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In this episode of The Social Scoop Podcast, we brought a truly exciting guest on the show that is an absolute mastermind of content marketing: Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media, a high-end web design and development firm based out of Chicago. Andy was a speaker at this year’s Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and regularly publishes incredible content on marketing, SEO, email marketing and more on his blog.

Andy is also the author of an amazing book on marketing called Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Guide to Content Marketing. His book is the direct result of conversations and collaborations with hundreds of successful companies over the past 12 years and is put together wonderfully with helpful graphics, charts and diagrams to illustrate for almost every concept.

Building a website is a pain for every business owner, especially when dealing with designers that lack an understanding of sales and marketing. It’s not enough to just have a pretty website, it needs to be functional and serve the ultimate purpose of generating leads and prospects for your business. Andy brings a powerful and unique skill set that gives him an advantage over most in the design and marketing world by bringing the two together.

“Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Google.” – Andy Crestodina

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Here are some of the topics we discussed on the show:

  • How to take complex topics and break them down for readers
  • 5 things everyone needs before they can start generating ROI with content
  • The importance of visuals in marketing (and how to leverage them)
  • How to make that jump from blogger to author (without pulling your hair out)
  • The SEO “tricks” that are dead and how to make things search-friendly in 2014
  • How to choose the perfect keyword for blogs that give you the best shot at ranking in search engines
  • The giant misconception surrounding duplicate content penalties from Google
  • How to make a great title from a boring keyword
  • Why empathy is the greatest marketing skill
  • Hear Andy go through his SEO optimization process when writing a blog
  • The secret to re-purposing & re-using content without spending a ton of time
  • The most overused buzzwords in marketing
  • One thing all businesses forget when they are struggling to generate ROI

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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The LinkedIn Code: Coming June 3rd, 2014

Anyone involved in B2B has had to undergo a massive change in mindset when it comes to sales and marketing the last five years. The days of pushy sales tactics are over as they’ve become less and less effective in favor of a more social approach to sales.

You might have made it this far without social media but you cannot afford to fall behind as we move past the point of no return. This is exactly why I’ve wrote The LinkedIn Code – a new book to help entrepreneurs and sales pros like you unlock the largest online business social network to get leads, prospects and the dream clients you want to work with.

If you’ve been following my weekly newsletter updates, you likely already know that The LinkedIn Code is launching on June 3, 2014. If you buy it on the day of release, you will receive a valuable collection of FREE gifts along with the book.


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