On-stage or on-screen - Melonie Dodaro is a sought-after LinkedIn speaker who motivates her audiences to take action and get real results

Empowering Action and Results:
Melonie Dodaro, the LinkedIn Authority for Dynamic On-Stage and On-Screen Engagements

Driven by dual passions – a commitment to what truly works and delivers positive ROI, and a dedication to teaching these effective strategies – my journey over the past decade has been one of transformation and impact. I've empowered over 32,000 individuals and businesses to fully leverage LinkedIn's full potential, elevating their growth and success. My deep and singular focus on LinkedIn has gifted me an unmatched expertise in its nuances, best practices, and most effective strategies.

My expertise encompasses

Personal Branding

Crafting influential personal brands that resonate.


Developing lead generation and social selling systems that yield results.


Establishing authority and thought leadership through strategic content.

As my methods and their success became widely known, requests for my insights as a speaker began to surge. Despite my introverted nature, I find joy and energy in illuminating paths to success on LinkedIn for diverse audiences. The greatest reward is witnessing the revelation and excitement in my audience as they discover LinkedIn's untapped potential.

I frequently keynote at major events across Europe and North America. My engagements span from large digital marketing conferences to exclusive sales kick-off events for renowned global corporations. My fulfillment comes from transforming LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool for others – and now, I'm eager to share these powerful insights with you.

Live and Virtual Programs That Engage, Inspire and Educate Your Audience


The LINK Method:
Transforming LinkedIn Lead Generation

In today’s digital era, effective lead generation is pivotal for business growth. With AI and advanced digital strategies transforming the landscape, adopting AI-driven approaches is imperative.

Transform your approach from outdated marketing tactics to consistent lead generation success with 'The LINK Method,' offering a refreshed, proven perspective.

This talk, drawing from the valuable insights of "LinkedIn Unlocked" now in its Second Edition, refines The LINK Method™ with advanced AI and digital strategies. With my experience in transforming LinkedIn lead generation for a vast array of clients, I'll guide you through innovative ways to utilize LinkedIn for impactful lead generation.

Learning Objectives:

Efficiently generate a steady stream of LinkedIn leads, leveraging AI for precision and speed.

Transform LinkedIn connections into clients using a refined, AI-enhanced messaging strategy.

Apply the five essential steps of The LINK Method™ for effective lead generation.

Set up LinkedIn to automatically funnel your ideal prospects directly to you, streamlining lead acquisition.

Best Audiences:

Business Leaders

Marketing Professionals

Sales Professionals


Social Selling Accelerator™:
Turning Relationships into Revenue

In a world where 90% of leading sales performers use social media, it's startling that 93% of sales professionals still lack formal social selling training, a critical skill set for modern selling.

Drawing from my new book "Navigating LinkedIn for Sales," this keynote aims to bridge this training gap.

Join me in "Social Selling Accelerator™: Turning Relationships into Revenue," where we go beyond basic social selling to explore advanced strategies involving Sales Navigator, account-based marketing, AI, and latest digital techniques.

Learning Objectives:

Identify and engage your ideal buyers on LinkedIn using AI insights, learning how to build deeper, more authentic connections.

Perfect your messaging timing, combining human intuition with AI insights for optimal conversation initiation.

Create and share content buyer-centric content, enhanced by AI to meet their specific needs and interests.

Skillfully convert online interactions into tangible sales opportunities, advancing towards successful deals.

Best Audiences:

C-suite Executives

Sales Teams (SDRs and BDRs)

Marketing Leaders

Sales Leaders

AI-Powered Sales & Marketing on LinkedIn

AI's role in transforming connection, engagement, and sales in the digital world is undeniable. On platforms like LinkedIn and through tools like Sales Navigator, AI is opening new avenues for personalized marketing and efficient sales strategies.

Yet, the challenge lies in leveraging AI while maintaining the human element and avoiding generic interactions.

In this insightful keynote, I will guide you through the exciting world of AI-powered sales and marketing. I'll reveal how AI can be a powerful ally in creating authority building content, personalizing your marketing, and optimizing your LinkedIn sales strategy.

Learning Objectives:

Uncover how AI can deepen your understanding and engagement with your target market.

Master integrating AI tools to tailor your messaging and content, addressing your buyers' specific needs and goals.

Explore the power of AI in enhancing your LinkedIn presence and creating valuable content that is of interest to your ideal buyers.

Learn how AI can help in constructing a powerful personal brand, rapidly building credibility and trust.

Best Audiences:

Corporate Leaders

Digital Marketers

Sales Professionals


Proven Growth Tactics You Can Apply Immediately

“Melonie did an excellent job of tailoring her message to our crowd, offering valuable information that our attendees could apply to their own social media practices to grow their businesses and increase effectiveness.”

Mark Phillips

Vice President, HelmsBriscoe


Why Melonie Dodaro is a Clear Choice Social Selling and LinkedIn Keynotes

Melonie Dodaro brings 14 years of solid experience in LinkedIn and social selling, earning her a place as a recognized expert in these fields. She has trained over 32,000 professionals worldwide and worked with leading global companies, achievements that have earned her the title of a “Top Social Selling Voice” by LinkedIn.

As the author of bestsellers like "LinkedIn Unlocked" and "Navigating LinkedIn for Sales," her books have become essential reading in the digital sales world.

Her knowledge is further enhanced by her studies at MIT, focusing on artificial intelligence in business strategy. This combination of advanced tech understanding and practical sales experience places her at the forefront of developing effective sales strategies.

When Melonie speaks, either live or online, she delivers more than information – she brings a history of tangible success. Her presentations combine straightforward storytelling with practical, return-on-investment-focused strategies that resonate with and empower her audience.

Choosing Melonie as your LinkedIn speaker means opting for someone who offers real, actionable, and experience-based steps, not just theories. She connects with her audience, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply.

Select Melonie Dodaro for your event to provide your audience with a valuable, transformational experience. She equips them with practical tools and strategies to excel in today’s sales environment, making the most of LinkedIn and social selling.

Training & Consulting for the Modern Era: Specializing in Manufacturing, CLEAN Energy, and Technology

As a trailblazer in social selling and digital sales transformation on LinkedIn, Melonie Dodaro has redefined sales strategies for some of the world’s leading organizations. Her expertise extends across diverse sectors, with a special focus on manufacturing, clean energy, and technology – industries that are pivotal in shaping our future.

Melonie’s approach is uniquely effective because it merges the fundamentals of human psychology with digital strategy. Her Social Selling Accelerator™ program has been a game-changer, particularly in these sectors. It's tailored to meet the specific needs of industries at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

In manufacturing, she has revolutionized the way companies connect with clients, transitioning traditional methods to digital platforms without losing the personal touch so crucial in this sector.

In the clean energy industry, her strategies have helped businesses not only reach but also engage with a market increasingly aware and concerned about environmental issues.

And in the technology sector, she has assisted companies in navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of digital sales, ensuring they stay ahead in a fiercely competitive and tech-driven environment.

And in the technology sector, she has assisted companies in navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of digital sales, ensuring they stay ahead in a fiercely competitive and tech-driven environment.

The key to her success? Understanding that while sales platforms have turned digital, the essence of building relationships remains rooted in human connection.

Invite Melonie to empower your team with the insights and strategies necessary to excel in these dynamic industries. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to attract, engage, and convert your ideal clients effectively.

Discover more about the Social Selling Accelerator™ and how it can provide your sales team with a competitive advantage in these cutting-edge sectors.


Steve Whiteside

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, Vancouver, BC

“I gave Melonie a 5/5 in every category when she spoke to our group. She has a great way to make LinkedIn understandable and Melonie, is a pleasure to listen to. My only complaint is we needed more time with her.”

David MacLean

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, Kelowna, BC

“I invited Melonie to speak at the quarterly meeting of our TEC Chairs in British Columbia. I was confident that Melonie had the expertise to envision, encourage and equip our chairs to take their LinkedIn game to another level. Melonie did not disappoint. She did a fabulous job and we left the room far smarter than when we entered.”

Rob Hunt

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, West Vancouver, BC

“Melonie gave an excellent presentation to our members, and there were significant takeaways for everyone there. The information she presented was up-to-date and easy to understand. She’s a highly accomplished, professional speaker, and we certainly wish we could have had more time with her.”

Robert (Bob) Sinclair

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, West Vancouver, BC

“Melonie’s presentation to our Chair Group was a 5/5 in every category. As a seasoned Chair, I’ve seen a lot of presentations, this was not only excellent, it was completely actionable.

I was so impressed with Melonie’s knowledge of LinkedIn that I invited her to present to my CEO group and hired her to re-write my LinkedIn profile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melonie to any TEC Canada or Vistage Chair to speak to your group.”

as seen in


Melonie is an international bestselling author and respected thought leader in her field. Her books offer a roadmap to a more intelligent, efficient, and ethical approach to growing careers, reputations and businesses online, all through the power of LinkedIn.

If you're seeking a guide to success, start with Melonie's books, which have achieved Amazon bestseller status in seven different countries.


Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for B2B success with "LinkedIn Unlocked." This comprehensive guide is tailor-made for B2B professionals, executives, and marketers. It provides invaluable insights and actionable strategies to enhance your LinkedIn presence. From optimizing your profile to expanding your network and creating compelling content, discover how to master LinkedIn for lead generation, thought leadership, and business development.

Navigating LinkedIn for Sales

Elevate your sales strategy with 'Navigating LinkedIn for Sales.' Written for sales teams and leaders, this advanced guide demystifies Sales Navigator and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It offers a clear roadmap for building robust lead pipelines and effectively engaging potential buyers and accounts. Packed with practical advice and real-world examples, this book serves as your definitive resource for mastering LinkedIn's potent sales tools.

LinkedIn for Students, Graduates and Educators 

In today's competitive job market, getting started in your career can be a challenge. If you're a student or recent graduate aspiring to transform your LinkedIn profile from non-existent to a magnet for recruiters and hiring managers within as little as 30 to 90 days, this book is your solution.

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