50 Brilliant Social Media Insights From #SMMW15

50 Brilliant Social Media Insights From #SMMW15, Ready To Tweet


Need a dose of social media wisdom for your Twitter feed? Boy, do I have something for you…

Social Media Marketing World is an annual event held in San Diego featuring the most brilliant minds in the social media industry. Anyone with a passion for this form of marketing is likely familiar with Social Media Examiner, one of the world’s most popular sites on social media and the organizers of the event.

I was honored to be able to be among such incredible speakers like Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Baer, Ted Rubin, Chris Brogan, Michael Hyatt, Joe Pulizzi, Kim Garst, Marcus Sheridan and many more.

Since I was helping facilitate and speaking, I didn’t get to take in many of the other speakers at all so I scoured Twitter to find some of my favorite nuggets of wisdom.

1. Bad Experiences Spread Fast

2. Have A Purpose With Influencers

3. Mobilize Your Fan Base

4. Slideshare Can’t Be Ignored

5. Complaints = Insights

6. Pop Ups Work

7. Content Is The Beginning

8. Test Your Headlines With Twitter

9. The Year of Native Video

10. The Lifespan of a Tweet

11. Likes Don’t Pay The Bills

12. Neal Schaffer’s Social Marketing System

13. Help People First

14. Content Is King But Queen…

15. You Aren’t That Busy

16. A 5-Step Twitter Exercise

17. Stealing Works

18. How To Find Readers

19. Hug Your Haters

20. Pam Moore’s Advanced Twitter Strategies

21. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

22. It’s About People, Not Impressions

23. Take Drama Offline

24. The Duct Tape Marketing System

25. Pissing People Off Is Recommended

26. Whoa

27. Value Always Wins

28. What Not Automate?

29. Don’t Quit, Pivot

30. I’m Just Going To Slip This In Here…

31. Teaching = Content

32. I Agree With Antonio

33. The Leader Revolution

34. Baiting The Trap Online

35. The Only Failures Are Quitters

36. Hack Google For Content Ideas

37. 90% of Fortune 500 Are Missing…

38. Ads Without Content Devalues Your Brand

39. Personalization Is Everything

40. Facebook Ads Are Great For Lead Gen

41. Calculating ROI

42. Pinterest Users Like New Stuff

43. Uncommon Sense

44. Exceed Expectations At Every Stage

45. Testimonials Advice

46. You MUST Be Different

47. Where’s The Best Place To Hide a Dead Body?

48. The New Facebook Advertising System

49. Give Before You Take

50. Social Media Is an Ingredient

 What’s Your Favorite Takeaway From #SMMW15?

There aren’t enough tweets in the world to fully capture the spirit and life that embodied Social Media Marketing World this year. If you couldn’t make it, let us know which of the points above resonate most with you. If you were there in person or watched online, tell us your favorite moment or piece of wisdom in the comments below!


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