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Social Selling Training Guaranteed to Fill Your Pipeline, Drive Sales and Outperform Your Competition

Our Social Selling Accelerator™ is a fully customized digital sales training that will amplify prospecting and ensure you close more deals with even the hardest-to-reach decision-makers.

World’s Leading Authority on Social Selling


Example results we’ve achieved for our clients

And now, with our proven process, your company can do it too…

An IT company achieved a
ROI on its training investment

A comprehensive, social selling training for forward-thinking B2B companies...

A proven, profitable, custom-made social selling training that grows your company’s bottom line, delivers a strong flow of high-quality prospects month after month, and gives your sales team the ultimate edge over your competition!

The world of sales is changing beyond recognition. To take advantage of this change, smart, agile companies are investing in modern sales techniques to GROW their business, leaving behind their competitors who fail to adapt.

By joining the smart businesses and equipping your team with cutting-edge social selling skills, you will:

Ready to modernize your sales team, equipping them with the skills they need to stay relevant and meet and exceed their sales targets, but don’t know how?

We are here to help.

We help sales teams secure millions of dollars in new business by giving them the skills and strategies they need to attract, engage and convert their ideal prospects through cutting-edge digital selling techniques

If you want your sales team to find a new way to reach decision-makers and book more sales appointments, this is the most important message you’ll read all year!

Attention Sales and Marketing Leaders,

When was the last time you:

Exactly. You didn’t, and you’re not alone.

Data shows 90% of C-Level executives – the people with the power to make buying decisions – ignore cold calls.

In fact, the overall success of cold calls is just 2%.

There is NOTHING successful about 2%.

And yet… despite this data… sales teams in organizations across the world persist with cold calls, generic email blasts and other long-standing methods that are losing their effectiveness.

It means your sales team has actively annoyed the vast majority of contacts they reached out to and lost them as potential customers forever, potentially damaging your brand and reputation.

In any economic environment, this can have a very negative impact on opportunities and current and future revenue.
Many companies are just 2% away from sinking.

Meanwhile, you could be losing good salespeople, hamstrung by the traditional methods of cold calling. They struggle to hit their targets, so they lose heart and abandon ship.

Replacing them costs considerable time and money, but STILL sluggish sales persist because the old sales tactics aren’t working (or aren’t working as well anymore).

This vicious circle plagues many companies, stalling their forward momentum and growth…

But if you couple your human capital with effective digital sales strategies, you can unlock tremendous sales opportunities for your company.

We are the global standard in social selling training, and we teach you how to integrate social selling into your company’s sales strategy.

Over the last decade, our company, led by Melonie Dodaro, a highly regarded LinkedIn and social selling expert, has provided social selling training to a great number of businesses with extraordinary results. In fact, Melonie was training companies and sales professionals in social selling before the term was even coined.

We have:

In fact, one company we recently worked with reported:

Companies we have helped sell smarter

Customized Social Selling Training to Drive ROI

“As a company, we rely heavily on paid advertising to generate new leads. We realized it was time to empower our sales team to be proactive in using social selling to create a new lead pool that we were not reaching with paid ads.

We hired Melonie at Top Dog Social Media to train our sales team to connect with decision-makers on LinkedIn and convert those relationships into deals.

The social selling training program Melonie designed for Intertech was completely customized to our business and our specific target market. She even helped us determine the best content marketing approach to support the social selling initiative.

Our sales team is now fully prepared to implement social selling into their daily practice confidently, and we expect the ROI on this investment to exceed all other marketing channels.”

Tom Salonek, CEO, Intertech

Tom Salonek, CEO, Intertech

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Here’s the bad news for any B2B company relying solely on cold calling and traditional sales tactics…

Outdated sales prospecting methods do not allow your sales team to reach the vast majority of decision-makers.

Let’s face it, today’s prospects are digitally-connected, mobile-reliant and socially-engaged. And they expect more from sellers.

The game has changed, and you must too if you want to keep growing your revenue and remain relevant.

Too many companies learned the hard way that if they don’t adapt, they die. Don’t become one of those companies.

With the right skills and training, your sales team will be able to connect with and educate your prospects through their buyer’s journey, meeting them where they are – online.

Now, when most companies think of social selling, they think they need to spend a small fortune on digital advertising. In my experience, this expensive approach offers a very poor ROI and can lead to companies throwing good money after bad as they chase their losses.

You don’t need to do this!

With social selling, your sales team can generate a predictable, profitable sales pipeline without requiring a digital advertising budget!

Now, the Good News… You Can Learn How to Connect with the Modern Buyer Using the World’s Most Advanced and Strategic Social Selling Training

Solid research of your prospect can be the difference between making a sale and never getting a response – it’s THAT important.

A treasure trove of intel is available about your prospects so you can fully understand the individual, the organization and their key desires and motivations.

Some of that data is easy to find, but do you leverage it effectively? And if you require insider knowledge, do you know how to source it?

Reaching out to prospects is easy…

But so is sending the wrong message that turns them off immediately.

In this digital age, there is no excuse not to properly research your

prospects and not to tailor the perfect, most relevant message for them.

A Proven, Profitable, Repeatable Process to Generate More Leads and Make More Sales Online

With our proven, repeatable digital sales method, you can:

Significantly increase your sales by strategically positioning your company as the ideal solution to your prospects’ problems.


Build strong personal relationships with key decision-makers who’d want to buy from your company.

It’s called the Social Selling Accelerator™.

It represents the single greatest sales opportunity of the digital era for B2B companies.

Here’s Why the Right Social Selling Program Can Transform Your Sales Team and Deliver Significant Profits…


91% of B2B buyers are active on social media. (If you’re wondering where your market is hanging out and how you can find them, now you know.) Source: IDC


90% of top-performing salespeople now use social media as part of their sales strategies. (And the importance of social selling to sales will only grow.) Source: LinkedIn State of Sales Report


93% of sales executives have NO formal social selling training..(Imagine your results if your sales team did have formal and strategic training!) Source: EveryoneSocial

The world’s largest, most advanced companies – think IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and SAP to name a few – have invested heavily in social selling training programs.

Now, it’s your turn.

But first, answer this…

We can help you!

Here's a little more about me and why I am confident we can help you achieve your sales and social selling goals…

My name is Melonie Dodaro, and I’m an expert in helping B2B companies and sales professionals generate more leads and make more sales – all through LinkedIn.

I’m a globally-renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader, in-demand keynote speaker, best- selling author and expert authority on all things LinkedIn and social selling. My specialty is leveraging LinkedIn to attract high-quality clients on demand and create messages that open doors to opportunities.

Embraced by Fortune 500 as well as smaller progressive companies, my methods have consistently delivered successful results for my clients. Today, my approach is considered the clearest, simplest, fastest and most ethical way to build profitable relationships and grow sales through LinkedIn and social selling.

Over the last decade, I have taught these methods to almost 30,000 individuals and companies to help them achieve their sales and
revenue goals.

Social selling doesn’t have to be the exclusive domain of the world’s elite companies.

I’ve worked with clients all across North America and Europe whose deal sizes varied from $5,000 to $1,000,000+.

My clients come from diverse industries, such as IT and software, SaaS, biotech, pharmaceutical, equipment, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, and logistics, to name just a few.

We wouldn’t be considered a global leader in social selling if it weren’t for our customized approach to our clients.

We create custom strategies, training and implementation – relevant to your company and industry.

Before we design a social selling program, we deep dive into your business, your product/services, your target market and your current sales approach. We look at what’s working and what’s not.

And then we build an entirely custom social selling strategy and training from the ground up, designed just for your company.

Your sales team can access the EXACT same training and coaching the world’s blue-chip companies get so they can start using the same winning tactics and strategies to achieve

A simpler, faster, more profitable social selling solution

One of my biggest frustrations is seeing how organizations over-complicate social selling and fail to leverage it to its full lead generation potential.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with companies and their sales teams across the planet. The most common problem I’ve seen is they keep using failed strategies over and over again.

When they first come to me, they often look for some basic social selling training. I ask them to show me what they are currently doing.

These are just some of the typical scenarios I see:

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Not when you have a clear, proven, profitable, systematic approach that leaves your sales team with NO DOUBT that they can hit their targets.

Ignoring Social Selling or Doing It Wrong Is Costing Your Company Time, Money, Opportunities and Respect...

Dated sales processes cost you revenue and potentially sales staff. Few in your sales team will stick around working within a rigid sales model, missing the key elements of the social selling practices we custom-build for companies like yours.

Worse, you might have sales professionals attempting to use social selling without proper training, hurting your company’s reputation and turning off the exact decision-makers they want to attract.

Most salespeople think social selling is about pitching or flooding their prospects on LinkedIn with promotional content and offers.

But this is the most surefire way to turn off your prospects.

Today, there is a lot of hype around social selling, but few actually understand what it means.

It’s not about randomly posting content and spamming decision-makers with sales pitch messages. In fact, most salespeople don’t even know how to send a connection request message that will get accepted the majority of the time.

Social selling done right is the process of actively engaging prospects, building relationships with them, establishing trust and then ultimately moving them into the buying process.

You cannot ask for the sale before you ever have a conversation with your prospect to understand their needs.

The entire goal of social selling is to have a prospect agree to a phone call or meeting with you. Social selling is about booking warm calls instead of dialing for dollars with ineffective cold calls.
Whether online or offline, human psychology is the same.

People want to work with people they know, like and trust.

That means…

Your sales team must concentrate on:

The team that knows how to do social selling right has the ability to book warm calls all day long!

The Social Selling Effect Proven. Predictable. Profitable.

What would your company look like if your sales team had a consistent, predictable, profitable sales pipeline every single month?

No more hope-and-pray sales and social selling tactics.

No more being trapped in the month-to-month, feast-or-famine sales cycle.

You can put an end to all that uncertainty and replace it with consistent, reliable sales opportunities and predictable growth and stability.

Stable growth for your company isn’t merely possible. It’s highly likely – as soon as your sales team perfects the art of social selling.

In a matter of weeks, with the right training, tools, systems and skillsets in place, your team will have a newfound ability to:

The Four Pillars of Social Selling

The Social Selling Accelerator™ training program owes its success, popularity and ability to outperform and outlast every year’s “shiny new objects” and sales gimmicks to its rock-solid foundation: the Four Pillars of Social Selling.

The strategic use of the four pillars of social selling is at the heart of everything we do here at Top Dog Social Media – and what every one of our successful clients adopts to grow their business.

It is essential to your team’s digital sales success, and once your team masters these four social selling pillars you will see more high-quality customers, profits and growth.

We focus on each step individually and sequentially, giving your team the opportunity to master each step before moving on to the next.

This proven system will enable you to:

We will teach your team how to strategically utilize social selling to identify, research, connect and build relationships with your ideal prospects so they can turn cold calls into warm calls with ease and regularity.

Pillar 1: The Right Profile

Most sales professionals have profiles that scream “I will try to sell you something the minute you accept my connection request!”

This is terrible for business and all but guarantees the rejection of most of their connection requests.

If you want decision-makers with real buying power clicking Accept in response to your team’s connection requests, your team’s LinkedIn profiles need to impress.

We can show your people how to craft LinkedIn profiles that highlight your company’s expertise, establish credibility and speak to your target market’s top of mind problems. Such profiles will always make a great first impression, making it easier for your team to attract and convert leads to sales appointments.

Pillar 2: The Right People

Your company can offer the greatest products and services in the world, but if you don’t connect with the RIGHT people (in the right way) who actually want and need what you’re offering, your sales team will be spinning their wheels and wasting time.

Here, your team will learn how to identify your prospects, research them and customize their connection request messages to those prospects so that even the highest-level decision-makers will click Accept in response to the connection requests.

Next, the real social selling begins.

Pillar 3: The Right Messaging

Communication is what unlocks and builds the relationships that will grow your business and sales, but it’s easy to get it wrong. We teach you how to do it right.

Your team will learn a hyper-personal approach to messaging. We’ll show them how to gather important intel on prospects, then use that intel to craft messaging sequences, sending them out at the right time.

Creating the right messages and saying all the right things at the right time is the difference between being ignored and getting a response, leading to a phone call.

We have one goal here for you: to book sales appointments with sales qualified leads. Our system shows you how to achieve this with ease without ever resorting to spammy, salesy language or tactics, maintaining the integrity of your company and salespeople.

Pillar 4: The Right Content

Content is king when it comes to proving your company’s expertise. To stay top of mind with your prospects, your sales team must be seen as authorities and trusted advisors

Your team will learn how to use the content your company creates and share it in a way that gets seen by as many of your prospects as possible, increasing the know, like and trust factor.

The content you share will be highly valuable to your target audience. It will help solve their problems, convincing them your company is the one to remove the roadblocks they face.

A custom social selling strategy that improves any company or sales team - big or small - and helps them hit their targets

Whether you have a sales team of 10, 100, 1000, or more, the principles of successful social selling remain the same.

Master these four pillars, and prospecting, relationship-building and conversion become systematic and effortless.

However, to create significant ROI through social selling, your team needs more than just broad technical training. Social selling may involve technology, but at its core, it is psychology-driven.

Strategic training that includes highly-personalized coaching in small groups, where each person receives one-on-one feedback, will guarantee the successful implementation of your social selling program.

Such coaching eliminates the guesswork and any uncertainty your team may be feeling, ensuring they hit the ground running and start delivering profits as early as possible. A social selling initiative can be successful only when a sales team feels fully confident and competent in implementing it.

The Social Selling Accelerator™ Roadmap

Achieving social selling mastery for your sales team is a three-phase process.


A successful social selling program aligns sales with marketing. It ensures your sales team has the right content to use for prospecting.

At the start of our customized Social Selling Accelerator™ program, we’ll have a strategic planning session with your sales and marketing teams to ensure such alignment.

We will determine the best ways to use content that gets traction to aid your team in social selling, and we will determine the messaging your team will need to use to connect with and make an impact on your prospects.

This critical first step lays the foundation on which your sales team builds its success.


Once the social selling training and coaching program has been delivered and your team has had the chance to integrate it into its sales practices, we will follow up with your team to ensure adoption. We make sure your team has a high level of confidence and competence executing social selling to meet their sales targets.

Measuring, monitoring and mentoring will be critical for ensuring you get a maximum ROI on the social selling program and your team meets and exceeds KPIs.


Your custom-made, comprehensive social selling training program is delivered through a series of training and coaching sessions. The training will ensure the members of your sales team can become social selling masters. Once they do, they will turn LinkedIn into your company’s lead generation engine room.

It’s critical your people have total clarity on how to succeed at social selling. To ensure all the knowledge and strategies are understood and implemented, we follow each training session with small group coaching sessions, where your team can receive 1:1 feedback and have all their questions answered.

The Impact of the Social Selling Accelerator™

When your sales team masters the strategic use of the four social selling pillars, with the right system in place, they will be able to:

Cutting-edge modern sales skills…
A bigger, more relevant brand…
More customers…
A stronger reputation…
The Social Selling Accelerator™ fast-tracks and strengthens your organization, upskills your people and delivers a robust, proven sales prospecting strategy that sets you on a course of continuous growth and predictable revenue.

How Profitable Can the Social Selling Accelerator™ Be for Your Company?

To find out what your ROI for a customized Social Selling Accelerator™ program would be, enter your details below:


How’s that for an ROI?

And that’s just from social selling! Combine that with the other methods your sales team uses to generate sales, and watch your bottom line grow… fast!

And don’t forget to multiply this number by the number of years you retain a customer to calculate their lifetime value to you.

We activate modern sales methods to transform your team into a revenue-focused, lead-producing, client-converting social selling masters!

You and I both know that running a sales team is expensive and complicated.

Wages, training, advertising, the length of sales cycles, the rising costs of customer acquisition, the opportunity and time cost chasing dead-end leads, and losing good leads because of poor and outdated sales techniques are common problems for many companies.

Not to mention the overwhelming number of misinformation and shiny new objects that promise to fix all your problems but instead burn a hole in your budget while your sales team continues to struggle to meet its targets.

Somewhere along the way, sales became complicated.

We lost sight of what it really is at its core…

…which is building meaningful relationships with people, one-on-one, and helping solve their problems.

That’s it!

If your team knows how to leverage the current technology to systemize that process, your company will end the uncertainty around lead generation and social selling for good.

Instead, you will enjoy the predictable and strong sales pipeline that comes from having a team of modern sellers, who instinctively know how to attract, engage and convert your top prospects month after month.

And now, ask yourself this…

Our Social Selling Accelerator™ training is the best and fastest way to do it – with the highest ROI of any sales or marketing initiative you could launch.

How Fast?

Most clients see growthin revenue and sales metrics within 60 days.​

How does it work?

We move quickly, and with the newly acquired skills and tools, your team will get to work immediately after the training and coaching sessions. ​

How Much?​

According to the clients, the increase revenue gained from the implementation of our social selling accelerator program, offsets your investment in just two months.​

We’d love to hear more about your business and discuss how we can help you hit your goals with a tailor-made social selling training program.

Click the button below to book a call now.

What Clients Say About Our Social Selling Training

“We were looking for a LinkedIn expert to provide on-site training to our sales team, but we got much more than that. Melonie provided up-front consultation on our company profile, and how best to express and reflect our corporate values in our posts.

Our followers increased 20% month over month following training with Melonie.

Equally important was Melonie’s approach to training our sales team–she invited questions of all levels and really empowered our sales team members to explore how LinkedIn would work best for their professional style.”

Lydia Morrison

Marketing Manager, New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Massachusetts

“Melonie’s presentation to our Chair Group was a 5/5 in every category. As a seasoned Chair, I’ve seen a lot of presentations, this was not only excellent, it was completely actionable.

I was so impressed with Melonie’s knowledge of LinkedIn that I invited her to present to my CEO group and hired her to re-write my LinkedIn profile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melonie to any TEC Canada or Vistage Chair to speak to your group.”

Robert (Bob) Sinclair

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, West Vancouver, BC
“In working with Melonie Dodaro, she guided our agency to share our story in a more meaningful way. Through her training and consulting: Our organic impressions on posts have increased 700% gained 275 more followers in the first two weeks helped us with a communication strategy and more effective content curation. I would definitely recommend that other organizations, government agencies and the like, seeking to improve content marketing and their LinkedIn & Twitter platforms, connect with Melonie and Top Dog Social Media.”

Temeka Thompson

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington DC

“The LinkedIn Domination system Melonie created for me allowed me to fill my pipeline from zero to $1.45 million in only seven months.

I did everything she told me to, exact as she laid it out. Her system works!”

Lori Carr

Customer Experience Consultant, West Palm Beach, Florida

“The training Melonie provided our team will open a whole new avenue to prospect and generate new business, connect with existing clients, and other professionals in our industry. I would highly recommend her services to other business professionals.”

Erin Peikoff

National Leasing (Canadian Western Bank), Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I attended a session where Melonie shared valuable information with the audience on how to more effectively use LinkedIn.

She was full of tips and tricks to increase visibility, engagement and build relationships. What she teaches is highly relevant to both small businesses and large corporations.”

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

Manager of Technology & Innovation at IBM, Netherlands

“The social selling training you provided was executed beautifully. We had great engagement from the participants and I’ve seen increased activity and adoption from the majority of them. Our sales team has been engaging more and during the training period we grew our company page by 600 followers and it continues to grow on a daily basis.

One of our salespeople wrote this about the training: “Thanks to the coaching sessions, I have been able to use this tool to find names and locations of potentially very key purchasers and key influencers. This training provided benefits that I did not expect!”

Callie Hildreth

PPG Industries, Houston, Texas


Here are the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.

There is an enormous difference between the generic training on some basic functionality and tactics versus what we offer: a strategic and profit-driven strategy, specific to your company.

It’s one thing being taught the Sales Navigator basics. It’s quite another to have an expert show you how to leverage Sales Navigator so you can land customers and increase your sales. That’s what makes this training different. Significantly different.

If you rely on the beginner-level Sales Navigator training, which LinkedIn provides, your sales team will not be competent or confident in incorporating social selling into their sales strategy. 

The inadequate training will give them a false belief that they know what they are doing.

In fact, they will repeatedly make costly mistakes without realizing it, stymying your company’s growth and damaging their own and your company’s reputations. 

Not having a customized strategy – just one of the features of this training – negatively impacts three critical factors for success on LinkedIn:

  1. Your sales team’s profiles will not convey the authority and credibility needed to get the hardest-to-reach decision-makers clicking Accept in response to your sales team’s connection requests – step 1 of the social selling process.
  2. Their messages will lack personalization, relevance and authenticity, failing to establish a genuine connection with your prospects. The team won’t know what types of messages to send at what time and within what context to get a response.
  3. Content will lack relevance, insight, expert authority and shareability.

LinkedIn does many things fantastically well, but sales training is not one of them. Their trainers have no business, sales and marketing, or copywriting experience, so you can’t expect their training to produce sales results. But by all means, take advantage of some of their basic technical training.

If you want your team to succeed at social selling, you need in-depth strategy training with someone who understands business, marketing and sales at a VERY high level. And that is what we deliver.

Every business unit is different. They have different strengths, weaknesses, goals and target markets. Not to mention the training might be outdated.

This is why I always warn any organization against adopting training from other business units or investing in any off-the-shelf or cookie-cutter training.

In business, generic training brings generic results.

Salespeople are not writers. They are not, for the most part, content creators. And if they haven’t had 100% custom comprehensive training in these areas, as an example, they will be left with more questions than answers. 

This uncertainty among your team has the potential to kill your social selling initiative before it’s even had a chance to flourish. That’s because your sales team, frustrated by the lack of clarity, will give up trying or take a haphazard, ineffective approach.

A cookie-cutter training bombards your team with information – not all of it specific and relevant to your situation – which leaves your team having to guess what applies to them, what will work, and how to put it into action.

Our Social Selling Accelerator™ program is 100% tailored to your team’s specific needs and goals.

This ensures that any and all gaps in your team’s skills are filled, weaknesses are rectified, and strengths are amplified.

We bring to the table over a decade of experience and thousands of hours of training in social selling. All of it will be at your disposal. You will have our undivided attention. We will be laser-focused on the needs of your business, delivering a fully-customized strategic roadmap to more clients and increased sales.

At the end of our Social Selling Accelerator™ program, your team will have a clear and concise action plan on how to incorporate social selling into its sales routine. Every person will know exactly what they need to do and how to execute it to hit their sales targets easily.

Your team will have LinkedIn profiles compelling decision-makers to click Accept in response to their connection requests.

They’ll be armed with the right messaging sequences and cadence to nurture relationships and book sales appointments.

And they’ll be sharing content in a way that amplifies your brand by creating maximum visibility and engagement.

There is no other training available that is as personalized, highly-targeted and results-driven as our fully customized Social Selling Accelerator™.

It’s important you know I’m not only a LinkedIn and social selling expert but also an experienced, highly successful business owner in my own right.

Over the last decade, I have successfully taught nearly 30,000 individuals and organizations on how to grow their sales through social selling. Before that, I launched, managed and grew multiple million-dollar brick-and-mortar franchises, managing sales teams of my own. I understand sales, and, more importantly, I understand how it’s been changed by the digital era.

In other words, I offer extensive business experience, a relentless ROI focus and a commitment to focus only on the actions that positively impact your bottom line.

I’m confident that my longevity, track record, reputation and positive testimonials stack up against any other person or business offering lead generation or social selling training services.

Many social selling training companies, sprung up overnight, promise the world and fail to deliver (because they don’t know how to). 

They make it all sound so simple.

But where are their results?

This is an industry filled with new faces (often failed salespeople themselves) who are trying to reinvent themselves by jumping on the social selling bandwagon.

In contrast, I have had many of the same concerns, pressures and problems as my clients have, which means I know how to solve them and help your company achieve its goals.

You see, the Social Selling Accelerator™ is so much more than a social selling and lead gen training program. It’s about understanding the delicate balance between sales, marketing, relationship building, messaging, content and social media… my expertise.

People assume because I teach LinkedIn, I must be obsessed with it. 

I’m not.

I’m obsessed with results, profit and ROI.

It just so happens that in the last decade, I have yet to see anything as effective as LinkedIn when it comes to delivering on all three.

LinkedIn is simply the platform to create more of what really makes a business succeed – strong relationships.

It’s my job to get 100% buy-in from the sales team and show them “What’s In It For Them!” Without the belief that this will serve them, make them better at their jobs, save them time and make them more money, they will never do it. 

The Social Selling Accelerator™ is strategic by design and focuses only on the things that work. When people realize how actionable, results-driven and impactful these methods are, they soon become advocates for them, eager to implement them. 

A common objection from sales veterans is a belief that social selling is about spending hours per day in front of a computer instead of speaking to and meeting clients. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This is about leveraging technology to make your people’s sales prospecting skills even more effective. Our approach is about helping them connect with the hardest-to-reach decision-makers and quickly transition them to a sales appointment.

Even the old school sales professionals will love this approach when they start seeing how successful they can be. It is our mission to get your sales team utilizing this powerful lead generator opportunity. 

However, even if only 80% of your team is fully committed, the ROI will be exponential. 

This works across all industries, including some of the most traditional ones filled with old school sales professionals who we have achieved an enormous ROI.

What matters is that you have a strategy and social selling playbook that aligns with your goals and your ideal prospects.

We believe that getting on the phone with a prospect is the most important goal. Social selling opens one more door, a highly effective one, allowing you to bypass gatekeepers and connect and engage with hard-to-reach decision-makers whom you can’t get on the phone. 

After all, cold calling has a success rate of 2%. Social selling is the method to reach a large percentage of the rest of those decision-makers.

There is no set cost. What’s important is that the training is exactly what your team needs. 

There are many factors that influence the size of your investment, including how big your sales team is, how many business units we will be training and what level of coaching support you would like your salespeople to receive.

The perfect training includes several implementation coaching sessions in small groups. Some companies will even invest in 1:1 sessions for their sales professionals to fast-track their social selling success. This approach certainly ensures a more seamless roll-out and, in many cases, a faster ROI.

The typical ROI on our training is 1,000-120,000% or more, especially when we are working with companies with large deal sizes.

I’m confident that once you and your team apply everything from your customized Social Selling Accelerator™ training, you will start seeing results quickly and have an enormous ROI within months, if not weeks, of the program’s launch.

We never commit to training any organization unless we are certain the training can deliver a strong ROI. Yes, we do turn away clients, actually more than we take on, often because they ask us to provide just a small portion of our training instead of the full training, which is guaranteed to set their sales team up for failure.

After all, my reputation is on the line as much as yours, which means I am 100% invested in your success and will take you on only if I am sure you will see a substantial ROI.

Yes, we have worked with many enterprise clients that have one or more people responsible for social selling training and adoption. Instead of them spending months or even a year developing a social selling curriculum, we can license our Social Selling Accelerator™ system and train them on how to deliver it. 

This saves your organization time and money as your trainer now has more bandwidth for training and other projects. This approach will reduce the time it takes to get your people fully trained in social selling, delivering your ROI faster.

Yes, there are three things we do exceptionally well. In fact, they are the only things we offer services for: all things LinkedIn, social selling and lead generation, and content marketing. In addition to providing our sales and marketing alignment strategy session, we can provide content strategy consulting and mentoring. 

This session will help your company develop a strong, consistent voice across all your messaging and content. You will know what you want to say, whom you want to say it to and how you want to say it.

Let us help you turn your sales team into social selling, revenue-producing assets!

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