3 Tips For Sourcing Corporate Social Media Content From Employees -

3 Tips For Sourcing Corporate Social Media Content From Employees

social media strategyThe need for developing a corporate social media strategy no longer a dispute, it’s a necessity. The real question has become how?

One of the great things about paying employees is that they do things for you when you ask them. One of those things should be assisting with social media content creation, especially if you have a lot of employees!

Although you likely don’t want it to take attention away from priority tasks, it’s very possible that many within your ranks have a better eye for content than you do!

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3 Ways To Get Your Employees Involved In Your Social Media Strategy

social media strategy1. Create Incentives. I was speaking with a friend who works at a major cosmetics company that recently started a company Instagram account and needed to create some content to get it rolling. She engaged employees at the office by providing incentives for taking simple pictures using their products.

Employees and their friends could easily get free products by taking creative pictures of them using them. What used to be a big production involving photographers and photo shoots are now a few people from the office taking pictures on their iPhones. It looks great and fits in with the Instagram vibe.


social media strategy2. Give Them A Place To Shine. It’s interesting to see how employees flock to the idea of creating social media content because it allows them to showcase their work. Recognition is one of the most important aspects of job fulfillment that employees seek, so give them a stage to shine.

Creating friendly competitions between departments is extremely effective and can even create a fun atmosphere in the office. Sending emails with the best contributions and the funniest rejected ideas can become the perfect way to get content and increase employee engagement.


social media strategy3. It Only Takes One. If you are worried that your employees won’t be interested, remember that all it takes is one person taking initiative to make a difference that saves you time, money and resources. Gaining one more perspective on creating content for the company might open up many more great ideas simply by adding another mind into the mix.

Ideally you will have more than one or two people contributing content to your social media strategy since choice is always desirable, but you can make due on limited resources. Fortunately, a little can go a long way with social media, as long as it’s done with meaning and value.

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Famous Last Words

I will admit that getting your employees to volunteer for more tasks with no extra cash can be tough, but these three ideas will put the ball in your court as much as possible.

Larger companies and corporations should all be investing in dedicated social media management but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get content from your employees in other departments. You’ll be surprised at the value they can bring to your social media strategy with their unique perspective. Don’t let it go to waste!


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