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7 Shortcuts To Education Based Marketing Success Online

education based marketingUnless you have been living under a rock the past 3 years, you already know that education based marketing is the most critical component to creating content that hooks prospects online. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with great writing skills and a seemingly bottomless supply of great ideas for blog posts.

One thing I have noticed helping and watching countless businesses succeed with online marketing is how it always comes back to being good at what they do best. Although there is no secret formula or ancient secret that will brainwash everyone into loving you and wanting to shovel money into your bank account – it’s all much easier than you think…


7 Shortcuts To Success With Education Based Marketing

1. Get Ideas From Customer Inquiries

If you are a business then you get emails, phone calls or questions asked face-to-face that you should be keeping track of. These questions are an extremely valuable insight into what your prospects need to know when they are in the market for the products or services you provide.

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2. Answer Common Questions With Blog Posts

What questions do customers regularly ask when they are inquiring about your  products and services?

education based marketing

3. Address Industry Skepticism & Controversy

Did you recently see an article in a major publication that could be potentially damaging to your business or industry? Take the opportunity to offer a clear and well thought out rebuttal with a blog post. People want to hear both sides of the story and will respect the fact that you aren’t afraid to stand up for your beliefs. You got into this business because you believe in it so don’t be afraid to stand your ground when controversy comes knocking.

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4. Check Twitter

If you are ever wondering what people are interested in and talking about, Twitter is the place to go. Using the network’s powerful advanced search is an excellent tool for listening in on relevant conversations in your industry. For example, if you want to start attracting more business for your car dealership, go see what people are saying about you and your competition. You will find no shortage of ideas with this method!

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5. Setup Google Reader

Google Reader is one of my most valued tools as a blogger. You can easily keep track of all your favorite blogs in one place using Google Reader and RSS feeds. When I am tapped out for great ideas I will check out the latest content in my industry. If you don’t know what Google Reader is or how to set it up, check out the Slideshare presentation below.


6. Teach Your Customers What You Want Them To Know

This is pretty simple – think about all the information you wish your customers knew or understood better before contacting you and write about it! For example, I have written countless articles on how businesses cannot use social media like traditional media…a foreign concept to those who have yet to get social. Don’t hesitate to almost use your blog as a tool to vent about the things you want your prospects to be educated on, as long as you do so in a constructive way.

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7. Don’t Write About Products, Write About Solutions

I had to save the best for last. If you really want to rock education based marketing, you need to stop thinking about products and start thinking about solutions. If someone doesn’t know you, your service or product even exist yet, how will they find out about it?

People don’t search for products, they search for solutions. Be the solution that people are searching for when it’s relevant to your service and industry. Understanding this one simple concept is not only instrumental in your success with education based marketing but it’s the very foundation of your success in the online world.

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What is your best tip for creating education based marketing materials that attract potential clients and prospects? Share your answers in the comments below.


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