, this is something we have to take seriously as entrepreneurs. Adding Pinterest marketing to your strategy is looking more and more like a must for many businesses.

2. It’s Mostly Women But Men Are Catching On Pinterest Marketing

In it’s current state, Pinterest hasn’t shown huge promise for a predominant male demographic. Sorry, Old Spice! I can’t picture a social media strategy featuring Terry Tate on Pinterest. Yet! There’s a fantastic opportunity currently for businesses with a mostly female demographic to incorporate a plan for Pinterest marketing.

3. Add The “Pin It” Button To Your Product Pages

Adding the Pinterest “Pin It” button to you web pages is a great idea especially if whatever you sell appeals to the female demographic or is shiny, pretty and colorful. Users have really grown to enjoy pinning pictures on Pinterest.

4. Did I Mention It’s Great For Products?

No, seriously. Retailers and clothing designers are having a hay day on Pinterest. People heavily identify themselves based on what they wear and the things they buy. It may sound shallow but it doesn’t have to be. Some people will pin pictures of their favorite Gucci accessory and others will post a picture of Yoga on the beach.

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Gary Vaynerchuk has stressed the importance of the interest graph and how Pinterest fills a void in this area. I couldn’t agree more given the fact that Facebook is more based on who you are and who you know; constant bombarding of things you like being “pinned” in your friends Facebook news feeds sounds unappealing to most.

Pinterest is more of a way to connect people by their interests rather than who they are. People are naturally inclined to like people with similar interests; it’s a common ground to connect on. Birds of a feather flock together!

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The verdict: Pinterest marketing can be a valuable tactic within your overall social media strategy, especially if you have products that cater to women. This could all change but for now, this seems to be the way it is.

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  • Pinterest seems to be really hot right now and retail sites are claiming they get more visits from it than Facebook. It is a must place to be now if you own a website. Love your image of the women running, perfect for pinning.

    • It’s true Lisa, Pinterest is responsible for more traffic to websites that LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined!

  • It’s always made sense to me that Pinterest can help people selling products, but what about services? I have a few ideas to help me promote my work as a writer and a communications consultant, but I would love to know if you have seen any successful campaigns by people and companies that do not have pinable “stuff.”

    • @Marisa: You can now pin videos from YouTube and opens up many doors for those who offer services. Also consider making some of your content more visual. For example, I’ve turned some quotes into attractive graphics and pinned them. Hope this helps!

  • Hi, Melonie, and thanks in advance. Two Simple Questions:

    How does Pinterest affect my website’s SEO?

    What does Google index on Pinterest? Board titles? Captions? Pins (images)? Comments? Likes? Repins?

    I appreciate all the useful information you provide, and I look forward to your reply.

    • @Robbie: At this time there isn’t much data revealing Pinterest’s SEO benefits beyond the referral traffic it has managed to generate. Pinterest profiles are indexed by Google (unless the user opts out through “Settings”). Google indexing aside, you want to ensure you’re keyword optimizing pin descriptions and board titles for Pinterest search. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Everyone. Pinterest get more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.

  • Hey Melonie –

    This is a great article and good questions. Robbie makes a good point about Pinterest + SEO. Here at http://www.purchlive.com we optimize and measure this social experience allowing collections + new content to be shared out to networks like Pinterest, FB, etc. The retailer controls the entire experience and benefits from the unique content created, shared, and link-backs. Please let me know if I can answer additional questions.


  • Hi Melonie,
    great intro to Pinterest (it’s great for Products).
    There are a couple a good analytics tools that can help on Pinterest, such as Pinerly or http://www.pinalyzer.com

  • Hi Melonie,

    It seems Pinterest is something we MUST include in our social media mix. Especially if you’re selling tangible products. Thanks for the heads up.

    (They are great comments about SEO, too.)


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