Chris Lang: 20,000 Followers on Google+ In 6 Months [Interview]

Chris Lang: 20,000 Followers on Google+ In 6 Months [Interview]



  • Hey Jennifer, I completely agree with you! I’m really liking G+, the difficult part is finding the time to add it into my already busy days so I get exactly where you are coming from!

  • Thanks again (Google+ Thanked You also) for the clear talk-style interview. I find that G+ is a great resource for business owners of all types and since in fact it is Google owned, will only benefit search results in the future.
    Very inspiring and clearly see I’ve found a special place for quality conversation.

  • Google+ is great, especially features like hangout and contact list retrieval . I’ve started using it just a few days back. I have a question, why the rate of transformation of people using G + is low when compared to that of interest? Apart from the reason you had mentioned earlier that you can’t dedicate time.

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